16 November 2008

Screw bowls.

Now, I don't even use bowls. Just straight up tupperware + rediwhip

Oh and, I have a kickass setup for my workspace now. Now.. to actually get some work done...

10 November 2008


I'm trying to forget a few things/entities/people. Comfort food helps. Picture below.

06 November 2008

Cell phones

I was in a small group session a few days ago. Silence your god damn cellphones! (That means, complete silence!)

I hate it when people set their phones on vibrate, then it goes off, and they realize that it's ringing, but they don't switch it off because hey! It's on "silent"! Maybe they think no one else can hear it.

Screw you. I can still hear that.



03 November 2008

Comfort food

I never thought I had one, until I found honey roasted peanut butter.

I finished an entire jar in the 2 weeks that approached Block 2 exams.

I will need another one. Someone help me out? I've got more issues than Time.

Women, school, etc.

02 November 2008

Karmic retribution

See, I always knew it was coming, I just didn't know when. 

So it begins.