27 February 2006

the little man in my head

The little man in my head says that "Hey. There are people who have not yet done the Franck-Hertz experiment!"


"Hey! SURF applications will be up for next year as well!"

Thus, I have decided to take down the two links. If you want copies, ask me (email)

Also, I have almost finished converting my Franck-Hertz report into Latex format (so awesome)

Java applets suck.

Ricin? RICIN? hahaha. awesome.

Apparently, Taiwan has yet to catch on....

Come on, Taiwan. It's not Ricin. Interestingly enough, 3 weeks ago, we had a lecture on managing Ricin in Bio Seminar. Did you know the KGB used to use it as an assassination agent?

It was called the "Umbrella Murder". Agents put Ricin into the tip of an umbrella, gently pricked someone, and he died. Here, read about it on CNN.


"One of the most notorious acts of assassination during the cold war"

24 February 2006

marathon and exclamation points


It's time to run a marathon.

two organic lab reports in 12 hours. GO GO GO.

For awesome-ness's sake, here's the last quantum report, and my SURF essays. In PDF format, so it will be cross platform! [I will post them after the pdf is created.....btw to make the pdf of the report, it took around 10 minutes, and my computer isn't slow... ]

SURF Essays

Franck-Hertz Report - this one is a little weird. If you look at the pictures, my thumb looks.. white... I need a tan or something.

You know, Theresa is right in that she put it in words...Lots of people use multiple exclamation points.

For example

1) I hope you have fun today!
2) I hope you have fun today!!!!!!!

You know how that sounds to me?

1) I hope you have fun toDAY!

It sounds like you're on crack if you use multiple exclamation points. A little too excessive.

Comments are now censored because apparently, free speech isn't that free. In other words,


And the other day, I didn't really want to kill the guy.. I just.. was stressed over this Quantum Report. I think you will understand if you look at it.

Lab TA: Is this what happens? You see so many interesting class and you want to take all of them?
Me: Yes. Kinda.
Lab TA: Then why don't you just sit in?
Me: Um. I want a grade?
Lab TA: Oh. Ok you can leave now.

22 February 2006


ok. I don't like phone calls. Especially in the next couple of days, no one call me. Restrain from doing so. If you need communication, email me, and if I feel like responding, I will.

Next available time for calling... Tuesday afternoon next week.

Oh here is a typical quantum lab convo

TA: This is 15 pages long, single spaced.
Me: Yes. I know.
TA: Double space it next time please.
Me: I have to cross the limit of 15 pages...
TA: UHH urrr ahrrr uhh ok then single spacing is fine
Me: That's what I thought.


Me: Do we get extra credit if we turn it in early?
TA: Maybe. I'll sleep on it.
Me: Maybe? awesome.

So now, I'll just do it early, turn it in, and make him feel guilty for not giving me extra credit, forcing him to give me extra credit.

Yesterday, during Iverson's review, a balloon came down from the ceiling (I don't know where it came from) and Iverson wrote an answer to the test question on it, and let it hover upwards.

10 minutes later, it comes down again, and someone yells "ALKANE WITH A BR GROUP ON THE END"

So there you have it. That's an answer to a test question. Organic test tomorrow will be hard.

After that, I'll be a little free Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning, I'm going jogging - who's with me?

20 February 2006

I'm going to kill the guy behind me.

Good grief.

I'm in the nuclear computer lab and there is this guy behind me with a BIIGG VOICE. SHUT UP PLEASE. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES.

If he doesn't leave in 10 minutes, I'm going to kill him.

19 February 2006

Ghosts and Beauties and nasty Biologists

Look at that strange title... I hope you don't get your expectations too high.

1) The Ghosts. (or Ghost, I should say)

Today I went to rLab. Yes. I know it's a Sunday. Anyway, there was a soda in the fridge when I opened it so I took it. Then I saw that the fridge was nasty. I felt a little guilty, so I cleaned the fridge. THIS is where it gets worse.

There was mold covered food, tofu with mold, cheese with mold, pasta with mold. I've been to 3rd world countries and haven't seen this kind of nastiness ever. I would have to say, it took me 30 minutes to clean up. So disgusting. Damn biologists. Such nasty people. They just leave food in there, go work on their project, and forget about it. ???? Anyway, the fridge is clean now, and I'll make them buy me food for making me clean it.

As I was leaving, I shut the lights off, closed the door, and JUST when I was closing it, I looked inside the dark room and I saw a woman on the other side of the lab bench. SHIT SHIT SHIT. [Remember, I was the only one there.... and the lights were off]. In the little light that was coming through the doorway, I saw a ghost. I think. I was probably imagining things, but it was f******* scary. I slammed the door and walked BRISKLY.

haha. I'm still afraid of ghosts.

2) The Beauties

Ok right now I'm in the lounge working on organic, but i CAN'T work because there are two really pretty girls in the corner. Here is the dilemma. Between the pretty girls and me, (in my line of sight), are two apes.

Yes folks. Apes. Apes as in really .. really .. ugly.. girls. I'm really mean for saying this, but they are apes. I'm not that superficial, but I'll break it down..

Ugly girls constantly need help, are mean, and can't do anything right. Did you see superficialness there? Anyway, the beauties in the corner are smart and good looking. The uglies are dumb. That's how it goes. Sorry if I offended anyone, but if you're not good at anything, then you're probably ugly. That's how it goes.

So anyway, I can't smile toward the beauties because the uglies will get THE WRONG IDEA. And I DON'T want that happening. Whheee.

Lol. They're so cute.

OK. I'm done. There are more than two cute girls in this world. [probably more uglies though].
At this point, most of my female readers have either left, or are wondering "Am I ugly?"

FEAR NOT! Here is the test. If you can satisfy one of these things, you are not ugly. Period. Punto. まる。

1) Can you explain molecular evolution?
2) Can you explain quantum mechanics?
3) Can you explain LaGrangian/Hamiltonian theory?
4) Can you successfully sequence Actinomycete DNA?
5) Can you teach me Japanese?

These are all things I need to work on. Geeky. Yes. Absoutely Nerdy. Well, you're either a nerd or you work for one.

If you can do one of those things (or could in your past), then you are not ugly. If you can't, see below.

1) You take advantage of people
2) You are ____ese. <-- lol. (not too many "eses" in the world...WORD IS CENSORED SO I DON'T GET HURT)
3) You really really love money
4) You think money is awesome
5) You'd do anything for money
6) You don't care for anyone
7) You are suspicious of many people
8) You wear too much makeup all the time
9) There are probably some more....

Well. If you can do one of those 1-8 things, you look like a horse's ass (to me, anyway). Don't worry, I'll still help you.

Pretty mean huh? Yes. Mean.


I was going to write something, but my hand is killing me from all this typing...

What am I typing? Quantum Lab.

Here's the last one.

I don't think you'll understand ALL of it, but you will understand at least 80-90%. I hope. Read it! I think its mildly interesting.

Well. I'll let my hands rest. More tomorrow.

16 February 2006

15 February 2006

Yeah! + Nyquil = [nothing]

Finally. I didn't eat anything until about 4:30pm today. By that time, my stomach was like:

GROIEORIWUOEIJOIJAOPIJWDOIJGROEIJGOPWIEJ. There were probably some M's in there too.

Then at 7 or so, I went down and got some free ice cream. Note: I will always talk about when I get free stuff. Free food is so awesome. Not that I can't afford food, it just tastes better when you don't have to swipe your card for it.

It gets better. At the end of this 'free food session', I took 2 gallons of root beer. hahaha.

I'm starting to think this iPod video is not as useful. I don't have time to watch videos on it, I only use it for music hmmm....

Also, there are people on DC who spend their lives on it. I think this is the only time I'll talk about them since I don't want to get my computer hacked (not like they can, anyway).. tsk tsk tsk. Ok. There's their 4 seconds of fame.

By the way, you know what Nyquil is? HORSE TRANQUILIZER. I will now post a series of pictures to help you understand.


Btw. This horse is NOT dead. It is merely SLEEPING. (in a very dead.. like state).

Now that you know what it does to horses, think about what happened to me when I took it?

Slept for 9+ hours, was drowsy through Quantum, Organic II, and Japanese, and took a nap in the afternoon, and I'm about to go to sleep (2 hours before my bedtime).

Good god.
Again, Nyquil is horse tranquilizer

Oh as a side note, I was looking for horse pictures. The horse picture posted (the alive one), his name is ALI JAMAAL. HAHAHA

WHO names their HORSE Ali Jammal? DEATH TO THAT HORSE.

14 February 2006


Omg. Lemme tell you how awesome it is (not even in a nerdy sense!)

Last year (fall), I took wave mechanics. The lab class was 3 hours long, and the lab TA made us stay for ALL THREE HOURS.

But Quantum Lab? O shit. I show up, do a kickass experiment (superconductivity with liquid nitrogen) -- haha it seems that liquid nitrogen shows up everywhere in my life --.

In waves, we did "interference and diffraction" for 3 hours. What the hell? Superconductivity took 1 hour, and we got to see things hover in the air. Played around with liquid nitrogen for a while. So awesome.

One hour later, we're done (doing the experiment 6 times). The TA says "you guys can go". That's not even the awesome part. This superconductivity is supposed to be .. 18 hours long of an experiment (spread over 3 weeks). We had it done in 1 hour. ONE HOUR.


I will now answer the question of 'Why?'.

Why? Why do anything? Why work/research/read/work more? Why?

It's about intelligence. I'm not going to be super modest and say I'm mentally retarded. I'll admit, although it may sound conceited, that I'm say "above average".

Intelligence is not a gift, nor a privledge, but a burden. It must be used for the benefit of man. Can't understand? I redirect you to the story of Prometheus, a pretty smart Titan.

Promethus gave man the gift of fire, and for this, he was punished. Vultures would pick at his liver during the daytime, and it would regrow back the next day, just to be picked at again. [i think that's right]...

Anyway, for his contributions to mankind, he is known as "the patron saint of man" and the "the inventor of sacrifice". Ultimate ideal eh?.. Well for me anyway.

I've never really told anyone this, but I guess its ok for you guys to know. (that means, feel special).

I leave it to you to find out what the sacrifice is. I'll find the fire. hopefully.


More about Prometheus:


Here's superconductivity. See how it floats? I saw that. And played with it. Aren't you all jealous now? [no? no?] hahaha

I'll send out some valentines ecards later.

12 February 2006


well .. kinda.

Here's the tale:

I went down to 5th floor to get some liquid nitrogen, and I'm happily filling my container when its full and I proceed to shut off the valve. Except, THE VALVE DOESN'T CLOSE. I'm like O SHIT. Since there's liquid nitrogen all over the floor now, and the tiles are cracking and the glue is coming off the tiles.

So I run upstairs to get my graduate advisor:


and he runs down stairs, and gives it a yank and it closes. But by this time, there's liquid nitrogen evaporating all over the floor and the tiles are OFF THE FLOOR. Don't believe me? Go to Patterson, 5th floor and right near the elevator, there's a section of floor with some detached tiles..... I think I spilled something like 5-7 Liters of N2.

Hahah. On the first day of my work... I mess up some tiles. What's up with that? My legs were so frozen by the time this ordeal was over (hello? there was LIQUID NITROGEN SPLASHING ON THEM). You people think Sibera is cold? O damn.

Let's see... the coldest place on earth is Antartica, at [ -89 degrees Celsius]. Liquid nitrogen boils at 77K which is [-196 degrees Celsius]. And that's boiling temperature, when it turns to gas. When it's a liquid, its more than 2x colder than Antartica.

Now imagine that falling on your shoes (which are about ... say 5 cm thick?). Whew. Cold. Brr.

とても寒いだったね。As you can see... I'm learning plain form. Hah. Probably, most of you can't read it though.

Aditya opens his mail and gets a valentine. I open mine, and it's empty. HEY. IF I DON'T GET ONE BY THE 14TH I'M GOING TO BURN JESTER DOWN..

Well. Maybe I'll just dump some mercury into the water supply. hehehe. I'm going to get arrested for saying this, homeland security is going to be on my ass soon.


You know what's a good song? "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. I wanted to upload some songs, but I can't upload copyrighted material, sorry. If you message me, I will send it.

09 February 2006

Another dorm story.. and something weird is going on....

2) Showers. There are 4 shower rooms in the bathroom (one of them is a tub). Out of the other three, two suck. Do the math. ONLY ONE GOOD SHOWER. It's a race to get there first. Not a running race.. its a "who can wake up first" race. Of course, I usually win this one. But lately, someone is in there before me, so I have to wake up earlier and earlier to take a nice shower.

Maybe I'll just sleep in the shower. Also, its best not to anger anyone on your floor. If you make them angry, they might steal your towel and clothes when you're in the shower. That means you have to run naked back to your room. No, it hasn't happened, but I'm sure it will someday.

It's ok. I have contingency plans ready - such as removing the shower curtain. You have to think of these plans ahead of time, otherwise you'll panic when your clothes/towel are gone and lose all logic.

Now, What is this weird thing that's going on? I'm going to watch TV. YES TOTEMO WEIRD.
Anyone that knows me knows I barely have time for TV. So either:

1) I've lost my mind

2) I have lots of time.

Those two phrases kind of rhyme. There must be a poetic component to my writing. Oh Wow. It's time to "prepare for smallville". By getting food. Maybe I'll hunt down Mr. Chan in JCL who is getting food as well. And who left those vulgar comments recently.

Damn you Mr. Chan.

08 February 2006

Dorm Stories

some stories from the house of horror:

1) For the last couple of days, it's been really cold in my room. When I say really cold, I mean "In the middle of winter, my air conditioning is on". About a week ago, it was really hot. So I called the maintenance people, and I guess they thought I wanted to be cold, so they switched the heating off, and turned the air conditioning on. HEY MORONS. ITS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. PLEASE DON'T TURN MY HEATING OFF.

Well. It's not like they visit this blog. But seriously, who turns heating off in the middle of winter. Anyway. I didn't know they turned the AC on, so I was like hmm. It is cooler in here. Then it just kept getting colder and colder. There's a thermostat in my room, and I set it to 85 degrees. (pretty warm, I think).

Ha! That thermostat controls my room, the outside hallway, and another guy's room. 2 days after I turn the temperature up, my room is still cold, and they guy in the other room is like "MY ROOM IS BURNING". Then I was like "MY ROOM IS FREEZING".

This was 3 days ago. They were supposed to fix it yesterday morning, but no one ever came. Damn it. It's still cold. I spent all of Monday trying to thaw myself.

2) Guess what guys. I got keys. :]. Nuclear Seminar is.. so easy. What's going on in that class? We show up and we talk about ... random things for an hour. Same thing happens in the first 20 minutes of Math Modeling.

Last time the question was "What did you do last summer?" posed by my math teacher.

Sometimes, it seems like I'm answering the same question twice.

"夏に何をしましたか。" Says my Japanese teacher. [What did you do last summer?]

It feels wierd.

06 February 2006

Absolutely Uneventful Weekend...well..almost

Remember that thing called the Super Bowl? I forgot about it (hah.. forgot. I never even knew when it was) until I was walking into Jester and I saw "free snacks with super bowl watching party!"...

Being the savage college student, I rushed down to grab some free food. I think you all know this feeling. Free food is so awesome.

When I got there, all the food was gone, and no more cups for drinks left... :[

I should have seen that coming. Then, a few hours later, I get a call (just when I was wishing that something would happen).

Let's just say that I wished I hadn't been called. I think sometimes, I don't know how to deal with crying people.

What's up with that? Hell, I cry but that's under EXTREME pressure. Plus, it happens like twice a year. Only for 10 minutes total. That's right. My crying lasts 5 minutes. There. I said it.

I think its better to cry than to keep it bottled inside and explode on someone. [explode? :D]

That was wrong eh?

Why do people watch the super bowl? I won't even give it dignity by capitalizing it. It's so savage. A bunch of people trying to legally maim and kill other people on the field.

totemo hen des ne?

とても編ですね。Did I say that right?

05 February 2006

More stuff,

Finally took a burden off my back today..

I know the blogger website has been acting funny, but what can I do? It's a free service (no ads either!)

So I took a good analytical look at the girls I've liked, and they all wear slacks. Or like to wear slacks. Slacks are awesome.

Today was a little relaxing. It's wierd because when everything is calm, you ask "I wonder what's wrong today...."

Anyway. Valentines day is coming up. .. Should I say it again? Valentines day is coming up. [someone send me one please]. haha

or not.

I finished watching all of Densha Otoko over the last 3 weeks. Ahaha. We all know someone like that.

You know that one commercial for ROKR where the guy is listening to music and his shadow is dancing? I was like that today. In the elevator. Where no one was there. I just started jamming like I had a guitar. Then, just before the door opened, *ahem* and I straightened my shirt, and walked out.

It felt good though. I may LOOK calm, but there's a party in my head. Round the clock WILD PARTY.

ok time for sleep.

03 February 2006


I saw Munich today. Anyone seen it yet? It's an ok film, but... there is a strong jew bias. Unwarranted. It made me remember Peter Jennings, the most badass of all journalists.

A lot of people say the holocaust never happened. I agree. I mean come on. Lots of people died, yes. But history is full of massacres and they don't have special names...

Japan invades China, [no name there]. Mongols kill a lot of people. [no name there]. Hitler kills some pussy jews [HOLOCAUST]..

It was a good movie, but the jews are messed up. Also, they should increase the interest rates in the bank. I got my interest dividend and it was only 3 dollars. THREE DOLLARS OF INTEREST? WTFFFFF

My essays are complete. I will post them soon. Everyone at UWC likes them... which means they're not absolutely all crap.

[yawn]. I'm going to sleep soon. Someone leave me some messages..

Sometimes I think I probably should not sit next to my friends in my classes. They can be distracting at times, with their uncivility and all.

haha. I didn't say that. Now everyone go download "I am..." [Ramon Zenker] mix.

If you're lazy, I'll put it up later.

Now enjoy Munich.

02 February 2006


HAHAHA. "Why are you laughing?"

Because.. some construction workers hit a gas main and Jester West had to be evacuated. Yep. At least 1200 people.

I didn't even know about it. I was in Physics when it happened. When I got to Organic Chem, Jonathan shows up all sleepy "They kicked us out"..

Well Jonny. You should go to class, thats why j00 got kicked.

Anyway. I need to hit up the Law School and their huge TV's to watch Smallville. Omg Smallville is awesome.

In other news, everything is going well. [I think].

How's everybody? I fail to ask you guys and just mutter on about myself. Write to me. Anyone.

01 February 2006

organic lab

I was in Organic lab and this really cute girl walked in and I said to myself... "Hmm.. This is interesting".

Then she said "Hello everybodry, I wirru be your rab TA for this semesta". If you haven't already guessed, nihonjin desu.

Now, I know i'm going to fail that lab. I was there for 4 hours and 25 minutes (and I didn't feel a thing!). Only when I was far from her presence, my back started to hurt.

Damn women, with their mystical charm.