30 June 2011

Trip - 11 - Jaipur clothing

Just a picture:

Ninja edit: They pretty much made whatever you wanted. A ton of white people were at this particular location for some reason, trying to hammer out simple English for the locals to understand. 

28 June 2011

Trip - 10 - Pizza Hut

I'm not the only one to get homesick. Shit-fits were had, and it was either Pizza Hut or KFC (I think).

There were unusual masala flavors. No anchovies, though. Also, they were playing club music? 50-Cent and the like. Dance music. What is this, Pearl Bar?

27 June 2011

Can't do without.

I got homesick a lot. Can't do without this memento from home. Every trip I go to starts with me landing at the airport and thinking - fuck this, let's go back. Regardless of whether its Yosemite, Vancouver, NYC, Singapore, New Delhi, Costa Rica. 

I'm not an Apple fanboy but I've had that iPod for years and it works awesomely. Battery life is down to about 8 hours but I hear replacement batteries are on the order of  $15. 

22 June 2011

Part of the problem.

The current screen shot is last night. 

4h 33m over 21 nights. Are you kidding me. 

No wonder I doze off for about 20m around 4-5pm.