29 January 2009

Figuring shit out

So I decided to shadow this Ob/Gyn guy today, as part of my "figuring shit out" sub-task (part of the "transition to awesomeness" campaign). It was hilare supreme, and I have never seen so many ectocervixes in my life. Actually I hadn't even seen one through a speculum until today.

I'm not going to say anything shattering like it was "liberating" or whatever, but I did learn how to do a pap smear. Ob/Gyn seems to have a strong surgery / clinic / basic science component to it. I'm starting to appreciate the clinic portion a lot more - just as long as it doesn't become the least bit redundant, like family practice or pediatrics.

Pretty cool.

Over the next year, I'm going to be trying out different specialities to see which one I can successfully discount, which is the most I should hope for. I'm not expecting - nor willing - to settle on one just yet.

I have no idea how people have already settled on certain specialities. 'Liking working with children' is not the same as 'liking pediatrics'* I mean, I'll admit, I thought of myself as settled on trauma (or plastics, lol), but explaining things to patients has its own virtues. Plus, I couldn't live with making a ton of jokes every day.

Oh and...


What the hell is up with this "mars lander business"? Haha.

*: I have odd ways of pronouncing this. I say the "ped" in pediatrics like pedophile-ped, not PEED.

22 January 2009


Actually before I get into some stuff, I just want to say - my resolutions are going perfectly. I've cut out canned food, which leaves about 30 cans in my cupboard or so, most of which are fruit cans, which are the worst (sugary syrup...).

I've been spending more time outside, although I have yet to invade the Baylor courtyard (the one that's locked from the Luby's entrance). I'll find time to sneak out the other way and just watch everyone behind locked doors.

Most of the time, preceptor is very ho-hum. Yes, it's interesting applying clinical skills for the first day or so, but once you know how to do them, it gets boring. Especially if every other kid has a fever and strep (and cries after swabbing their throat).

Some of them are very nice about it though. Actually it's not so bad. Most of those kids are afraid of the white coat and the syringes that accidentally find their way into my pockets.*

The moms though, completely vicious. One mother bitched for 20 minutes about how the doctor was late and she'd been waiting for 30 minutes. 20 MINUTES! What am I supposed to say to that? "Yes. Uh huh." Actually I remembered the relationship-building phrases from the other day - [in robotic monotonous voice] - "Yes. *beep beep boop* I completely understand."**

Another mother told me the doctor "poked her child last time he was here." Of course my mind is constantly in the gutter, so I tried hard to keep from laughing.

Another time, I was looking into one of the kids' ears and I saw a very fine pearly-looking tympanic membrane and upon viewing this marvelous specimen, I said "hrmph." Instantly the mother looked at me and said "What? what's wrong?" I told her there was nothing to worry about (about the ear drum anyway). She asked the doctor multiple times later if the kid's ear drums were normal.

Jeezus. Calm the fuck down.

Really though. Preceptor is great. The drive back? Not so great.***

*: or so they think.
**: my impression doesn't quite show up well on the interwebs.
***: has improved significantly though. :)