27 December 2005


Ok Guys.

Back from Las Vegas. Will post pictures soon, and some stories... etc.


La Tortura - Shakira

In MOV format - use quicktime player.

23 December 2005


of course... i had to see it the day it came out.

It was pretty good, except for the part where they used CHINESE ACTORS for Japanese roles. Anyone could clearly tell them apart.

John Williams did a good job with the score though.

Like Jonathan says .."Girls from China..." [tsk tsk tsk]

That being said, I will be out of town for the next 3 days. Please send me email to my primary address for more information.

Arigato gozaimas.

22 December 2005


me:: i'm torrenting smallville

me:: wow

me:: its freaking awesome

me:: i love it

----------: which season?

me:: 3

me:: i'm kinda working backwards or something

me:: and dude

----------: season 4 is better

me:: chloe is hot

me:: yeah

----------: i have seen them all

me:: i have all of 4.

----------: like...2 times

me:: the new intro

me:: 5th season

me:: they messed up choe

me:: she was hot in the 1-4th's intro

me:: omg

me:: hawt hawt

me:: hotter than anyone

----------: ok...that's it

----------: go to hell

me:: wttfffff

----------: Kristen is still hotter

me:: dude



----------: I DON'T HAVE ALL 4 SEASONS

me:: well

me:: do u have 4?

me:: look at the intro song to that




me:: OMG


me:: you have to look at it first

----------: this means that you can't comment on the Geisha movie

me:: are you looking?

me:: yes i can

me:: they're chanks.

me:: i don't like chanks

----------: you have lost your priveledge

me:: thais maybe

----------: *privledge

me:: i reserve the right to remain objective

me:: well

me:: i'll say this

me:: lois lane is hotter than lana

me:: doesn't lana have like

me:: a big ass forehead

me:: somethings up with that

me:: i mean yeah she's hot

me:: but lois is hotter

me:: and at times, the allison mack girl is hotter

----------: Lois has the body

----------: Chole has the face

me:: ok

me:: yes

me:: this is true.

----------: and Lana has it all

me:: no sir

me:: not all

----------: ok

me:: i think

me:: its her character

----------: she could use bigger breasts

me:: she's a biatch

----------: and a bigger ass

me:: in the series

----------: and a little bigger nose

me:: dude

----------: but i'm just a sucker for Asian girls

me:: yes i know but look at character

me:: she's ho-ish. chloe has wits

me:: lana just screams

Well, these are the girls we fight over.. hahaha.. [In order - chloe, lois, lana]

... no comments please.

21 December 2005

yet another ipod

i think i'm getting an ipod video in 4 days.

now to find some videos for it....

is that WIERD. WIERD.

Robert complains. Says it should be spelled weird.

"I know. I like my way better" - The african badass guy in "Lord of War".

20 December 2005


I went to the mall today, but I didn't find anything.

I went to the library and I found more books on "how to manage football teams" than "quantum mechanics"


I think (think) I now want a ipod Nano. What say you guys?

19 December 2005


Have you guys heard that song Elenore (The Turtles)? Good song.

Also another good song by them "I think we're alone now". Oldies are awesome. On the meanwhile, I will be flying to Las Vegas in 4 days (Christmas eve?).

Instead of being on Tengu duty that night, I'll be on Santa duty. Tracking that fool down.

Now that I have a shred of free time, I've been watching Smallville. Pretty good, although the fact that no one catches on to any obviousness and all the allusions toward the future superman are pretty funny.

Speaking of watching things.. I have to catch up to some series.. like Initial D, etc. Tomorrow, I will be going out doing a bunch of things. yeahhh. Finally, a bit of free time with my car. Will post pictures if I take them... [I don't like taking pictures of me... so forget about snapshots of me]...

Now to sleep. Oh! I finally get more than 5-6 hours a sleep a night!.

18 December 2005

back home back home!

yes. I'm back home. Raiding my pantry, etc etc.

I took my car out for a spin today. Even backing out of the driveway, it was roaring like a tiger. I was like wow, I'm not used to this power anymore...

You should have seen her (my car) screaming down the roads. I think I was screaming too.. So was Lee Jung Hyun.


hhahaha. Yes. Wierd? Yes. Ok. More tomorrow. But now...

Also, I know my car is dirty. stfu.

09 December 2005

Perhaps I haven't made this clear....

Perhaps I haven't made this clear, but I will NOT be updating until next Wednesday late night or Thursday early morning.

ok Thanks.

05 December 2005


Now starts the crazy week.

The week that separates men from little boys.
The week that separates the weak from strong.

The next 230 hours will be extremely stressful/deterministic/crazy.

After this, it will be back to the usual.. well not THE usual, but watching movies, writing reviews, etc.

03 December 2005

Small quip.

I had finished my work quota for today, so I went to eat at Wendy's. Half way through my meal, I realized I didn't get a drink, so when I took my cup to go get one, this one girl gave me a really funny look..

Apparently there was some baked potato on me or something, but that took me a while to figure out. I guess I got a little to excited while eating my baked potato. haha

That's my quip for today.

01 December 2005

29 November 2005

More suckage

My computer is out and I have to write a paper. You guys should feel good I'm actually updating without a computer.

And surprisingly, I have a whole lot of shit to do.

But I'll stop complaining about my work and talk about other things.

Smriti spent about 4 hours playing NFS:Underground (the new one out) and I'm still laughing. And Jonathan's life is pretty messed up right now. Let's see what happens.

I was hoping for an SPS meeting so I could mooch all the pizza I wanted, but... I guess that isn't happening.

Everyone in this library is so busy right now, I almost feel useless. Well, everyone except for smriti, who is still playing.


28 November 2005

Absolute disaster

My notebook fiasco has turned into an absolute disaster. I think there is a hardware problem.

Naturally, responses to my email will be slow. Don't expect a response in 10-20 minutes like usual, rather, it may be 1-2 hours. Sucks eh?

I had to check out a laptop from PCL to take notes in Japanese history. Reminds us of how dependent on a computer we are. I'll be sending her (yes..HER) to HP support to get it fixed.

In the mean time, it's very depressing. I also have 3 tests next week and a lack of a computer isn't going to make things any easier.

27 November 2005

Nyquil sucks.

I took NyQuil last night and it's supposed to have this "sleeping" effect. So it knocked me out for 11 hours. I slept 11 hours because I was drugged with NyQuil. I knew something was funny when my throat went numb after taking it.. ooof.

Ah well. It's that time of the year again. I need to start making my list of things I want for christmas. Any ideas?

Macs are wierd. And I'm done with this one.

25 November 2005

Thanksgiving was short, but my cold will be not.

That pretty much sums it up...

Thanksgiving break "started" at around 7pm on Wednesday, and ended 12 Noon on Friday. That's not really a "break"... thats more like... 1.5 days.

And there's a lot of stuff I should be doing, but somehow I've been sleeping a lot. A LOT. I just woke up from a nap actually, and there is drool on the RLM couch. hahaha..

Also, when I went to sleep, the sun was out, now.. its evening, and the sun is gone. Well. I'm supposed to go out tonight for food since my parents are in town.

Everyone else is gone for this thansgiving weekend, so Jester is a ghost town, RLM is a little more lively, but not like usual. But Jester is amazing. It's so quiet. Usually there's at least 50-100 people in the common area (at almost any given time), but now... no one. Even during peak times....

Being alone for Thanksgiving is awesome and sucky at the same time. It's awesome because I can do whatever I want, w/o people calling me, etc, etc. This phone is a curse, you know.

It sucks (and btw, this is the only reason) because when everyone leaves, and you're the only one... all the

ghosts/spirits/hauntings/ju-on girls (and boys)/demons/vampires

come out to play. And trust me when I say this, I do not want to play with them.

And why do we have to celebrate this anyway? Just because a bunch of pilgrims came out and had a good harvest? A good harvest isn't something to enjoy.. it's a necessity. It's like partying because we have oxygen. Listen pilgrims, if you don't have a good harvest, you die... its as simple as that. And who are we supposed to be giving thanks to these days anyway.

I'm going to buy some NyQuil now.

21 November 2005


I have done absolutely nothing over the last 2 days. I think this "thanksgiving fever" is starting to set in.

I saw a chinese guy with a beard today. Yes. Once in a blue moon....

Also, I want to note that, [especially if you're premed], YOU CANNOT LIVE LIFE MEMORIZING CONCEPTS. And don't all come complaining to me. Life is not that easy.

That being said, I just want to say that I've seen a fair share of examples today of people violating this precept.

I think some of you have heard this from me before, but the next 100 years is going to be crucial. Not only for you, but also for the rest of man. Many of us are within 100mi of a nuclear weapon, and probably not that far from people that want to destroy you..

Not only do we have the power to destroy ourselves, but there are people in the world that would be 'happier' if you died. Yes, they're in the Middle East. [No, probably not all of them are there].

I want to stress this because I discovered today, that there still exist people that condone the use of nuclear weapons against civilians... and then when I "oppose", I'm considered "biased".

Well sorry for being biased towards the human race.

It is important for those of us getting an education in technical backgrounds to be keen on these issues, have a strong (and benevolent) stance. Sorry, biology and business majors, you guys are pointless when it comes to deciding matters of national security.

As well as most of the liberal arts people are pointless as well. [Probably business and apparel design are the lowest, in the Confucian hierarchy of virtue as well].

So not only is it important to get a good grip on what you're studying, but also what you think of controversial issues, and get a cultural education. History is littered with instances of miscommunication and lack of understanding.

Just so you know, the next person to condone thermonuclear weapons [and actually has a fighting chance of making a decision of the sort] is going to die.

20 November 2005

Notebook crashes

Today, my notebook crashed. Indeed, I spent all day fixing and restoring the operating system. In fact, right now, I'm writing from a completely different OS.

Also, I don't have all of my music because they're on Kevin's hard drive. I do have enough to send email (always!) so feel free to email me about anything.

Oh shit. Its 9:47. Free smores at 10pm.


What you going to do with all that junk inside your trunk?

This OS is pretty cool.

I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Nothing. Zip..

Jonathan's concert was pretty cool on Saturday night. Even though I can't understand cantonese

Also, I can't play the guitar....So naturally, I'm going to think any talent in that area is impressive.

Next one on December 9 I think. Enjoy.

19 November 2005


Hmm. I just impulse bought something. If you want to see it... come see me.

Yesterday, I went to Subway with a friend and I think that this was the first time I was truly discriminated against. I knew something was wrong when she was putting the chicken in my sandwich and some fell out. Yeah, its ok that it falls out, but its not very respectful.

Also, when she went to toast the sandwich, a piece of cheese fell out and that was not replaced.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. "Stop being so picky". Ok, well keep listening...

Then when she went to charge me for it, I gave her my UT ID card, and she started sliding it through the credit card reader. (Umm.. A UT ID isn't a credit card...). So I told her that, and she was like "YEAH, I know...".

Ok.. Then I asked for a cup for water, she said "yeauh" in the most sarcastic way possible.

You know what though? It feels really shitty, but I understand the sentiment, although it can't be avoided. The asians come, 'steal' the jobs because we're better at it, and then proceed to outsource it.

Overall, it was probably more of a religious discrimination (She had a cross on that was about 2 inches long). This is why christian people are disturbing. Always getting in people's way. Whether it be through intelligent design, or complete bans on abortion, or making me feel bad.

I guess they are as wrong about religion as anyone else.

Damn. Just believe whatever you want, don't get in my way.

Time for another story

Half way through reviewing over my orgo test, I smell something funny. It's my hands. And they smell like.. chloroform (which, you orgo bitches out there better know that haloforms have a CHX3 formula...).

5 seconds later, I have this instant throbbing headache. Really bad headache. After the test, I call the 24 hour nurse hotline and they say "Go to the emergency room because you've inhaled a controlled substance...etc ...etc). Then I call CR, and he says go take a walk for 20 minutes.

I like taking walks better than the ER. My headache went away but lesson learned?

Be more careful around chloroform.


[This is getting long.. I know]

I was reading this book called "Our Inner Ape" and there was a pretty interesting quote.

"Scratch an altruist and watch a hypocrite bleed"... [Referring to the fact that we help each other only because we want something in return]...

What do you guys think?

And now... time for a picture. Click on it to see it better.

17 November 2005

Yes.. haha. 2AM.

Remeber when I wanted to get out at 2AM after sleeping? Well. I got out in a t-shirt, and it was ... 40 degrees outside (9-10 degrees celsius?) and I started thinking.. Should I go back for a jacket?.. Nah.. "I've gone too far"

Big mistake. Then Jonathan joined me for Orgo cramming and we decided to go to 7-11 for food. Hah. Another big mistake. Shivering the entire way there, and then we saw my bank!. OMG LET'S TAKE REFUGE INSIDE. So we stayed inside the ATM booth for 10 minutes warming up.

Turns out, I didn't go back to my room for a jacket until about 10:30AM, and by that time, it was already warming up. But I have to note, even though Texas weather is crazy, Texas people are crazier. [Notice that I didn't say "we".. I don't consider myself a Texan.. please... No can can be that uncivilized]

In physics, 1/2 the class looks like eskimos in their jackets.

Guys.. It's not that cold outside...

So I'm back in the night.. in RLM. I like to think of myself as... on Tengu duty. Yes, I'm making sure UT is free from Tengu, Big Foot, Yeti, Chupacabras, and all the other things that roam the night.

A little scary? Perhaps. [I just try not to think of that girl from Ju-on]. Oh shit. I started thinking about her.. and I'm alone in the computer lab.. Damn it.

You know what else? Right now, the escalator outside is making wierd noises. If someone really wanted to scare me... this is the time. Although I'd have a heart attack and make you feel really guilty.

Shit this is a long post. Here's a picture.

This is what Tengu's do. They kidnap little kids. See the ninja? That's me. On nightly Tengu duty.

Enough of this scary business. You guys all have to try this. When you're really thirsty, go take a shower. It's the wierdest feeling ever. I kept thinking this morning "Wow. I'm really thirsty, and there's all this water around me, but I can't drink it... this is a wierd feeling".

Then again, crazy things do happen in the morning. I got back from my shower and my roommate was like "Aaaja Aaaja", which means "Come here" in Hindi..

I was like "Wha.."

These pants are a little bit to small for me, my socks are mis-matched, my shirt feels staticky, and I have one of the hardest Organic Chemistry tests today...

I have a feeling today will be very unpleasant.

15 November 2005

What is up with this weather?

This morning, I go out, I'm thinking "Aahh.. this is nice weather". It's totally cloudy, about to rain, and this blanket of warm air totally surrounds me. I get out of RLM to go to MechE and yeah its a little windier. 2 hours later, I get out of mechE, and its ... freezing.

There are a bunch of Koreans in front of me talking about... something in Korean. Maybe I should ask them what the lastest movie is... haha..

I know this sounds retarded, but its 8pm, and I'm damned tired. Ah. Going to sleep. Will wake up at 1-2am, head over to UGL to get some stuff done.


Some revalations

I've now finally concluded that if a pigeon poops on you, you're going to get good luck.

Damn I always have something witty to say, but whenever I write this I always forget. Sucks eh?

Today my physics lab TA explained how India would pwn Pakistan in a nuclear war (easily). Very interesting. Today was also the first day I stayed after class for almost an hour because he (physics TA) was rambling on something very interesting.

So after that I went to the Union to read some chemistry and a bunch of people [savages?] were watching the Cowboys game. Some "interception" happened, and they all started shouting.

Football fans are such idiots. I shouldn't say that. I'm sure there are some who are mentally challenged.

This weekend will be a good, nice weekend.

13 November 2005

I got an idea

I saw the birds today (by Pixar).. Haha. It was awesome. I have it with me, so if you want it... you're going to have to tell me because I can't direct link a pirated file.

Oh its linked all right, you just don't know where it is.

Tonight, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night = organic chemistry marathon.

I was walking on Guadalupe today and I saw this hobo guy and he started walking toward me, and just when I was about to freak out, he walked away.

Those hobos are so damned wierd.

Ahh.. Sunday night. 2 assignments due tomorrow, and now someone has just notified me that I'm using up 75 GB on the math server.

I'm going to be burning a whole lot of Korean movies to DVD's (also my eurobeat...). Before they get locked up in my plastic vault, holler up if you want some.

Also, I'm signing up for a class next semeseter only because they give out free food at every meeting (no homework, free food, research speakers)... holy shit. That's like win-win-win situation.

Ok. More on this craziness tomorrow.

And here is your moment of zen.

Me: Why are you downloading the Rambo Trilogy.. It signifies homosexuality
Smriti: Well, then I must be gay.
Me: .... Well. That settles that.

11 November 2005

The devil (angel) has me.


I'm not sure what the hell happened this week.

This week has been exceptional. I got an unhuman grade on my probability test, and top 5 on my Wave Mechanics & Optics test.

Someone must really like me or someone / something must have possessed me. I also realized the difference between success and excellence. It's Friday night. Somehow, what a person does Friday (I think) will make or break their career.

I don't have much of an explanation, just a feeling.

Also, I got an email about some survey about Japanese language at UT and they gave out free pocky. Not that I'm a pocky fan, I just want to get sikha jealous. [2 BOXES BIATCH]

I hope you guys are doing well.

And, as promised, here are my papers [warning.. rough drafts...]

Black Hole



10 November 2005

.. guys

i will be posting when my tests are over (tomorrow, biatches!)

until then.

08 November 2005


I guess you can say I'm a little stressed. [Waves test tomorrow]. Most likely, it will own me.

I will put up a picture of me getting owned by waves tomorrow after the test. [And then! I have a Japanese History test... which requires quite a bit of reading.. although the study guide will help....]

Yes folks, I'm in college, and Dr. Stalker gave out a study guide for our next Japanese history test. Naturally, If I work on the study guide on a computer, I will be posting it here for everyone's enjoyment

Speaking of posting.. I have yet to post my rough drafts for my articles.

Also, I'm thinking of getting a domain name... What do you guys think of "www.piotrrcola.com" ?

[It doesn't exist!! I can have it!]

Now, if anyone goes out and registers this domain name just to spite me.. well, I don't get annoyed that easily, but bad things will happen to you. Also, piotrr.com is available. Wheee..

07 November 2005


Guys. I got my first check from the Daily Texan today. haha... $15.

FIFTEEN DOLLARS FOR TWO (1/2) NEWSPAPER SIZED ARTICLES. Hahaha. I'm not upset or anything, just.. a little surprised that I'm worth so litte. Let me post a picture on this..

Just for the hell of it, I'm going to post my rough drafts to those two articles sometime, only because when I look at the paper, I notice how they completely butcher my article and destroy its elegance.

No fools, I'm not going to bitchslap anyone.

You know what happened 2 days ago? I came out of Kinsolving after eating and a pigeon took a shit on my head. I was like "What is this wet stuff" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! WTF. I think I yelled some curse words into the sky, then took a shower for 20 minutes.

But since then, I've had two people tell me it was good luck... ?

Hmm.. What else? Not much. Unless you want me to ramble on interference (physics)

06 November 2005


This has been a very short weekend. I think that with my 3 tests next week, I might actually crack at the end of this week.

Oh well. I know some other people that have it ("life") worse than I do.

I have an interesting proposition. Imagine that you were a robot, and you had a defective part, and if you didn't rip it out, it would eventually catch fire, catching you on fire. Wouldn't you rip that thing out as fast as possible?

Now replace "robot" with "person" and "defective part" with "relationship". Guys, I'm not sure I can stress this enough. People around me, people with similar aspirations, don't get caught in this whirlpool.

I was passing by the Japanese department boards and there was some chinese writing on there and under it, someone wrote "LEAVE YOU CHINA DOGS". I probably shouldn't have laughed that hard (some chinese people were looking at me).

I'm continuing to torture everyone with the "My Humps" song. Yes. Everyone I play it for eventually gets it stuck in their heads. One n00b even got the song stuck in the middle of a genetics test.

Well. I forgot what I was going to write about. Huzzah!

Finally, I'd like to add that catalytic hydrogenation can kiss my ass.

03 November 2005

Chem lab...[updated]

Ok guys.. Update. So Kelli has about 100ml of 6M HCl acid in a styrofoam cup and drops a bunch of magnesium in and the lid swells up and then it leaks a bunch of wierd gases.

And now my nose hurts because i smelled those fumes. Damn it.

Hmm.. What else is going on? Oh yes.. Registration for next semester...Here's my schedule

What do all those numbers mean? (You might ask...)

PHY453 - Introduction to Quantum Phenomena
M375T - Mathematical Modeling in Biology
CH310N - Organic Chemistry II
CH210C - Organic Chemistry Lab
JPN507 - Japanese II

Oof.. Might be hard. (probably will)

And just for kicks, I found this really disturbing animation (Some people I know can relate to this)

Pretty funny eh? Hahaha. Enjoy, friends.

02 November 2005

New Song

Guys, I don't have much time to post something, so I'll update the media collection (finally...)

I've uploaded "If I Didn't Have You" by Randy Newman.

No doubt you've all heard this in the movie "Monsters, Inc.", which.. was an awesome movie.

Anyway. Enjoy.

30 October 2005

double fun!

I saw the movie "Shinji ten no Amijima" or "Double Suicide". I thought it was kind of slow at times, but it shows an interesting contrast between duty and emotion. Also, the "hands of fate" were not actually hands, but actual people dressed completely in black (even covered their face) and were moving [things / people's lives / props] around.

How they ended up under the bridge? I have no idea.

I bought two bags of candy for Halloween thinking that little kids would visit my dorm for trick-or-treating, but nope. No kids (I'm not expecting any).

So I have two bags of candy. If you want some, and if I like you, I'll give you some.


still busy. good bye.

29 October 2005

liek leek

Me: omg.

Me: goddess

Me: y
Me: i know

Me: how fortunate of me to fall in love with a goddess

~~~~~~~~~~~~: yea....an ugly god
~~~~~~~~~~~~: *goddess
Me: omg
Me: oxymoron...

Me: ugly god

~~~~~~~~~~~~: being a god doens't mean you're beautiful
~~~~~~~~~~~~: it just means you've power

~~~~~~~~~~~~: among other things

~~~~~~~~~~~~: but beauty is NOT implied

Me: power..
Me: i liek that .

Me: liek looks like le
Me: omg!

Me: i just came up with that.

Me: liek looks like leek

Me: do you know what leek is

I bet a lot of you are wondering "What is a leek?"

Well, for you unsophisticated people out there, a leek is a kind of vegetable, and it's really good. Here's a picture:
Now you know one more vegetable beyond potato, tomato, and lettuce. Next time you're at your local restaurant, ask the waiter what a leek is. Chances are, she won't know.

Ah well. Leeks are still damn good.

Also, I bet a lot of you are wondering how I came up with a kickass saying that goes "Liek looks like leek", with each word having a l and a k.

I have no idea.

Finally, for the rest of you wondering why I'm so wierd, I'm not. You're wierd for not understanding.

27 October 2005

It's that time again!

Paper came out..

Nanotech Story - I did not draw that picture of the robot (although it is kind of cool.)

Enjoy! I'll be looking forward to hearing your comments. Most of you don't read the Daily Texan (actually, most of you don't read anything), but throw me a bone here, and read it.

Before you read however, please keep in mind that this was not the draft I submitted. If you care to read the draft I submitted, click here (Microsoft Word 2003 format).

I have an organic chemistry midterm today, so please pray for me.

In other news, I'm still getting a good hearty chuckle at Jonathan Lee. No doubt I'll be stalking the duo once I have time.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of people have started to complain about my schedule and how I have no time for anyone, etc, etc. It's only going to get worse, fools.

That being said, here is the list of classes I plan to take next semester.

  1. Quantum Mechanics 1
  2. Japanese II
  3. Organic Chemistry II
  4. Organic Chemistry Lab
  5. Research Lab
  6. Mathematical Modeling - Biology
  7. Possibly another Research Lab
"Welcome to hell". Like I said, I have no time for you, unless you're cool, because cool people rock.

Another point I'd like to make... my cell phone batteries are dying out (holding less and less charge). So if you call me or text me or something like that, don't get pissed that I don't pick up. I'm not ignoring you, I'm probably:
  1. Taking a shower/bathroom/personal hygiene
  2. In class
  3. Or my phone is dead and I don't know it.
Any other time, I'd probably pick up. If it's urgent, send me an email. (This goes for the "you don't have any time" argument too. Wanna meet up? Don't call me 20 minutes before you want to eat, drop me a line 24-48 hours in advance).

I must sound like a prick to demand 1-2 day advance appointments. Actually just call, I'll work something out.

Now go read my article.

25 October 2005

Holy Freaking Shit

I hope most of you know this, but JONATHAN LEE IS NOW IN A RELATIONSHIP.


It's about time. Good luck, man.

While we're on the same subject, let me pander a little. It's funny that I use the word pander... In fact, that's the first thing that came to my mind..

Let's define pander : " To cater to the lower tastes "

Haha.. I didn't even know what pander meant until I looked it up, yet, I was planning to use it in a sentence.

Yes. Relationships. Jonathan would ask many a times "Why? Why not go after someone.. ". Here it is, quite simply: Girls slow me down.

Yep. I said it. Whether it be my mom making sure I've eaten or a certain South Indian I know who likes to make me eat on Saturdays, or people asking me questions about physics, chemistry, math, asian history, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love to teach, but that doesn't change the fundamental fact that I'm slowed down. Now this "slowage" is from girls i'm not even in a relationship with.

Think what would happen if I had a relationship... bye bye med school!

I already have two loves in my life anyway... [Any guesses?... Don't scroll down just yet..]

Evolutionary Biology & Relativistic Physics (roofles!)

I hope I have pandered well.

23 October 2005

Wtf is up with black people

You guys know that song "My Humps"? Well.. It's not exactly my "type" of song, but it is very interesting to listen to (and even more interesting to watch!)...

If anyone understands the "milky milky cocoa puffs" part... please explain.

This is the shitty part about living away from home. My leg hurts. Ow. No one to give me a leg massage. Ow. Damn it, I've been walking all day.

Next time someone needs help in chemistry/physics/math/organic/computers/etc, I need favors now.

See that people? Look at the folder 4th down. Hell yeah, fools. I'm in the process of acquiring all the eurobeat albums. Yes. Every single one.

You can also see a Korean movie in the list!

I'm going to update the side bar of music now.

22 October 2005


So we decided we were hungry at like 12 midnight, then started walking to Taco Cabana. We see this guy sleeping on the street and when he hears us, he goes "yes sir yes sir, i'm going right now." etc etc.

And we're like ... "wtf". Apparently he thought we were the police about to kick him out.

Coming back from Taco Cabana, I got curious. Now we all know there are no homeless people in Plano, so I had this opportunity to observe. I go over there with Rohan and when i'm looking at the guy (he's sleeping) and observing, Rohan yells "UTPD" at the top of his lungs and runs.

I'm like.. oh shit. This guy is going to stab me or something, so I ran too. hahaha

That's my crazy story to make up for my laziness in not updating.

I'll write more later.

17 October 2005


I now remember what I was going to blog about:

The UT logo. Let's take a good look at it:

That's a longhorn with the horns going sideways. I don't know what dolt picked that logo, but the presence of horns on the side contradicts evolutionary theory.

Horns are usually made to show off to females and also for fighting purposes. This longhorn in the logo would only be able to fight side to side, hence, the genes creating the sideways horns would die off, because the animal would always lose (longhorns fight head on..)

Hence, longhorns are retarded. Why can't we be something cooler like... hummingbirds. Just so you know, if I died and someone gave me a choice to be some animal, I wouldn't be a cheetah or something generic like that. I'd be a hummingbird. Check it out.

Hummingbirds are so kickass.. They can fly backwards and hover in the air with a heart beat of ~220.


My sickness is almost gone. I don't believe the Daily Texan people know that I'm writing a paper through my sickness.

Also, a bit of good news.. those of you who actually matter will get to know about it.


My paper is almost done. I'll post a link if it ever gets published. I hope you guys are enjoying the media to the right, I'm going to change it out in 2-3 days.

Also, Jonathan, good luck and GOOD GAME sir. I'll be watching [with a camera and a laser mic]

I was going to write about something, but I've forgotten what. Ah well. Check back later, ne?

15 October 2005


Update: I've added a "Latest Media" section on your right. Some songs I'm listening to, maybe video every once in a while, etc. No, I didn't make any of them. Enjoy.

So after going to the doctor, I'm on high dose (500mg) Penicillin. Those tablets are fucking huge. I can feel it going down my throat. For those of you that care, I am getting better. If you don't care, I'm getting better than you. [...haha]

People, there's a UT only bittorrent tracker in place, use it. It has better potential than DC++. Email me for an invite.

Yesterday, just when I was getting hungry, Tiffany calls me for food. (Actually, I don't know what's up with all these people going by "Tiffany" or some other white name. I think Thao is a lot better than Tiffany). So food was good. I came back to see Taco, BrownPoo, and Fagbin playing NBA street in my room, and also trying to crack my computer's password. haha.

Silly rabbits. No one can crack my password.

Also yesterday, I was sick, so I didn't go to lab, thus, I made up for it this morning. at 930.

I will write more later.

14 October 2005

Why is this Intro Class So Difficult?

I had my 2nd Intro to Japan Test today, and I ask myself, why is this Intro class so hard? Just to give you a small sample of the craziness, I will post a list.

  1. Ashikaga Takauji (13051358) (r. 13381358)
  2. Ashikaga Yoshiakira (13301368) (r. 13591368)
  3. Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (13581408) (r. 13681394)
  4. Ashikaga Yoshimochi (13861428) (r. 13951423)
  5. Ashikaga Yoshikazu (14071425) (r. 14231425)
  6. Ashikaga Yoshinori (13941441) (r. 14291441)
  7. Ashikaga Yoshikatsu (14341443) (r. 14421443)
  8. Ashikaga Yoshimasa (14361490) (r. 14491473)
  9. Ashikaga Yoshihisa (14651489) (r. 14741489)
  10. Ashikaga Yoshitane (14661523) (r. 14901493, 15081521)
  11. Ashikaga Yoshizumi (14801511) (r. 14951508)
  12. Ashikaga Yoshiharu (15101550) (r. 15221547)
  13. Ashikaga Yoshiteru (15361565) (r. 15471565)
  14. Ashikaga Yoshihide (15401568) (r. 1568)
  15. Ashikaga Yoshiaki (15371597) (r. 15681573)
So this Ashikaga family decides to start ALL of their mens' names with Yoshi (except the first). Granted, we only have to know a couple, but still. Also, I can't write. I know a lot of you read my article and were like "Whoa!" etc etc.

Let me spill a bit of truth. Writing is not my forte. That paper was published after some semi-extensive editing. Indeed, my writing incabaility can be seen through this post, which lacks any real style.

So while we're still on the subject of forte(s) and while I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back for my doctor's appointment (laptops rule!), let's talk about what I am good at.

I think I can teach well. And I think I can write prescriptions. And I think I can cure people. That's about it.

So now, I'm almost certain that Intro test pwned me. Ah well. I hope everyone else is doing better.

Yesterday, we (me and my physics group) came to a conclusion that Crawford (the author of the physics book) was definitely a homosexual for suggesting that we should all go out and buy slinkies to test wave theory. A suitable conclusion, perhaps we're all in denial because it's impossible to understand.

Well, I only have about 35 seconds left, so I probably shouldn't start anything new
-PRA, after going from Maxwell's equations to proving the bending of light in a medium and the angular relationship in 5 minutes.

Actually, I lied. I can't do well not because the names are hard, it's because of general incompetence. Isn't that how it goes?

Leave me nice comments, if you wish. I'm going to go cough a lung out.

13 October 2005


I'm not sure if many of you know this, but the next iPod can play videos... confirmed. Now everyone who has been "waiting" to get an iPod is going to rush out and get one. Everyone.. except me.

I'm waiting for the next next iPod. Since Apple has pretty much done everything known to man, the next one will probably mind-control people. Yees... That's the one I want.


Also, I have this nasty sore throat, so stay away from me. Unless you're bringing me food. Singing in the shower also doesn't work when your throat is sore.

Ech. Sore throats hurt. If only someone would take my test, write my paper, do my lab work and.. let me sleep.

Also because of my sickness, I was unable to go to the Einstein play. I'm a little sad.

I saw the trailer for "The Excorcism of Emily Rose" yesterday, and I'm freaked out. Can't close my eyes in the shower.. can't close my eyes period.. must keep them open so I know when the demons are coming.

Ok. I've probably disturbed some of you. Toodles.

11 October 2005

Lots of Stuff.

New Developments:

1) The Einstein Play is Wednesday night (tomorrow night), not Friday

2) That last physics problem took me a good hour.

Yesterday was pretty crazy. Let's see how my day went:

8-9: Organic Chemistry
9-10: Physics
10-11: Breakfast (somewhat)
11-12 : Intro to Jpn
12-5: Homework
5-8: Physics Lab.

And then I was flat. I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night. Now, I know this is a lot for me, but compared to my roommate (who woke up 5PM on saturday. Yes. PM. He slept from 2AM to 5PM. That's 15 hours), it's meager.

Anyway, I'm in the library .. 630AM in the morning (class at 11AM), feels great.

Also, the weather has gotten a lot better, it's a little cool, and it's going to rain today. Awesome.

I got 2 tickets to the Einstein Play ( !!! ), yet I don't know what to do with the other one. If anyone sensible would like to accomany me, drop me a line. It's this Friday.

Award winning Einstein Play = World of Physics 2005 = Good.

Also (almost done), there will be a screening of "Bad Guy" (Korean) in my room this weekend, Friday night (probably around 10PM). Join us!

09 October 2005


Saturday: I wake up at 930ish.. put my clothes in the laundry, only to realize the machine breaks when my cycle is over. So I had to wait for 3 drying cycles to end (very wet clothes). And I probably won't be refunded.

It's ok. I finally saw Azumi.

Anyway, that's my shitty story for the weekend...

In other news, I finally understand chirality (somewhat) and optical character. Whoo.

The only easy day was yesterday.

-Navy Seals

Guys, look for my article sometime in about a week and a half. It'll probably be either about nanotechnology or "psychology of murder".

I now will ramble controversially. I'm assuming you all heard of the earthquake in Pakistan. Now, I shouldn't be saying this, but maybe, maybe, it's "divine retribution".

I'm hoping this thought will cross through the minds of the many idiots there and they'll stop producing terrorists.

That being said, I don't feel like being blown to bits tomorrow, so please don't set me on fire. (Plus, if you do set me on fire, that will only help my cause more).

08 October 2005


I was expecting some thing interesting in email this morning (like usual), but rather, I got this..

People are so retarded.

You seem to have forgotten that I'm married to Ayutrance.

And my alarm clock didn't go off on Wednesday, so I impulse bought a kickass alarm clock.

Sony. Of course. Last night, finished Korean movie "She's on Duty". It was... ok. 6/10.

05 October 2005

Gatti's and.. some sad stuff.

I went to Mr Gatti's to eat pizza with Smriti, and we're eating for 10 minutes, when a bunch of chinese people walk in, all guys, all our age (maybe a bit older). They're all come in from a basketball tournament, and they smell like ASS..


1) Chinese guys smell like ass.

2) Also, they waste tons of food. TONs of food. Again, no respect.

Also, Smriti started talking to AK. I think I'm going to kill him now..that was the sad part.

I'm going to be adding wierd stuff to my website soon, interesting stuff on the side, so keep yourselves updated.

jaa ne

27 September 2005

"How to do a late add through Dean's office, Biology office, and 18+ hour approval" by Dev

1. Obtain shotgun
2. Shoot foot
3. Repeat (2) until you get what you want.

Probably the easiest way. That receptionist at the biology office seems to know absolutely nothing.

chem lab, physics quiz, organic test, physics homework. bah. What is with this wretched existence?

A typical conversation with PRA (physics teacher) is as follows:

Me: Can you tell me how to solve this using normal coordinates?
PRA: Well, the first thing you do is double derive and insert it in the general wave equation..
Me: But that's the systematic method, can you tell me normal coordinates?
PRA: Yes! Normal Modes! A normal mode of a system is where all the masses have the same amplitude and phase shift. You find the normal modes by ...
Me: Forget it.

I can't wait till Thursday night (9pm, please). Whoo. Then, the only thing left will be a physics quiz. (and some lab, but that's just procedural).

I always liked these pictures (but I've never tried this...)

25 September 2005

So anyway

Hmm.. Someone asked me about my busy schedule... so, I posted something short to clear it up

Enjoy (around 139 megs.. so If you're on campus, it would be a lot faster)

Watch Me - About 20 minutes long. I think you guys will like it.

And no. It's not porn, so don't ask. I think.. it answers the higher purpose question.. a little bit. Not too much though.

2 emails this morning, and whoo, this weight has been lifted off my back.

I'd write more, but I have to take a shower. (and get started with life). People should come visit me sometime.

23 September 2005

omg ahaha

Today in waves, he screwed up on the last problem, and so he had to redo the example so it was right therefore... no quiz!

HAHA ONE PHASE CONSTANT. ONE. That's what happens when you ignore phase constants. They come back and bite you in the ass.

You won't believe the craziness can that can be derived from this equation. And that circle with a line through it is "phi", same symbol that bit my physics teacher.

cruise yesterday was freaking awesome. But for most of you, what happened there, stays there.
Now. I have to read the Tale of Genji. Just one episode. Just one.. very.. long.. episode..

22 September 2005


I'd like to say that business majors have total pussy schedules. My roomate has allocated time for "sleep" and "xbox". And I'm waking up 5 hours earlier than I have to just to do a bit more work.

Natural sciences 15 hours = Business 24 hours. Easily.

Here's a sample of my day yesterday:

645: Wakeup, mull around, check email
715: Shower
738: Get dressed
8am: Organic Chemistry
9am: Waves & Optics
10-11: Start writing paper
11am: Intro to Japan
12pm: Get a salad, go to lab
6pm: leave from lab, go to room
6-7: rest
7pm: leave for RLM
12pm: return (after brain is fried)
12:40ish: sleep

See any xbox? Today will be even crazier.

Also, I have to read the tale of Genji.

Before anyone says anything.. I've already told myself.

20 September 2005

Dalai Lama!

As most of you know, I went to see the Dalai Lama give a speech today, and it was one of the most interesting talks ever.

"Individual Responsibility in the Global Community". I can't do justice to his speech in a couple of lines, but I can say it's good. If a DVD comes out of it, I'll get it.

In the end, one of the questions that was emailed for him to answer was "What is your favorite music" and he was like.."I'm not very.. interested in music". Then he talked about this one time when he was in a hotel in Germany and they were playing some loud music next door and he couldn't sleep.

"Green.. red..blue.. lights.. changing... Music going shi-ka shi-ka shi-ka" - Dalai Lama

hahaha. It was worth the 7 hour wait in line for tickets, and 2 hour wait outside (in the Texas sun too!)

It's only a pity that most people cannot identify with the ideals he embraces.

On another note, I'm going on a dinner cruise for the night (courtesy of Dr. Mueller). That is also going to be awesome.. I think I'm going to call this week.. "Awesome week"

Plus.. Mr. Lama is badass. :o

18 September 2005

good.. and the bad

Wow. I'm going on a dinner cruise..

that's the good news..

the bad news: I haven't started on my excruciatingly hard physics homework...

more on the dinner cruise later.

For all you people who actually wonder, i'm attracted to "different" things,

14 September 2005

first day in lab

first day in lab... and such...

Theresa's chemistry notes are faggoted up. Soon, I will post 2-3 characters from her notes and examples from my notes. I have 3 pages of orgo notes so far.

Today, I was in the library getting a book on hold, and it was the only one left. When I got in the line, there was this guy in front of me who wanted the same book but didn't know the title.

Then, I was like. I want the RED book. He looked at it, and he's like "damn it."

Also... have you guys seen the iPod Nano? Apple has done it again, and is going to take over the world.

I was going to write about something, but I forgot what. It will come to me soon enough.

I got some Chinese song. I bet Theresa could translate this.

Chinese song.

jomon --> yayoi --> kofun. yea.

Also, my waves teacher can't teach. I'll write something more coherent tomorrow after.. lab.. and sushi. at kyoto. no not the city.

10 September 2005


Hah! I just got AyuTrance 3.

I think this will keep me going until.. Initial D 4th Stage Selection 2 comes out.

And I found this guy online who has... check it out...
That's like.. almost all of it. (not really, there are like 158 CD's total). But if someone were to steal this for me... I'm all up for it. I mean "persuade to give up". Yes.... If you look closely, he has the other ayu-ro mixes too.

On other note, I've finished 1 physics problem. Yes folks. One.. out of 4. Undoubtedly, the rest of them will take me the better part of my life.

You'd think I'd jump off a cliff or something because of these.. but no! I've got eurobeat.

[blank space]

Eurobeat rocks. Ironically though, the physics course I'm in concentrates on sound, beats, and everything harmonic....

I'm going to cry now.

09 September 2005

An update... or something like it..

I'm trying i'm trying!

Wednesday afternoon: I went back to Plano on Greyhound.
Thursday morning: INS Stuff
Thursday afternoon: Went back to austin on Greyhound

During the bus, there was this kid sitting next to me, and I got curious. Here is excerpts from the conversation we had

Me: So why is the sky blue?
Kid: Because God made it that way.
Me: What about the trees?
Kid: Because God made it that way.
Me: What about the soda stain on your shirt?
Kid: God made that too...

Me: If you saw "God", what would you ask him
Kid: I'd ask him to help me find my mommy.

After this, I felt bad badgering the kid. Apparently he had been fleeing the flooding in Louisiana, and came to Dallas, and now is going to San Antonio to live with family. He didn't know what happened to his mom, or where she went (after the flood). I didn't press for details.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kid: A football player
Me: What if you don't get drafted?
Kid: A basketball player
Me: What if you don't get drafted for any sport?
Kid: A doctor..

[hell yeah].

And so I'd like to add doctors to my list of "Things that rock"

07 September 2005


I figured it out. You guys know what I need?

A T-Rex.

Yep. I need a huge TRex sitting outside my 7th floor room.

Something like this.
That would be awesome. Also, I'd get it to eat people I didn't like, and ride it to all my glasses.

04 September 2005

Things that rock... and Circuit City

I've decided to archive all my korean movies and anime into multiple DVD's. In fact, I'm burning them right now using a MCF computer. Smriti & I decided to go to Circuit City today to get some DVD's and we took some obscure #3 bus to get there..

We get off at some "stop" and it turns out that the store was a long way away. We go into this one gas station and there's this indian guy at the counter. So being cheap, as I usually am, I went looking for something to eat and found a 32oz drink for 52cents. I take my cup to the counter and the Indian guy says "have it free". Awesome. I think he saw the inside of my wallet or something (no money... typical student)

Then we decided to go back to UT w/o any DVD's. Ah well.

Also, here is my list of things that rock:

  1. Apple G5's
  2. Poofy Cheeks (again)
  3. Milk cakes from Fiesta (perhaps the only good thing there)
  4. Unagi
  5. Tempura
  6. Nan
  7. Onion Nan
  8. Korean Movies
  9. Ranma
  10. How I can not exercise and still look awesome (knock on wood)
  11. My laptop
  12. And awesome people who visit my site.
There's my list. I'm sure there are more things to add to this list.

Now for another list. Thing's I've had to eat today:

  1. Croissant sandwich + coffee for breakfast
  2. No lunch
  3. 32oz Mountain Dew (free!) from gas station
  4. Baked potato from Wendy's
Hungry? Not at all

I'll see you peeps later.

Some AIM convo's:

[01:47] Piotrr Cola: what u doing
[01:47] venerablezero: watching a show on asteroids
[01:47] Piotrr Cola: asteroids/
[01:47] venerablezero: ye
[01:48] venerablezero: on national geographic
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: is it so hard to say "yes"
[01:48] venerablezero: one less alpha
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: what?
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: alpha?
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: alphabet?
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: dude
[01:48] venerablezero: alphabet
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: you're homo.

[13:18] YinMoon21: gasp!
[13:18] YinMoon21: nani!
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: nani?
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: oh
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: u mean
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: DOSHITE
[13:19] YinMoon21: i thought u wrote dog shit for one sec there
[13:19] Piotrr Cola: hahah
[13:19] YinMoon21: i was like.....yes i really meant DOG SHIT

03 September 2005


So last night everyone decided to go to the BKG Party at Spiros. It was "relatively empty" when we got there, but 30 minutes later, omg. That club packed up like you wouldn't believe. Honestly, you can dance in that club faster than you can walk around it.

And alll the drinks were free and nobody told me.. (not like I would have drank...)

So then, it was pretty boring, because all the girls were ugly. It's so hard to find someone who's decent and not slutty looking. I also realized, dude, I can do the robot, and damn does it look cool...

Well, now I will make a small list of things that I was looking for, but didn't find:

1) Purple dress. Everyone is wearing black. That's so monotonous. Actually, I take that back, I would have liked almost any other color besides black...

2) Poofy cheeks. All the girls have been on diets for weeks, so their cheeks cave into their face a little. So if you diet, you won't have poofy cheeks. Poofy cheeks are freaking awesome.

3) Again, I really wanted to see a pair of poofy cheeks.

I will add more to this later when I think of some more. Also to come later "Things that rock."

02 September 2005

Things they need

Now i've been through a bit of college, and these are some courses they really need (or people really need to take)...

1) How to use a computer and not mooch off the nerds.

2) Time Management 101:Getting my 2 hour homework done in less than 3 days.

3) Food Management: Buffet does not mean eat everything, rather, eat something particular.

4) People Skills 101: Black people will always be scary.

126 hours for a B.S. in Physics. Isn't that... excessive? I went to IT copy yesterday to get my Waves book, and they say "Sorry, our credit card machine is broken".. so then I had to walk to my bank to get some cash. In this Texas sun, walking is a chore. And it probably doesn't help that my Waves book weighs as much as my head.

It's been less than a week, and the clothes are already piling up in random places (e.g. bookshelf)

Finally, I will probably start some sort of International Film club. Everyone come see me. I believe my title is "Grand Chancellor".

Jaa. Class in 51 minutes.

01 September 2005


You know that recent hurricane that happened? Apparently, it hit when I was moving in to UT.

Somehow, I have no sympathy for them.. Things like this are meant to happen, and if a category 5 hurricane is heading for your ass, then you better run.

Category 5... you can't just "board up" and hide in your basement.

Plus, you can't invade some country to mooch all their oil, and expect nothing to happen.. The rubber band is just unflexing itself. Some people were like "this is America's tsunami".

I bet a lot of the people who stayed back did so to steal and loot.

And I had a teacher yesterday spend 10 minutes on the permeation of Hello Kitty around the world.

Oh and some people who are being evacuated started shooting at the helicopters. I say, let's leave them there to rot.

29 August 2005

move in notes

All my stuff is now unpacked.

I went to subway today and I had a drink when coming out, and there was this homeless person, so I gave it to him, and he was like "you saved my life", and he was shaking and walking really slow. I felt bad.

And as of right now, I'm actively avoiding someone. For strange reasons.

Aditya and Alex took a 1 foot long sub. What gluttons.

o. There are these Christian people outside and they have 15 pizza boxes stacked up and apparently, if you convert, they'll give it to you....


15 * 5 = $75. That's how much conversion costs the Christians these days.

28 August 2005

All settled

Well. I'm all settled at UT. Kinda boring now, since there's few things to do.. more on this later.

26 August 2005

Fall Semester will start soon, and we'll be meeting a lot of new people. And so, allow me to make a small analogy. Look at this picture.See how it's perfect, except for that small smudge? As people, we tend to gravitate toward the problems in a person, and we tend to remember their bad side rather than the good.

Most people are good, so ignore that little smudge. And for most people, the bad is much smaller than depicted in this picture.

And for the truly evil, they'll get struck down.

Also, I ask you to call me once in a while to have lunch or something. I tend to get caught up in things.

22 August 2005


There's the piece I'm currently working on, I'll try to record myself playing it sometime..

principal's funny.

I did absolutely nothing today. I have yet to listen to the entire batman soundtrack, and I found some postcards from Singapore, as well as this really.. strange/cute/funny looking accessory for a phone.

Pictures on that later. Also, the way things are going, I will have 2 finals this semester. Totally pussying out? Yeah. Ah well.

21 August 2005

Five surgeons were taking a coffee break. The first surgeon said, "Accountants are the best to operate on because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered."

The second surgeon said, "Nah, librarians are the best. Everything inside them is in alphabetical order."

The third surgeon responded, "Try electricians, man! Everything inside them is color coded."

Then the fourth doctor interceded, "I prefer lawyers. They're heartless, spineless, gutless and their heads and their butts are interchangeable."

To which the fifth surgeon, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, replied, "I like engineers. They always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end."

20 August 2005


Yes. Sometimes I am far behind the rest of the world, but I just saw Batman Begins today.

I loved that psychotropic compound that psychiatrist used. I want some of that stuff...

On other news, I got a card in the mail, saying Comcast is doubling our connection speed for free...I think its taking them a while to slowly rise it or something...

It used to be 4000down 385up.

Ah well. Next week is the last week of shadowing (which means I have to get some pictures of Methodist, etc.). I will write about the most interesting (comical as well as serious) of events in a chronicle post sometime.. next week..

Next week is also when I'm moving out to UT. See you guys there. I know I've been flaky all summer. Gomenasai.

Also, next week is when I plan to get that super awesome cool flashlight, which is $54, which means it really is awesome.



19 August 2005

something interesting to pass time.


(x) snuck out of the house
(x) gotten lost in your city
(x) seen a shooting star
(x) been to any other countries besides the United States
( ) had a serious surgery
(x) gone out in public in your pyjamas
( ) kissed a stranger
(x) hugged a stranger
(x) been in a fist fight
( ) been arrested
( ) done drugs
(x) laughed and had milk/soda come out of your nose
(x) pushed all the buttons on an elevator
( ) made out in an elevator
( ) slept in an elevator
( ) swore at your parents
(x) kicked a guy where it hurts
(x) been in love
(x) been close to love
(x) been to a casino
( ) been skydiving
( ) broken a bone
( ) been high
( ) skinny-dipped
(x) skipped school
(x) flashed someone
( ) seen a therapist
( ) done the splits
(x) played spin the bottle
( ) gotten stitches
( ) had an IV
( ) drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
(x) bitten someone
(x) been to Niagara Falls
(x) gotten the chicken pox
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
( ) kissed a member of the same sex
( ) crashed into a friend's car
(x) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi
( ) been dumped
(x) shoplifted
( ) been fired
( ) had a crush on someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
( ) stole something from your job
( ) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher
( ) celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
(x) been to Europe
( ) slept with a co-worker
( ) been married
( ) gotten divorced
( ) had children
(x) saw someone die
( ) been to Africa
( ) Driven over 400 miles in one day
(x) Been to Canada
( ) Been to Mexico
(x) Been on a plane
( ) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show repeatedly
( ) Thrown up in a bar
( ) Purposely set a part of yourself on fire
(x) Eaten Sushi
( ) Been snowboarding
(x) Met someone in person from the internet
( ) Been moshing at a rock show
( ) Cut yourself on purpose
( ) Been to a moto cross show
( ) lost a child
(x) gone to college
( ) graduated college
( ) done hard drugs
( ) tried killing yourself
(x) taken painkillers
( ) love someone or miss someone