30 July 2005

Part 2 [continued from before]

Three Physical Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You

1) Intelligence
2) Decency (decent looks, decent lifestyle)
3) Driving Skill (you can tell a lot by the way a person drives. For example, I drive fast, but I don't break the 2500 RPM barrier. Even so, I'm still the first one out of the intersection, with the rest of the cars following 20-30 feet behind. NEXT POST:"HOW TO SIMULATE MANUAL TRANSMISSION ON AN AUTOMATIC VEHICLE"

I bet most people would say something shallow for this set of truths.

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies

1) Watching things (anime, movies, cnn video, etc.)
2) Reading things (magazines (I have the latest Scientific American, PM me for one)
3) Wikipedia.com

Three Careers You’re Considering

1) Emergency Room Physician
2) Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon
3) US Government NOC Agent (Non-official cover)... --> I couldn't think of anything else

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation

1) Singapore
2) Singapore
3) Singapore.. (also, Osaka, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur)

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1) Start an airline fleet (emergency medical staff only, freeloaders)
2) Establish Emergency Field Surgery as a liscenced residency
3) Start a charity...(I need partners in this)

Three Crushes...(Everyone knows, but, I will make this difficult to actually find out.


Instructions: here's the key (だってばよ). Write that in english (not translated).
I think.. there's only one person who can do this fast enough to keep it from becoming frustrating. Enjoy! (http://www.fourmilab.ch/javascrypt/javascrypt.html)

Three Words That Stir A Memory

1) Uberdirk.
2) Shman
3) "Fleet herd of deer"

I know that last one isn't a word, but a phrase.

Three Best Gifts I've Ever Given

1) Orange rose surprise in the morning
2) Rare pink/purple hybrid roses
3) I'm not much for gifts.

Three Things That Are Very Unscientific About Me

1) I believe in fortune cookies (and heed them!)
2) I'm scared of the dark (also, I'm scared of Japanese girls that have long swampy hair and extremely white faces and red eyes) Something like this:

Sorry for posting that.
3) I think randomness is a pattern.

Finally, Three Things I will never talk about on this blog

1) Current personal interest (yes, this means crushes)
2) People around me that piss me off (there are quite a few, although they don't know it)
3) Me. Hyprocrisy, yes. I don't like to talk about myself that much. I'll talk about things that are happening around me.

Now, its your turn.

Comment on 3 things that you like about this blog (or me!...)

lo siento

I got lazy. I will post part 2 tomorrow. Meanwhile, I think this girl is the ugliest chick ever.

*throws up*
I'm only posting this because I saw "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", and she was pretty bad in that one too.

And i'm still looking for "No Control" by Manuel.

28 July 2005

A copy.

So I saw this somewhere (alex.imaznation.com). Interesting, but the original was a bit long. I'll take the parts I actually want to list.

Keep in mind, that there may be more (and they may be more significant). *cough*..fears.. *cough*

Three Screen Names You Have Had:

1) Piotrrcola

That's the only one I've ever had (on AIM, which is the one that I use the most). It's almost 8 years old.

Three Things You Like About Yourself

1) I don't have to exercise much, yet still look like I exercise (yes!)
2) Youthful curiousity
3) Idealistic Morals

Three Things You Don’t Like About Yourself

1) I'm lazy at times (lately, when I don't have coffee in me)
2) I can't get that image of the girl from The Grudge out of my head.
3) I'm lazy .. again.. I can't think of anything else..

Three Things That Scare You

1) Ghosts that want to kill me
2) Trapped in a room with a bunch of religious evangelists
3) Things that can see in the dark (bats, viper snakes, infrared vision systems, S.E.A.L.s)

Three Non-Obvious Everyday Essentials

1) E-mail. I love e-mail. If you want me to remember something, send me an email.
2) Coffee. Enough said.
3) Car. Again. Enough said. (whether it be a beatup station wagon or my Magic Carpet)

Three Of Your Favorite Songs (At The Moment) - Linked!

1) Vogue (Eurobeat Mix) - Hamasaki
2) Pathetique - Beethoven
3) Almost any eurobeat. almost. On another note, I've been looking for this song "No Control" by Manuel. If anyone has it, hand it over. Write me email.

Three Things You Want To Try In The Next Twelve Months

1) Hash. Haha. I'm kidding guys. Pure Fudge
2) Live w/o depending on parents for "fun expenses"
3) Drink (more/less) coffee.

Three Things You Want In A Relationship

This is an extremely sappy question. Normally, I wouldn't include this, but I wanted to emphasize how sappy it is.

Two Truths And A Lie (In No Particular Order)

1) There's this sick coffee prank that I pulled a while ago with a friend.
2) I currently have this 160 GB external drive.
3) I miss her.

hah. figure that one out.

Three Things You Just Can’t Do

1) Get drunk
2) Leave someone alone
3) ...I bet there are a lot of antimoral things that could go here.

Three Things Most People Wouldn't Do, But I Would

1) Be premed
2) Never forget.
3) Deal out divine punishment (in whatever form, for whatever reason, to anyone, at anytime)

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now

1) Freeze time, take a 400 hour nap, then unfreeze, and continue as if nothing happened.
2) Drive without thinking about gas prices. (Magic Carpet = gas guzzler)
3) I'll leave this last one to your imagination. :]

Three Kid’s Names

1) Sonia
2) ...
3) ...I can't think of anything else.

ok! That's it for today. I wonder what people think.

26 July 2005

There's someone in my house.

There's someone hiding in my house. This morning, I woke up and went to my coffeemaker and turned it on (around 550ish, so it was still dark), and I walked out of the kitchen, and I heard a cough.

I live alone, so hearing a cough in the dark is quite scary. Turns out, it was my coffeemaker releasing air.

Whoo. Creepy.

Applewhite called me "grasshopper" today. I had to look that one up.

So it's either

1) Any of numerous orthopteran insects of the families Locustidae (or Acrididae) and Tettigoniidae, often destructive to plants and characteristically having long, powerful hind legs adapted for jumping.


2) A term for someone learning from a wiser master.

You be the judge.

25 July 2005

The Island... and The Wedding Crashers

Guys, the Island was ok (6/10). Wedding Crashers was freaking hilarious. While the Island wouldn't be worth your 6.25, Wedding crashers would. Plus, DVDrips aren't out on IRC/Torrents/DC so really.. go watch it.

Go watch it. Good stuff.

And is it just me, or is every domestic car comany offering "employee" discounts on all their cars. It's getting kind of irritating.

First of all, when this "deal" runs out, everyone is going to know the true price of the cars. Hah.
Personally, I think Ford's vehicles are wayy to knobby and backward.

As you probably all know.. I'm a Honda fan. Accord Pride! Everyone's met my magic carpet.

Almost everyone.

23 July 2005

caddilac = gay.

I bet when most of you think "Caddilac", you think of something like this:

The sad truth is.. most of the caddies on market are not CTS's like this one. They're Seville's or Devilles or some wierd stuff like that. This is why I hate caddilacs and it makes me cringe sometimes..

U ready? OLD PEOPLE drive Caddilacs.


Sometimes I want to throw eggs, pens, CD's, hand grenades, you know, things I can find in my passenger seat.

[To Homeland Security]: I was kidding about the hand grenades. Please don't arrest me.

20 July 2005


I just saw it. Pretty good. Drama, not comedy. You know what's wierd? The main characters (seen in the 2nd picture) say a total of 6 words the entire movie. SIX. I like the use of silence in the movie, makes you concentrate on the acting.


19 July 2005

Initial D... live action...

Yes. I just saw the movie.
Technical Details (5/5)
Plot (5/5) - Recreates Initial D Plot
Characters (1/5) - Very few of the characters actually played totally true to their part. Koichi was... impulsive, as well as Fujiwara. These were the ones that stood out the most. Also, Itsuki is supposed to be a pussy, not a half-witted fighter, as the movie presents.

Natsuki got hot. But that's about it. Honestly, I think the canto's messed this one up big time. Ah well.

I think I may end up going to main event tonight. Its 1/2 off day. But I'll probably take my computer... lol hahaha.

I need to grow up. Oh and also, I'm going doctor shadowing with my old buddy. buddy = wound care doctor. yeah...... kinda sad isn't it.

still bored

hmm.. today jonathan lee and david cheng came over and we drove around visiting random people's houses.

yes. well, not totally random, but that still shows how bored I am.


17 July 2005


[22:08] **********: if u think "ok..im going to dream about pancakes today"
[22:08] Piotrr Cola: lol
[22:08] **********: your dream might invove..
[22:08] Piotrr Cola: WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND FOOOD
[22:08] **********: bears.
[22:08] **********: haha
[22:08] Piotrr Cola: bears?
[22:08] Piotrr Cola: hahahahahah
[22:09] **********: i bet you'll dream about pancakes or bears tonight.
[22:09] Piotrr Cola: haha
[22:09] Piotrr Cola: hmm
[22:09] Piotrr Cola: ok
[22:09] **********: ok. now that ure thinking about it.
[22:09] **********: u wont.
[22:09] Piotrr Cola: stop it
[22:09] Piotrr Cola: haha

That's all i have to say today.

16 July 2005

Mitsubishi... and my car.

Guys, the future is here. You know how Mitsubishi had financial troubles? Check this out.


Meanwhile, I've been watching movies. Next one is "Iron Kim". Yes. Funny name. Also, I cannot function without 2 cups of coffee a day.

Wow. Summer is already boring. Perhaps I need to find something better to do.

Oh I know. I'm going to post a revamped ladder theory soon. (for those of you that don't know... its subconscious placement and ranking of women upon first contact)....

The old one may be found here : Ladder Theory

Please be aware that this one sucks, and the pictures are messed up.

15 July 2005

Harry potter....revealed!

Since the 6th (one more to go!) book came out today, I thought I'd post an eye-opening revalation.

When I think "Harry Potter", I usually think of this guy, and a lot of people probably do. Now, keep in mind that this isn't a doctored image. The guy looks like he has lipstick on. And he looks scary. [*shudder*]. (Then again, he's English, so i'm not that surprised.)

Harry potter is female.

Dear God, I hate this series.

-Written in a letter to "God" by me. Whoever "God" is. Probably no-one. Ah well.

Coldplay - Clocks

14 July 2005

eathan hawke is a pussy.

Eathan hawke... is the biggest pussy ever. I mean come on, in that one movie, "Training Day", he got owned by the mexicans. the MEXICANS. Denzel owned the mexicans.

Me and cynthia went to lunch, and my stomach almost exploded. I can't eat apple cinnamon desserts for atleast 2-3 months now. I ordered a "lamb" dish. And when the waiter brought it, it was, literally, a hunk of bone off the lamb. Like... like.. a chicken leg, except it was lamb. and it was huge. waah.

That's all I have to say today.

13 July 2005

damn England.

I'll wait. How about porting the shuttle program over to ESA? They seem to get things done (except for Beagle).

I remember that one administrator saying "waiting for Beagle to respond" was like "sending a love letter and waiting for a response"...

Good god. English people are retarded. Now since we're on the subject, lets look at the United Kingdom:

Exports - commodities:
manufactured goods, fuels, chemicals; food, beverages, tobacco

-Taken from CIA Factbook

That is, the most useless of exports ever. No IT, no nothing. The most useless country in the world. All it has is history and chickens. Nothing more.

Which brings me to my next question... Why is UK a member of the UN security council?

The only good thing to come out of UK is Coldplay.
UK sucks.


12 July 2005

10 July 2005

back home at last....

mmm.. back home in plano at last..

I don't have cable internet setup so I might not be posting very scrumptuous things..

Yesterday was kind of cool. See.. I didn't have a roommate so I was there in a 2 person room all the way until the end of the semester. And the guy that moved in gave me a ride to the Greyhound station (very nice, considering the buses suck)..

Greyhound sucks, so it builds character. (everything is double bladed to some extent...)

07 July 2005

London stuff..

Medics! HazMat!

Don't know what hazmat is? Look here.

See... We always look for terrorists in the WRONG PLACE. Honestly, do you think any terrorist is going to stay in Afghanistan? That place is swarming with US Marines.

Lemme take a wild stab at where they are....

S.a.u.d.i.a. A.r.a.b.i.a.....

Just wait guys. When oil supplies run out.. the Middle East will lose power... then Asia will take over the world. ....preferably Singapore...

see.. Singapore....

Mmmm. Singapore... Who's with me on this?

06 July 2005

XP Professional

I just installed XP professional.. Doesn't seem any faster, but I guess it will be.

I haven't even started looking at math yet (considering I have a final in 2 days.. tata..)

Yes. I have corporate edition.

05 July 2005

Under repair

My computer is currently under repair, so don't expect a prompt answer to email or something (It should be back up and running around 5-6pm tomorrow with a new os!)

I hate Intel's drivers. they mess computers up.

04 July 2005


I couldn't post this picture because it wouldn't let me...but now I can..

Congradulations Federer!

I wish I could play tennis like this guy...

BAM! Look at him about to totally decimate that ball....

03 July 2005

A wee bit of time to sit. and do nothing.

just as the title says.

2nd floor dining is closed. BUT I've jacked enough Cap'n Crunch's and salads to keep me afloat for quote sometime.

I just deleted the songs on my webspace, so if anyone was linking to them, you just got screwed.

Night Trip

Finally! Blogger allows direct picture linking.

I'll be done with school in 1 week. Very exciting. Plano! Who want's to race?
I found a similar picture of my car:


I bet its really dirty though. This picture posting thing is exciting...

02 July 2005

crazy night

So yesterday me and smriti (smriti and I?) went to see war of the worlds. And you know how they have those ad's right before you start the movie? One of them was "buffet palace".

I hadn't had lunch, so i was like dude. we gotta go. So we went after the movie and around 9:50, they were starting to clean. I wasn't full yet, so went and got 3 more plates of food. big mistake

I stayed until about 1025 eating all of it. Man. It took forever. I was so bloated after that, like, dare I say, a true obese american. ahaa..

I couldn't walk right for about 30 minutes. BUT, I'm telling you, there is someone (Buddha?) or something (karma?) that loves me. We didn't have to wait more than 5-6 minutes for a bus. And the first bus driver told us exactly how to get back to campus. (This is at a time when buses run every 45 minutes).

The movie was good. I guess it was worth $6.50.

いいえいがでした。 I wonder if I said that right.