09 October 2008

lol, youtube.

haha. there was an xkcd on this, i think.

"I'm a tag artist and you can definitely get a message out that way"


"they want to help the world so they use spray paint?"


"that's why I jump into the 'system' and try to fix it... the oldies stuffed up [?] the world..."

Actually, I looked at this guy's profile, he had things like "9/11 was an inside job", "Scourge of Zionism", and "THEY PLAN AND ALLAH PLANS - WHOSE PLAN DO YOU THINK WILL PREVAIL?". Also, he lives in "Islamistan." srslolz!

and....I especially like this last one:

"vote for that new black president he want's [sic] to stop the war just like i do".

Yeah. No kidding, Dave. I looked at this guy's profile too. It didn't make any sense.