31 March 2006



So today, I was walking and like oh my gosh there was this girl in front of me and she was like whoa my hair is all fritzy and stuff and i was like gosh use some conditioner girl cuz it's been RAINING OH MY GOSH.


YES YES!. I think on my next birthdayyy i'm going to ask for PONY!! OMG PONIES ARE SO AWESOME I WANT TO RIDE A PONYYY






29 March 2006


I won't be posting until Friday night, so please don't visit until then. Meanwhile, I might be changing the layout and colors of my ramblings soon.

Any ideas? I'm listening.


time to just enjoy the rain. test tomorrow.

26 March 2006

The christians are back


"Resurrection week" is going on in front of Gregory. The Christians are back out again. It's not such a bad thing. Believe whatever you want, that's cool.

Just don't get in my way. But today I like them. You know why? They gave me coffee. Not only that, they said FREE COFFEE 24/7 this week!.

Hey anyone want to like get together and hang out and leech coffee? Awesome.

You know, a lot of people hate other religions and stuff. The Christians hate the Muslims, the Muslims hate the Christians and the Jews. The Hindus (kind of) hate the Muslims. etc etc. - Buddhists don't hate - w00t.

Just ... stop trying to convert each other. Some people like blue, some people like green. Whatever. There are much bigger problems than who believes in what god or whatever.

For example - an incomplete list of problems:

  • blind people
  • cancer
  • different diseases
  • problems like "Why is the charge on an electron 1.6e-19 coulombs?"
  • the lack of Korean movies I have not seen (big problem)
  • the cute twins on 5th floor that don't yet know me (hahahaha)
  • my lack of a digital camera
  • etc etc.
This has been a boring post. I apologize. BUT! I'll make up for it.

Next Friday: Expose on Research Lab! Complete with pictures and descriptions. In fact. It will be such a long post, I will break it up over 3 days!. 3 days of pictures and fun stuff. Now I have to steal Robert's camera.

Haha. Some guy just came in and dumped all my roommates clothes onto his bed. Lol. Jester is awesome.

Currently listening to The Promised Land - FF7 Advent Children OST

25 March 2006

Yes. As promised.


On PRC (Pickle Research Campus), there's a nuclear power plant. And I got to see it. Very cool, but it wasn't on.. (wtf).

But the main part is, before Landsberger began the tour, he said "there will be juice and cookies in the end". Nevertheless, I could not think about anything else.

YES. Nuclear reactors are cool BUT I want cookies. Always. Anything sweet. I feel a little bad for eating like 10 cookies. If there are free cookies, I am there. dokodemo ii des.

There was this one part where Landsberger says "see the water? that means you're safe. but if you dive into the tank and swim to the bottom, you won't get there. your body will disintegrate before reaching the bottom"

Everyone goes. "oooh.". Also, he was giving the tour to two potential graduate students, one of which was... lets just say he had a little TOO MANY cookies over the last.. 20 years.

Anyway, after the tour ended, he goes "Man. I need a nap or something. Dr. Landsberger, is there a couch somewhere here?".

Then Landsberger says "No... and you're not done either... only the undergraduates can leave". At this point, I grabbed 2 cookies and headed for the door.

So I had organic lab this morning. I dunno why everyone says "CLASS ON SATURDAY ZOMGS THAT SUCKS".

It's not that bad. Actually its kind of relaxing. Plus Patterson is really close by, so I can go and have coffee and work (play) with dangerous chemicals. I will take pictures of these chemicals someday when I borrow (steal) Robert's camera.

coming up

a preview of what's to come: I go on a tour to nuclear reactor. read all about it... in like 7 hours.

till then. dewa

23 March 2006

two greatest movies of all time.

I don't have much to say. And I don't want to dissappoint by not posting. So here goes.


You're probably not surprised. Of course, this movie is like absolute inspiration for me. Some people think he's not worth it, as in he kinda threw his life away for a better understanding. But I think it's so totally worth it. Plus, guess what he gets in the end?

Yep. This awesomeness comes in multiple flavors: Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economics. Hot. Very hot.

Doesn't come in BUSINESS flavor... hmm I wonder why...

And the final greatest movie....
YES! Both films are related by a common theme. And no, it's not new theories. Think about the theme (and why people get the beloved prize.)

Bah. Saddening kinda. I don't have any of these DVD's, so if anyone gets any of them for me, that would be awesome. Of course, if anyone gets me that round golden thing in the middle, (really), that would be even more awesome.

And now for food. Possibly the only thing that slows me down these days, along with my need for sleep.


21 March 2006

aaand Landsberger continues to cuss.

Today, only 5 people showed up to class, and I was like "Let's have a pizza party" and he says "Really? You guys want to go to Double Dave's?"...


So we went. So awesome. I should have ate more.

Good grief, he was so entertaining...

Here are some clips:


So my daughter took this EMT course, and I bet it really was something, because when I first called her, she screamed "F*** OFF DAD, SOMEBODY DIED TODAY".


Also, I had my moments as well:

Me: Why are we ordering a vegetarian pizza?
Landsberger: Because I'm a vegetarian.
Me: [awkward silence....]

I'm going to stop talking so much. Also, I apologize for using excessive CAPS LOCK. I would also like to mention, that he (Dr. Landsberger) continued to use every profane word in the English language while we were having pizza with him.

But oh gosh. Free chicken pizza is ALWAYS WELCOME :)

18 March 2006


The heavily edited rob and steven's "West Wing" article is on the wikipedia front page. impressive.

I went to this thai restaurant today, and the dessert was unique.

When the waitress brought it, there was a FLAME ON IT. I should have taken pictures. A light fire across the ice cream and tempura, but it didn't taste burnt.

Very interesting!

Also, the restaurant was called Samui Thai. 寒い?

Ahh. たくさん仕事があります. 助けて下さい。

I guess I not only write these rambles for you guys, but also myself.

17 March 2006

oh so awesome

Shinobi. Also, Hamasaki sings in it, but I didn't hear her. bg music or something. I have it, if you would like.

16 March 2006


Today during shadowing, there was this guy with a huge gash on his leg. Now, that's not a new thing, but he looked pretty young, so I looked up his information on the computer. He was younger than me! (by a couple of months). I felt a little old. Also, he had been smoking for 10 years.

That means he was smoking when he was 9.
1/2 a pack a day.
Down the drain. up in smoke. Whatever you want to call it.

Made me feel old. and healthy. Also, he was not in college. Teenagers who are working for a living and not in college tend to have tattoos and smoke. That is my prejudiced banter for today.

The drug reps came yesterday (to sell some product to the doctor). You know what this means. Yes. That's right folks. Free food. Not only "food", free MEAL.

Well not just any meal. GOOD MEAL. It keeps getting better, huh? See, there are only about 8-9 people working there, but the drug people brought food for 20 people. TWENTY.

So after I got the first share, the doctor was like "Have some more!". I was like... もちろ!。

I had like huge pieces of turkey, potato salad, peach cobbler, cole slaw, iced tea. so awesome. And today, I had a million doughnuts. Wah. I think I've had only 2 meals at home over the last two days.

On another note, I was talking to this girl and suddenly she said "daisuke". Of course, it too me a little while to realize she was otaku. Because all the otakus say daisuke instead of daisuki. I proceeded to click the little X that closes the chat window. Let us proceed to beat the otakus when I return to UT.

\\-Just One more - もう一度。

Tiffany was supposed to give me a ride back but she had to go back for work. Normally, that would be ok, but most of that money is going to go to expensive seafood anyway. I feel like I've been shortcutted for seafood.

14 March 2006

Sean Paul doesn't know english.

After listening to temperature, I've decided Sean Paul doesn't know english.

Today was a very weak day in shadowing. But the evening was more interesting. Sams club is always interesting...

Also I watched bits of Madagascar again. Seen it? (I like to move it move it..)

Heh. The penguins are so awesome. Have you noticed Dreamworks likes to use donkeys a lot in their animations?

13 March 2006

Driving, shadowing, and the quiet birthday.

Facebook does wonders. In fact, it can do the wonder of NOT doing wonders. I took my birthday off facebook and everyone forgot.

In order of wishing [today]
1. Jonathan Lee / Jenny (~1am)
2. Mom (~6am)
3. Dad (~7am)
4. Uncle (~7am)
5. Dr. Applewhite and his posse(~7am)
6. Theresa Cheung (~2pm)
7. Kelli Kong (~3pm) <-- 5 years in a row. Impressive.
8. Diane Shao (~3pm)
9. Sikha Naik (~4pm)

I'm not including those who wished yesterday, but include Vivian Lee (and probably some other people).

And the day is not yet over. Get your chance!! Of course, 0.3% of the world has a birthday right now, so I guess mine isn't that important. But if you forget, you will be on the hate list, and I will hate on you for a couple of months. ha

Did I mention how much I love driving? First time I took my car out this break was this morning, during "rush hour". Speeding, traffic violations, jackrabbit starts... for the first minute. I don't want to kill my car, you know.

It was nice though. A V6 handles very nicely.

So shadowing. First Day. Interesting, yes. As always, Dallas has a good share of crazy patients. One patient was smoking a cigarette every 15 minutes. That's $400 a month in the AIR. Another thought he was in a mental institution. Perhaps he should have been.

So far, it has been quiet. I was going to take the Dart Light Rail and just roam around Dallas for my birthday, but I would probably feel really guilty about wasting time like that. Imagine if people stopped working on their birthday COMPLETELY. I bet the world would come to a halt.

Now Movies.

Crash - after months of hearing about it I finally saw it, and it was good. But there were no Asians in the whole racism thing. (as is expected.... :D)

A Boy Who Went To Heaven - Korean? You guessed it. I liked it, but I can't say much about it (a boy goes to heaven...).

She's a little ....err.. There are better looking actresses in South Korea.

12 March 2006

09 March 2006

Prep for spring break yo

Prepping for spring break, although my list-o-things to do has not gotten shorter.

For a moment, I was almost wishing spring break would be postponed. My primers came in yesterday, so technically, all I have to do is sterilize and I can run more reactions.

BUT. Reactions take time. 30 minutes of prepping + 2.5 hours of running + gel formation + gel running + gel staining = around 5 hours.

I don't have a 5 hour block before I leave. Anyway. Today's entry is a bit short.

Why the Holocaust Never Happened - wait till Saturday or so.

08 March 2006

Hobo in organic

Ok... more organic stories.

My organic chem class is pretty full, so we have to get there early to get good seats. And by good seats I mean 3 seats next to each other so the Dash-Cheung-Lee trio can be one.

Anyway, today I walk in and the only 3 seats I find is in this one row... with a hobo.. hahaha

He was sleeping when we first got there, like not a "nice" kind of sleeping. He had his legs up on the chair and he was sleeping very soundly for the amount of noise in the room.

He wakes up when class starts and soon we realize... A FUNNY SMELL. PLEASE TAKE A SHOWER, HOBO.

Also, he started eating weird things during class. So we had to put up with the smells of bananas, sandwiches, and a hobo not taking a shower. I mean come on, he was eating a MEAL during class. wtfff

Very strange hobo. I wish I had a camera to take pictures of random people like that.

Also, cynthia is going to be in the hospital until friday. Brackenridge room 810. I might go tomorrow morning or something. Of course, she might beat me for waking her up early like that.

And now, for some practice.


Interesting eh? I think I have progressed a bit. I remember in the beginning of last summer, I was like "Konnichiwa has FIVE syllables? HOLY S***. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT". And now, I can do relative clauses and stuff like that.

lol. I probably said that wrong.

I'm reliving some old music. Such as the Jurassic Park soundtrack. Ahh the good days, when Speilberg didn't make movies about Jews. oops. I said Jew.

Tomorrow : Why the Holocaust never happened. [whoa. bold claim eh?]

07 March 2006

Cynthia , the substitute , and Landsberger continues to cuss.

Ok Lots of stuff.

First of all, comments are back up. If you behave yourselves.. Robert.. I will keep the comments on. Note: It is heavily moderated. New comments are not posted unless approved by me.

Comments are interesting, but keep it civilized, people.

1 - Primero - Ichi - Ek

On Saturday, Cynthia was in a car with (I think) 4 other people w/o a seatbelt, and someone cut them off when they were entering Interstate35, and their car spun 3 times and flipped over. Cynthia was thrown from the seat because the door came open (no seatbelt). Nevertheless, she is very lucky to have escaped with minor abrasions and a cracked vertebrae.

Of course, many people will say "thank god she survived". Um wait a minute. If "god" caused her to live, then he probably caused the accident too. Anyway. Buddhists rock. One more thing, if you're in the hospital, and you get better, it's the DOCTOR not some divine being that cured you.

I went to see her Monday and she was fine - as in... talking a lot. Of course, I have complete faith in the medical services, although Brackenridge hospital is nothing like Medical Center of Plano or Presbyterian Hospital of Plano. Oh and Plano is getting a Children's Hospital. A big one. Awesome. (http://www.childrens.com/).

2 - Dos - Ni - Do

I had this weird substitute today for math models. He was really excited. He'd ask a question, and then pause. When someone meekly said the answer, he'd go YES OF COURSE YES YES YES. I was freaked out. Also, I could not study for my Japanese test because of his enthusiasm. [please refer to my schedule for times]

Speaking of which, I'm not sure how I did on that one.

3 - Tres - San - Tiin

Today in nuclear seminar, after class ended, Landsberger started cussing.

Landsberger - The Indians and Chinese are STEALING OUR JOBS

Me - Um... Umm... [Do I leave or what?]

Landsberger - My son started complaining, " 'Daddy, all the Korean kids study a lot more', Then I said, "No f***ing shit, son, you think they want to go back to North Korea?"

Me - Um.. Umm... Koreans are good looking. [Of course, I was thinking this]

lol.. Very interesting. I was going to post some pictures, but blogger picture service is not working.

05 March 2006

New Movie!

Wah. I haven't watched a full movie in a while. A WHILE.

Anyway. It was worth it. Perhaps you guys should check it out. - I have it.

I freaked some people out today. It was interesting to see the looks. They had all these strange questions. Guys! It's just an efficient way of making the best decisions.

Japanese test on Tuesday - shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Here is the short list-o-things to do this week:

  • Drogas
  • Applewhite gift/email
  • Quantum homework
  • Organic homework
  • Math models homework
  • Organic Stilbene lab write up
  • Organic lab - prep write up
  • Japanese draft
  • 日本語のテストがあります。ちょっと勉強する。
  • Kanji review
  • Lab safety meeting
Of course, when I say short, I mean I can finish all of the weeks' work in a day. THAT's short. Awesome. A nice relaxing week before spring break. Naturally, anything may pop up at any time.

Can't believe it's already March.. hmm.. I remember March being important somehow....

^.^ = dog
^v^ = parrot?
^*^ = airplane?
^~^ = ?

send me your comments. [email plz]

04 March 2006

A whole lot of nothing

A day in the life of....[me..]. Here is a short chronicle of what happened.

730AM - Wakeup, mull around in bed for 30 minutes. I think this part is one of the highlights. Just sleeping in bed with eyes open thinking.. "If I wanted to, I COULD go back to sleep".

8AM - Shower, etc, etc. The usual.

837AM - Time to go to class.

9AM - Lab starts

1PM - Lab ends.... (4 hours later..)

1:10PM - There's some festival in UT today, a bunch of little kids are running around. Relatively, I'm about 4 times taller, and I walk fast. I felt like I was going to run over some kids. Then I saw Christian and them at the Ant booth, and I jacked some food - 2 bags of chips, two cookies and a coke to be exact. I think they were saving it for me.

1:20PM - Head over to Patterson. Today was different from the usual lab work. I was plating bacteria today. Interesting? I think so.

See, the bacteria live on the surface of the ant, so when you first take the ant out, you have to kill it, so they don't move around when you're trying to scrape the bacteria. Of course, with so much ethanol around, it's interesting to let the ants sip ethanol from the end of a tweezer, and get drunk..

Yes. So I inebriated 4 ants today. They walk funny when drunk too!

Also, I witnessed how strong ants are. We always see these things as carrying watermelons (in cartoons) and stuff, but perhaps it's not that far off. When I was trying to feed it ethanol, the ant would bite the end of the tweezer. It's not hard to yank the tweezer from its jaws, but you can really feel how strong they are. Same with their legs. Wow.

So 4 ants later, it was around 4:30PM

5PM - Head over to my room, check on my computer (remember my computer bag broke.. so it has been sitting in my room).

6PM - Go to HEB with Tiffany. HEB is a difficult place to shop. Sometimes I think communist places are easier because they tell you what to eat. I go to HEB, and I'm like... what... groceries... do... I... need.

So what did I buy?
3 Oranges
Bag - o - grapes
Maple Syrup covered cinnamon rolls
and... tortillas.

So I got back around 7:20PM.

And I've been doing homework since then.

Yep. A whole lot of nothing.

I think I'm going to change my layout of this blog soon. Perhaps over spring break

Oh yeah! This is the last week before spring break. That should be nice. I need a break... to catch up on work..lol

03 March 2006

Night of free food and oof - I am so full.

It all started last Monday. Cynthia invites me to VSA, and I see the March Masti flyers everywhere. One thing in particular catches my eye - FREE FOOD.

So it's decided. Me and Mr. Chan, hitting up VSA.

We show up in VSA and they mull around for 30 minutes; nothing happens. Then.. someone says "FREE FOOD IN BUSINESS ATRIUM". Omg.

We made out of there like lightning. Free food in atrium. When we got there they marked our hands so we wouldn't come back for seconds. Ok.. I guess that's fine. After filling (half filling?) our stomachs, we run to VSA for more food.

At VSA, they hand us plates of noodles, shrimp, tofu, chicken(I think..lol), and egg rolls. After eating in VSA, we make a quick exit, and head for the business atrium ONCE AGAIN.

When we get there, we have to wash our hands, because hello?, they marked it... Mine comes off instantly. INSTANTLY. Unfortunately, Mr. Chan's marks do not come off so easily. Hence, he does not get additional food.


I quickly go back there with my fresh hand and obtain a mark and another plate of free food.


I almost feel bad now. Almost.


Also, Robert saw a guy who looked like Vivian Lee (Jonathan's sister)!

Even the facial expressions were the same!

I found this link yesterday:

I will now post some highlights.
  • They’re relatively low-maintenance. Most can be fueled on pizza, Twinkies and Mt Dew. No complicated dinners needed here, so if you’re not the best cook, eh. Can you order a pizza?
  • Although he may not want to go to every outing with you, you can arrange swaps, as in, you’ll go to his Gamer Con dressed as an elf princess if he’ll take you to the ballet. Plus, if he doesn’t want to go someplace with you, you won’t have to worry much about what he’s up to. You’ll probably come home to find him asleep on his keyboard in a sea of Mt. Dew cans with code blinking from the screen. It’s ok. He’s used to this. Just toss a blanket over him and turn out the light.
  • His friends aren’t jerks. I can’t stress this enough. You’ll more likely get “Omg! A GIRL!! Can I see?!” than “Hey hot stuff back that ass up here and let me get some grub on...” They’re awkward geeks too and will, 9 times out of 10, treat you with the utmost respect and, more than likely, a note of awe. A cute girl picked one of their clan to date? It could happen to them! Hope! Drag some of your single girlfriends over, open up a pack of Mt. Dew, crack open the DnD set and get working. Nothing impresses geek guys more than a girl who can hack-n-slash (well ok maybe if she can code... a geek can dream). <-- this part is true.
  • They’re usually very well educated. Physics majors and the like. See #5. You won’t have to listen to him blathering on about his car (ok maybe a little), he’ll have loads of other interesting things to talk about. Politics, world events, how much the chicken burgers down at the local place rock, so long as you douse them in hot sauce...

YES!! YES. See that last one? So awesome. Now go read the rest of that link.

I think I'm an interesting button to talk to. That is, when I feel like talking to people. Oh, and email will always be responded to, but voicemail? snail mail? .. probably not.

02 March 2006


Backpack broken... about one and a half weeks ago, a zipper broke off. I was like "ok.. there are two zippers, I'm still good".

Last night, the other one broke off. Now I can't carry my computer around anymore. I have to use this backpack that says FUSION 2001 and things like "Lockheed Martin" and all these company names on it..

Now that I think about it.. where did this come from? All these defense manufacturers are on it.
\I found out that some arabian guy is on a scholarship from some oil company. Damn it. How come I can't get an oil scholarship? ... I want my school completely paid for too. It's because I'm not middle eastern...

Wait a minute. I think I'd rather pay for school than be middle eastern. Yes. And all the scholarships are "NEED BASED".


(ESA-BIRDWELL) William Reagan Birdwell Jr. Memorial ScholarshipFor a current film major at the University of Texas. Applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.0 but not exceeding 3.5. Applicants should be involved on campus and demonstrate leadership, service, and integrity. ($1,400/1 recipient)

You don't have to read all that just the part that says "minimum GPA of 3.0 BUT NOT EXCEEDING 3.5"


\that will be all.

01 March 2006


[From Orgo II]

Iverson: What's an interesting word to use these days? What's the 'cool' word?

Someone: "TIGHT"

Iverson: Tight.. ok. Well, this is a really "TIGHT" leaving group.


Oh and I got my organic test back and HE LOST A PAGE OF ANSWERS.

Here is my prompt email.
Yes. This is how things go.

Finally figured out how to do widescreen in my ipod. Awesome. More later.