29 April 2006

Another Korean movie - what else were you expecting

I watched another Korean movie. It was awesome. Everyone, come see me if you want it. Oh it's called "Art of Fighting". Lots of blood, but that's cool. I will have this on my drive until I burn it to a DVD or something.

Now to the main point. Remember that movie that came out sometime ago - Swordfish? I saw it again I think like 2 weeks ago? It's like one of the best Hollywood movies ever. Almost.

Recently, I've been thinking... what if I'm wrong about everything. Some people say "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Perhaps... that is what will happen.

If I ever become a bad guy, I would be like this guy. Oh man. He's so awesome. Except he's not that bad in the movie (he steals money to blow up terrorists). I mean, that's not bad. He's probably saving more people than a doctor anyway (which... btw, I'm still on that "plan" for pre-med).


I mean... LOOK AT THAT POSE. I wish I could do that. I need some dark sunglasses. Also, his little beard is so cool. Summer ... summer...

I'll try to transform into him, even the beard. I probably won't have a suit like that though.

Here is my definitive list for ALL PREMEDS.

-Gel pens
-Korean movies.

That last one is really crucial. I think, if the Korean people stopped making movies, I would wither and die, like some plant without water. Swordfish almost makes up for it. Recently I've been watching a lot of Korean fighting movies. I think the last one was about fighting too? Not sure. Oh I almost forgot
That's the last one I saw - Arahan.
I think I'm going to go visit the Blanton Art Museum tonight. I went 30 minutes ago just to see if they had free food, but they stopped me because I wasn't on the GUEST LIST.

Art fools are so pretentious. Anyway, I'm going tonight when they open the museum to hobos and stuff.

Ok! Sorry about that long hiatus. Enjoy this one, more to come later until around finals time, then during that one week I will probably POST DAILY.

Excited? Me too. You know how many Korean movies I'm going to watch when finals are over? It's sick. I'll have to pry my eyes open 24/7 to enjoy the greatness.
wuao! I need to post.

ok tonight.

26 April 2006


Physics test was hard.

:($ <-- lol beard.

Now begins Hell Week. Will not end until about Thursday next week.

24 April 2006


I've been hear a lot of people saying "git-r-done" and I have yet to know what that means.

Also. See that character? I forgot the dash to the right of it, so I got 0.5pts taken off because of that.

That's why I ended up with a 102.5 instead of 103 on my last Japanese test.



Apart from that, nothing else is going on. I have a test on Wednesday, and one on Thursday, so that really sucks. I think I'm going to go study now.

Pretty hard tests. Bah.

20 April 2006

long time no see... isashiburi des ne

Yes. Haven't posted in a while. 2 days is a while.

Today's Southpark was ... meh.

Next wednesday, - How Japanese saved me 6 hours on a Organic Lab assignment. It will be interesting.

But in the meanwhile, registration for summer and fall classes are over. There are some pictures worth seeing...

Remember wayyyy back when I posted my ORIGINAL spring schedule? Here it is again....

Well back then I was a BIG LIAR. This is my actual schedule that I follow ---

If you look closely (at the bottom right corner), it says HOURS IN CLASS: 25.5

Yes. And also if you're thinking "HE HAS CLASS ON SATURDAY?"

- YES. 25.5 HOURS OF CLASS A WEEK. That's like saying, "I'm in class for over a DAY (24 hours) each week."

That is enough to drive a person to insanity. (Only "normal" people can go insane. If you're already crazy like me, then doing this has no effect on anything).

But this schedule doesn't even include my lab hours! Some life eh?

Wellllll here's my summer schedule...
Again, HOURS IN CLASS: 20. Perhaps it's not as bad as Spring.

Here's the kicker - FALL 2006.




-Classical Dynamics
-Introduction to Computational Physics
-Advanced Conversation I
-Bioseminar - which I am thinking of replacing with Tae Kwon Do for N00bs 1.

I'm glad registration is over. Now I can peacefully...um. continue on headstrong. When I was looking for the old schedule, I came across one of my posts where I compared myself to a ninja fighting off the Tengu. And just a couple of posts ago, I compared myself to a secret agent.

Now I can't decide. Ninja.. or Secret Agent. If I was a ninja, I could say thing like "The life of a ninja is full of peril" like Cartman. If I was a Secret Agent, I could say things like.. "The name's Dash. Dev Dash".


I have no idea why the first two pictures look so distorted. Click on them to see them nicely.

16 April 2006


I was.. doing some cleaning, including my buddy list, and I found something to share. Look at this.

Look at all the AZN******* screennames! This was BEFORE I cleaned out about 40 of them. I can't believe some people are tard enough to actually keep these screennames.

This azn thing was cool like... never. Some people still ACT LIKE THEM. With the souped up cars, and pretending they can actually play basketball like black people.


That's another thing. Lots of chinese/korean people like to memorize everything.

--Fellow Asian people, if you can't make it in life, please don't memorize your way through it, it doesn't work so well in the end. Instead, go for something easier.

For those that are fortunate enough not to understand... AZN = "Asian Tard".


I'm back at UT now. Anyone want to like hang? in the PCL? ...Sweet.

15 April 2006

ze buddha

I watched this BBC documentary, and the guy that plays Buddha looks like the brown version of Tom Welling.

So clark turning superman is kinda like prince turning Buddha? lol.

I'm back home in Plano for the weekend.

More people live in Plano than ICELAND. Makes sense doesn't it?


that's all for today.

Hardcore computing.

Well Not really. But I'm really glad I finally got these damn things to work. They should just give us all MacBook Pros and get this torture over with. Anyway, here's a picture of the installations of the Datagrid clients.

Oh and, I only expect like 1 person to understand what is going on. The rest of you can... wallow, err vegetate upon the late night hardcore downloading.

If you look closely, you will see many interesting things -

-Eurobeat playing in the background
-Pacman. Unfortunately, it's not THE Pacman. In this case, Pacman is a installation assistant/package retriever/whatever.
-An unnamed Microsoft Word Document on the desktop.
-A large amount of nerdiness.

12 April 2006

Things go out with a bang.

The end of the semester is usually when things start winding down, slowly. But no. Here, things go out with a bang.

For example.

I have a 10 page paper, a 4-5 page math paper (math paper?), a presentation, a 15 page lab writeup, and 2 organic lab writeups due in the last week of school.

Of course, there are other ways of going out with a bang as well.

I had best get started soon.

Robert and Kevin brought me eggs today. O so awesome. See, every Easter, all the stores are supposed to stock these eggs, but JCL doesn't have them, and I'm too busy (lazy) to go elsewhere.

Now. The meat.

The Immigrants. So apparently, a bunch of people have been protesting for immigrant rights yelling shit like "OMG MY MOM IS NOT ILLEGAL".... Yeah.. she is.

Everywhere on the news "thousands rally for immigrant rights" etc etc etc. Real immigrants have.. greencards. If you don't have a greencard/citizenship, then you are worthless.

Yeah. I bet you know what's coming. If that little machine can replace you, then... you need some skills, fool. And look at that picture! That guy is about to remow a section. OMG! My robot can do better. Without the "afternoon siestas" and things like that which I hate.

Speaking of which. People that regularly take a nap during the daytime need to be beaten to a pulp. NIGHT = sleep. Hell. Some people don't even sleep through the entire night. Damn people. If you need a nap, yeah ok. But every day from 2-5, then go kill yourself.

Because you know what's going to happen? those siestas add up, fools. Then 20 years later, when you're making 30k a year for 10 kids, you'll be like "ohhh my life sucks" but the worst part is, YOU FOOLS WANT IMMIGRANT RIGHTS.

Sorry. I don't feel like letting this country being overrun by skill-less labor.

But wait. Sometimes I wonder, why do people come here in the first place?

Man I'm so glad that Bering land bridge has melted, otherwise the mexicans would make their way to Asia. and that would suck because there'd be things like indo-mex food, and jap-mex food and nasty things like that.

also that mexican hat dance needs to go to hell.

just to be fair, only mexico sucks. Argentina and Brazil are pretty cool.
Like that guy. Carlos Chagas. I suppose you can read all about him. But he was nominated for something very cool.


08 April 2006

This food ordeal


University dining gives us $1200 + $300 to spend on food. Of course, all the prices are overpriced. A coke costs something like 20% more within campus than outside. And also, they don't have those Cadbury Eggs I really like which are supposed to appear during this time. Honestly, I don't even eat that much, and I'm not that much over the limit.

Dorms cost too much. Bastard university. See if you get any alumni support.

That's all I have to say. I'm not a big fan of spending outside of campus (that's another story, for another day). So if someone were to buy me those eggs I would be pleased. ahem.


First, organic lab. From 9am to around 12pm
Then, research lab. Of course, none of my reactions worked, and I'm getting extremely frustrated. Well at least the goldfish know who I am now (I think).

Bah. This is a rather dry post. It ends here pretty much.

How about some pictures?

yah. Pointless post. I know. To be honest, I forgot what I was going to ramble about.

07 April 2006

The Military Hierarchy = a little conceited. ok more than a little

hmm I think of people like... belonging to different classes in the military.

People conform pretty well to military classes. For example, there's the soldier, who needs his fellow comrades all the time and can't live without them. And then there's the Lieutenant, who needs to command a group, but he himself is controlled by some rank (I wouldn't know). There are all these ranks and each has some sort of leadership position. Of course, Generals are useless without their subordinates. At least Lieutenants can shoot guns.

The business majors, for example, cannot live without controlling someone. Their existence depends solely on control, whether it be control the market, obtain a bigger business, more profitable clients, ultimately, they want control over people. Also, business people cannot survive without people. (business = trade). Therefore business sucks.

That's not the point i wanted to make.lol. But anyway, there are 'other' ranks. Like... secret agent. Yes. Often, I would like to believe that I am a secret agent. (I swear, if you laugh too loud...). But no! Think about it.

1) Operates alone
2) Prefers seclusion
3) Prefers darkness
4) Lives off minimal nutrient
5) Always has an agenda
6) Sempre logical
7) Has many many ways of mass genocide

hmmmmmm, now the corollaries to my life:

1) Working alone is awesome. Working with people means that you can only work as fast as the slowest person. That sucks.
2) Again, I'm perfectly content by myself.
3) Darkness is... awesome. Many people wonder why I like darkness but I love flashlights. Well, listen up. I don't like random light. Random light gives you away. Flashlights are controlled sources of light. You can turn off flashlights, and blend into the darkness, but when the time arises, the light of truth appears. (On a side note, light is commonly associated with truth... but I think it's one of the biggest lies ever. I mean look at the sun. It totally blinds you from other sources of truth (the stars)).
4) This is such a gimme. Anyone who knows me absolutely recognizes this. I've had one meal today, and I'm totally fine. Many a days go by where I live off インスタント食品。
5) An agenda is always there. And I try to make it fulfill as many purposes as possible. This is known to other people as premonitioned multitasking.
6) Council members speak, votes, a decision is followed through. Followed until the work is done.
7) Heh heh heh. Mercury? Hi-Di? Polyacrilamide Waste? It's probably a good thing I don't get angry that often.

So yeah? You believe me now? I'm a secret agent. But you know.... even a secret agent operates for someone. There is one last level to ascend to... Rogue Agent = works for noone, lives for noone. Awesome.

That's right. And I'm not there yet. You'll know when I get there. Entire computer backbones will fall, I'll be president, and the world will look something like... Terminator's future.

In other (more light-hearted) news, the goldfish! They don't like each other for some reason. Every time I look, they're at opposite sides of the plastic container, sleeping. LAZY GOLDFISH. WHERE ARE YOUR COUNCIL MEMBERS.

Oh yes. I've talked too much. Here are some more pictures.

This is my lab bench. Note some things - the blue cup used to drink coffee out of, the big container of water where... I take water for the goldfish. :D. Also, my backpack. Not much to see, except those nozzles do emit propane, so don't f*** with me, or I'll turn your dorm room into a fireball.
The computer. Many a websurfing is done here. Not much to see... moving along.
The two blasted machines that continually ruin my life. Why can't these damn things work? Well. the problem is, they work too well. You have to have the concentrations of the reactants just right otherwise, you get nothing.

Oh btw, they're PCR machines. They make copies of DNA. So you put in one copy, and it gives you a million copies in 3 hours. Except... recently I've been putting in one copy and I'm getting....NOTHING BACK. Sometimes, I feel like stabbing myself in the face when this happens, but then I think, I should stab the machine. ... bastard machine.
There you can see one of my samples running. Look on the display. It says Run: DEV3. Yes. My samples are currently (not) working. And that batch of samples (run last Saturday) didn't work.
Damn it.

\You guys remember that Habitat for Humanity business? All these people in front of Gregory in little cardboard houses. You think "aww, these people are advocating helping the homeless by living like them for a week". Then you look inside and there's LAPTOPs AND TELEVISIONS AND PLAYSTATIONS AND OTHER RICH PEOPLE STUFF

POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE DON'T HAVE LAPTOPS KTHX. So either... give up the laptops and really live like the poor to advocate the cause... or... stop blocking my way.

There has been a lot of hate in this post, especially toward the PCR machines. I'm sorry PCR machine, please make my samples work.

06 April 2006

Some serious stuff.

Today, I was in the mycology room in lab, happily jacking bandwidth and working on my write ups when the janitor comes in to get the trash. I look up and quickly look back down. I've seen that guy many times over the last 2 years, but I just realized it --

That guy was in my math class! He was around 60 something years old too!

I felt bad for him. Life is really harsh for some people. How come his children don't take care of him? Kinda puts things into perspective as to how things are. I mean, I don't even have student loans to worry about or anything.

This guy is 60 years old and paying his way through education by being a janitor. That's very respectable. A lot of people would give up by then, but this guy hasn't, even if life has thrown him a curveball.

Anyway. I hope he gets what he wants. Also, it is rather inspiring. If I could, I'd stay in school forever. The real world is harsh.

I was going to post pictures today, but I feel this is a more pressing matter. I was going to try to talk to him, but I didn't feel right.



Well. I've got to get back to work. This world is a difficult place, but I'm sure I can make it better - that's the idea these days.

05 April 2006


Nope. No post today.

But I impore you to learn some english!!!!!!!!!!!!! [many exclamation marks on purpose]

Of course, the picture doesn't click anywhere, but go here:


Hah. Enjoy. And I promptly expect everyone here to LEARN SOME ENGLISHHH!!!!!

Those videos are so funny. Also...

03 April 2006

Goldfish. Cat food. Goldfish...is... cat....food

UPDATE: Yesterday night... my roommate had the munchies and I woke up to find him snacking on like 30 fruit snacks and juice. wtfz.


**********: plastic
**********: you are gonna put the goldfish in it, aren't you?
**********: god damnit
Me: yes
Me: hehe
Me: o snap
Me: i need it
Me: plz
**********: it's a food container
**********: i don't want goldfish shit in it
**********: literally

GUESS WHAT. I got 2 goldfish from FA fest. Yes, I forgot to mention so yesterday, even though I had pictures.

So they gave it to me in a plastic bag, and I don't have a container for it, so Christian and I made a makeshift container for it out of an Ozarka 2.5 gallon dispenser. Never the less, I was keeping the pair in a 1 Litre (!) BEAKER.

Check it out tho.And a side angle:

There is the goldfish on the lab counter. I have to feed it these flakes, and they smell like ***. Seriously, I have no idea how goldfish eat that stuff, it's so .. nasty smelling.

Oh, there are actually two in there. I think I'm going to give them names. How about..."Dev" and "Dr. Meyers"

...that was a very strange inside joke.

Speaking of pet food, have you ever seen cat food commercials on TV? All those mini pieces look so ... luscious. I want to try cat food sometime. Weird? Yes. Perhaps it's because I'm hungry all the time.

mm... cat food... wait a minute. I have cat food. Yes. In fact. Cats eat goldfish, so goldfish is technically a 'cat food'. mm.. goldfish.

mm... sushi...

oh and more lab pictures tomorrow.

02 April 2006

Lab Expose - Part 1

I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed the April Fool's post. Looking back on it, I have no idea what was going through my head to write that post and make all the changes in less than 10 minutes. Being a girl is definitely very very very easy.

Well here are some pictures.

Robert Chan. I'm pretty sure he was posing for this picture, because right after I took it, he turned to the window, assumed a fetal position, and proceeded to sleep longer.

Kevin Bacon.. i mean Baker. Kevin woke up just to pose as well.

These toobs were still sleeping when I infiltrated their room at 2 in the AFTERNOON.

After that I went to FA fest, which was pretty boring except for the Woman's rugby team...haha

Me Not really....
Me Ok Whatever. But Do I get a cupcake after?

[we arm wrestle, naturally, I win and swipe a cupcake]

Of course Jonathan the freeloader swiped one too, even though he didn't beat the girls. Man those cupcakes were good. After that some girl was screaming FREE ICE CREAM. Then I was like "holy s*** Jon, let's go". Then he was like "look. It's they gay and lesbian club" O SHITZ. run run run.. away.

Also, I met this brown guy who could speak perfect Chinese. It was... wtf? I've heard about this dude, but I always thought it would be something like "Ni...haoww" but NO! He was like "!^$!@#$!@#$!@^!@#$!@#$@#$!!".

haha. That's my impression of Chinese.

Ya I didn't take any pictures, because... I'm lazy. Also, I went through it really quickly scoping the place out for free food. As a result of all my searching for food, Check this out.

Plan Type Balance Status
Dine In Dollars $ 264.52 Active
Rollover $ 0.00 Active
Bevo Bucks $ 32.09 Active

The amount you should have left as of today is: 223.20.

At your current rate of spending, you may expect to have Dine In Dollars
remaining at the end of your contract.

I'M LIKE...$40 OVER. I suppose that's not so surprising, but how about this fact - I was almost a hundred dollars under the "should have left" amount in the beginning of this semester.

Sony. Big Screen. Plugged into Cable TV, DVD player nearby, S-vid inputs. This is entertainment. Saturday night, turn off the lights, watch a movie. kickass. There's a couch on the opposite side. whoo. I've seen many a people waste their time here. But what else is there to do when the machines are running? - pictures of machines coming up later. Tomorrow perhaps.

The lab God lives behind these doors. Someone translate what it says on His door. Sometimes He's there. Sometimes He's not. Actually, the best time to find Him is around 6AM in the morning. I have no idea what He does so early in his office. Today, [yesterday actually = Saturday] He is not in. All those cartoons are making fun of intelligent design..ists (aka.. morons).

I must be getting parkinsons or something because these pictures are shaky. wtf. I'll blame it on the camera.