29 November 2010

M&M pancakes

At first it looks ok. Plenty of m&ms in the middle. 

Now to flip it..



Nailed it.

23 November 2010


America is a funny group of people. These last midterm elections were disappointing. Vote in the party that is probably not in your best interest! No tax hikes! (except it doesn't apply to 95% of people).

But the even weird part is, they know that. There's this fantasy that they'll eventually start making that much (250k+) and the big bad government is going to take away more than they would like.

And that's the funny part. From time to time, I have the opportunity to work with some amazing people. Leaders in their fields. Movers and shakers. So I ask - why aren't you a mover and a shaker? What happened to you that you couldn't get there? That you look at these leaders and admire them and do absolutely nothing about it? I'm looking at you, physician / businessman / politician admiring populace. What stopped you from becoming what you admire? What's stopping you now?

"I'm not that smart."
"I can't devote that much time to it."
"I can't go to school for that long."
 "I didn't get the opportunity."
"Look at their schedules, they have no off time."
and more.

And what makes you think the same reasons won't hold you back from getting into that highest tax bracket?

You chumps.

GOP tax policies aren't going to affect me. In fact, things will stay the same if they get their way. But if Obama-care is repealed and I lose my health insurance, then go fuck yourself, everyone who actively helped that happen.

14 November 2010