26 December 2006

Nail Polish

I've watched a couple of movies since last post: Cars and Talladega Nights. One was good, one was bad. I'll let you decide which was what. (or just keep reading.)What a great movie! I dare say the main car-acter has some likeness to me, until he changes, that is. What is this emotion thing anyway? Unlike him I believe team play is important, just not teamplay on equal levels. Physicist-Physicist-Physicist-Physicist doesn't work, but Doctor-Nurse-Nurse-Nurse-Patient-Patient works.

I'm almost ashamed to say this, but I grew quite fond of the pickup truck and his humorous retardation as well as his buck teeth. Tow Mater. Rofl. Also, the tractor tipping scene cracked me up very greatly. Overall, the movie was very amusing.

The helicopter was also kickass. Anything that flies is awesome.

Then I watched this horrible movie. Ballad? Didn't seem like one to me. Anyway, here's a guy that's on a team whose members are on completely unequal levels but ends up getting screwed in the end. I say I land somewhere between Ricky Bobby and Lightning McQueen.


I tried to get a better shot, but this is as good as it gets.

I was going to go to 中本 (Google Map Link) to eat with Cynthia and Jonny but since Cynthia bailed on me, we decided to go to some cheap place in the mall (yes.. "cheap" - I'm sure most of you are aware of mall prices...). So after we eat, I'm barely full (meaning I have to eat dinner later) and I'm roaming around when this girl verbally ambushes me - asking me to see my nails and proceeds to SHINE my ring finger, then places cuticle oil to smoothen it out with Vitamin E oil.

Look into the picture and you'll see a slight shine on my ring finger. I feel somewhat uncomfortable looking at that finger now. So.. shiny! It feels unnatural. Just like using mechanical pencils. [shudder] Ew.

... That fool Jonny kept laughing.

Here she is in all her glory.

24 December 2006


Apparently, there are interesting things everywhere. Accordingly, lots of retarded things as well. For example, on my Google personalized page, there was "How to Care for a Donkey".

In any case, here's an interesting story (also found on my google page):


I should probably create "a realm of the kickaess" and put people in it.


Night Showers

I've always said they were disgusting but now I'll provide quantitative proof.

There you have it. Now I will completely and utterly own people that take night-time showers by declaring them nasty.

The shaded light blue area is obviously sleeping time.

The black line represents people that take showers at night time (here, 21, meaning 9pm). The red line represents people that take morning showers, aka 730am. As you sleep, the secretions accumulate, thus at 730am, when MorningMan is clean, NightNasty is dirty.

Moving along. If you follow the graph closely, you'll realize that the shaded area (with thick, 2nd grader lines) equates to how much dirtier the NightNasty is compared to MorningMan, during the day.

Night shower people - you're dirty. Get used to it. A frequent excuse they use is -HEY! At least I take a shower once a day! Yes, you are correct, the amount of secretions accumulated by MorningMan and NightNasty are quite the same. (the green circles indicate this point)

BUT! The difference is, when you see NightNasty in the morning, he/she is quite dirty.


23 December 2006

Ahh the break begins

So first - Fun with Google Maps

I was going to post a screenshot, but I can't figure it out (the key combination apparently doesn't exist... the last one I tried put her into hibernate...).

Besides that, I've done absolutely very little. I found powdered apple cider at Sams and that was awesome. Also the latest Chemical Romance album is very angry.

What a disorganized post. Well. I think I'm going to go play Need for Speed : Carbon now.

21 December 2006

Borat sucks.

Ed.: I feel bad for posting this idiots picture, so I'll post an interesting (good) looking actress picture in the end.


It's been a long time since I saw such cruddy humor. There are like 10 things funny in this movie... the rest of it sucks. Don't see it. I feel like I could have gotten more sleep last night.

Also, there are some scenes that I would like to be spared from in the future from namely, naked men running around.

I've had American History everyday at 8am and that sucks as well. I don't know.. Also, it feels wierd when he keeps saying Indian over and over. Dude. You should be better than that. Everytime you say something about Indians attacking the settlers, the two Harley Davidson boys in the corner start giving me eyes.

Sigh. The probably think I'm somehow related to these Native Americans.

American History in itself is pretty boring. What history? There's only 200 years or so with over half of it exemplifying racism and subjugation. 200 years is not a history. Compared to European history or Asian history, 200 years is like.. one empire/dynasty/shogunate.

Then there are those who say "Those that don't learn from history are bound to make its mistakes". I'm sorry, unless you want to go into public policy or something, this statement is pure bulls**t.

You make mistakes because you're stupid, not because you failed to study history. Apart from this, there are few valid reasons to study history (especially as your only major). Those of you that "take history to learn its lessons" (or whatever), don't take American history. Its BORING. Colonists? Locke? SIGNING THINGS? Americans are pussies.

The only interesting thing I've read about in this class was Spain trying to restore the Catholic faith to England and getting her* navy totally owned by a storm. That's interesting, not how a bunch of pussies got together in some coop house to discuss some declaration of independence.

What an incredibly cocky thing to do! I regret George III was on the throne, because I would have totally owned those little s**ts with the Royal Navy if they didn't pay me any taxes. How dare they go up against one of the most powerful navies? One word: Firebombing. That'll keep them in line. Britain did not try hard enough. Two chances to totally own the colonists : Independence War & War of 1812. Oh please. Just sit right outside their coast and batter them until they surrender.

The English are pussies.

*: I'm fond of giving things female gender. E.g. countries, ships, computers, etc.

19 December 2006

:( :)

The drama faces....

Anyway. I promised myself I'd write this post from my T60 and thus it has happened. Will post pictures sometime tomorrow. Oh and I found my tripod, so expect complete full fledged 5MP pictures.

American history is so boring.

16 December 2006

The time nears.

Time for the CD test nears. Everyone (almost) else is done with their finals and I feel like I'm the only one still wading these waters.


That 日 is Monday.

14 December 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Japanese final is over, now all that's left is Physics and some 70 hours left to study for it. These are the trials. Interestingly enough, Tuesday morning, when (most) people are fast asleep dreaming of visions of sugar-A's dancing about, I'll be in class, yet again. AGAIN.

Not only that, but I have to immerse myself in one of my least favorite subjects - American History. I am continually whipped by the academic Big Brother (Now Dasher...)

On other news, Andre from lab is leaving for Brazil so we went to some (out there) BBQ place and yes, it was totally what I expected but some how they had central air.

Anyway, conforming to 'Texas Style', I was given an entire chicken to eat. Right now, I have all the meat of an entire chicken, peach cobbler with ice cream, german chocolate cake and a bunch of water to wash it down. Remember of how I spoke of futility (of work)? This is how it begins. The food coma will set in soon.

Then we discussed various ways to smuggle things into the country and my personal favorite - putting a bunch of ant boxes into a FedEx box and calling it a 'board game' on customs declarations.

On hindsight I should have drank the Guiness that they offered me to wash it down (and out). My stomach hurts - not because of 'excess' food, but because I refused to throw it away and ate my portion (+20!). Hence the tribulations.

12 December 2006


What the hell is up with this weather? It's 70 degrees outside in the middle of December. Ah what does it matter.. There's only 3 semesters left here anyway.

Speaking of which, finals are coming up. Every semester, there's a Japanese final and every semester I forget what I did the previous semester to prepare. Hence, panic ensues. Like right now.

Japanese final in 25 hours.

Physics final in 139 hours.

I suppose things are now hopeless for the Japanese final, but here's my plan for the physics final- 139 hours left less [36 hours of sleep], less [14 more hours for food/showers, etc], brings me to a near... 89 hours of time left to study for this test. I hope this will be enough.

Meanwhile, for my 5-10 minute breaks, I've been amusing myself with stereoscopic images.


It annoys me that people keep posting up the red/green versions of these images rather than the true stereoscopic image. For example:

I much prefer this version:
Than this version... Both are useless since the conventions used for the euler angles don't match those in my notes/book and it's a hassle to try to link them (a decision that could potentially backfire).

I now realize that the two-color version only exists because people can't cross their eyes right (what you've never crossed your eyes?). So many hilarious and amusing techniques exist on the web to help people do this.

Theoretically, it shouldn't matter for this image, except for the annoying detail that I don't have a pair of 3D glasses. When viewing normal photographs encoded with stereoscopic information, it becomes a problem because the colors are distorted.

If anyone finds a site with a bunch of stereoscopic images and wants me to fail my physics final, please post.

There is something to be said about futility and the next 142 hours will be peppered with it.

10 December 2006

What's going on?

Here's a list of movies I have seen in the last couple of weeks...

Very good movie. Often times, I draw parallels from 007 to my life. If only I could be angrier and have better rhetoric, I would make an awesome secret agent. Perhaps that can be my cover - happy go lucky physicist/doctor/sheep herder by day, assassin by night. 40-year old men hit mid-life crisis and realize they want to be in a rock band, I'll hit mid-life crisis and join the CIA.

Perhaps something bad needs to happen to me, like my name being on some black list of the elite scientific journal club. Then I would surely (絶対!) go nuts.

Craig seemed a little... unrefined in his approach, especially in the beginning scene in the bathroom, but I'm sure his character will develop. Also I would like to say that this times' bond girl was actually interesting unlike ones in the past which were just boring (sometimes even boring to look at).

This next movie is partly the reason why everyone thinks I can't be a secret agent. Funny movie. I especially liked the part in the end when time slowed down because I kept looking for incongruities apart from the obvious and couldn't find any. This was pleasing and now my zen is centered again.

You may laugh that I watched this, but after you watch it, you'll understand. Either that or there's something wrong with me.

The tagline for this poster makes it seem like a "The Notebook" remake.* There is a lot of death in this movie and it was kind of interesting. Except I didn't really absorb most of it since I was watching it the morning after the night RobC** drank 10-11 shots for his 21st birthday. Yet it was amusing and I think I want a small penguin to keep.

Everyone is getting so old and I'm still a minor.


Meanwhile, nothing else is going on. Two finals - Japanese & Classical Dynamics, so the hardcore studying is due to start soon - perhaps tonight.

*: If you have this movie as "favorite movies" in your profile, go kill yourself.
**: who became extremely content with life after 10 shots.

08 December 2006



History-derived from Snoop Doggy Dizzle
1.a substitution for the sylables at the ends of various words.(commonly used to get a laugh out of your drunk friends while shooting pool at one's girlfriend's house.

Ex.1-(Without "izzle") "Rack up the balls and lets shoot some pool."
(With "izzle") "Rizzle up the bizzles and lizzle sizzle some pizzle.
Ex.2-(Without "izzle") "I really need to take a piss very badly."
(With "izzle") "I rizzle nizzle to tizzle a pizzle vizzle bizzle.

Haha. Taken from urbandictionary.com

Well school's over and I still have a paper to write. So post tomorrow.

03 December 2006

The calm before the storm

Everyone's seen the movie Twister and probably all you can remember is that cow flying in front of that pickup truck. Think a little harder and remember when the barrel was full of the little sensors and the tornado was about to swoop across it? That's where I am.

I've been walking around listening to my iPod when all of a sudden "Love so Pure" (Puffy) started playing. I think I have listened to this song at least 20x within the last 2 days. What a great song! Naturally, I feel completely comfortable saying that because 1) They're totally hot, so whatever(Ami more so than Yumi) and 2) I'm totally NOT gay.*

Yes, it's very short and has little substance, but there is something to be said about the cautious yet perfected ideal the song embraces.

Finals coming up. Finals. It's what separates the men from the boys, the wussies from the strong and most importantly, the hippies from everyone else. Aha! I bet you didn't see that coming. Open your eyes for the inactivity they spew and ears (for the reasons they will embellish!) and enjoy the moment.... f***ing hippies.

As for me, there is less than 200 hours left in Austin for me and this is cause for celebration. The countdown begins! 200 hours later and I will be (momentarily) retiring in my castle. But before that, there is homework to be done, MATLAB code to be written, tests to conquer (me).

I shouldn't post Ted Rall's cartoons everyday, but I liked today's:

It certainly feels weird explicating a Jpop song. Now excuse me, I must go silence the drunks outside.

*: Related to events that occured today. I normally would not proclaim this.