29 September 2005


Hello everybody...

something i wrote:

My Article


27 September 2005

"How to do a late add through Dean's office, Biology office, and 18+ hour approval" by Dev

1. Obtain shotgun
2. Shoot foot
3. Repeat (2) until you get what you want.

Probably the easiest way. That receptionist at the biology office seems to know absolutely nothing.

chem lab, physics quiz, organic test, physics homework. bah. What is with this wretched existence?

A typical conversation with PRA (physics teacher) is as follows:

Me: Can you tell me how to solve this using normal coordinates?
PRA: Well, the first thing you do is double derive and insert it in the general wave equation..
Me: But that's the systematic method, can you tell me normal coordinates?
PRA: Yes! Normal Modes! A normal mode of a system is where all the masses have the same amplitude and phase shift. You find the normal modes by ...
Me: Forget it.

I can't wait till Thursday night (9pm, please). Whoo. Then, the only thing left will be a physics quiz. (and some lab, but that's just procedural).

I always liked these pictures (but I've never tried this...)

25 September 2005

So anyway

Hmm.. Someone asked me about my busy schedule... so, I posted something short to clear it up

Enjoy (around 139 megs.. so If you're on campus, it would be a lot faster)

Watch Me - About 20 minutes long. I think you guys will like it.

And no. It's not porn, so don't ask. I think.. it answers the higher purpose question.. a little bit. Not too much though.

2 emails this morning, and whoo, this weight has been lifted off my back.

I'd write more, but I have to take a shower. (and get started with life). People should come visit me sometime.

23 September 2005

omg ahaha

Today in waves, he screwed up on the last problem, and so he had to redo the example so it was right therefore... no quiz!

HAHA ONE PHASE CONSTANT. ONE. That's what happens when you ignore phase constants. They come back and bite you in the ass.

You won't believe the craziness can that can be derived from this equation. And that circle with a line through it is "phi", same symbol that bit my physics teacher.

cruise yesterday was freaking awesome. But for most of you, what happened there, stays there.
Now. I have to read the Tale of Genji. Just one episode. Just one.. very.. long.. episode..

22 September 2005


I'd like to say that business majors have total pussy schedules. My roomate has allocated time for "sleep" and "xbox". And I'm waking up 5 hours earlier than I have to just to do a bit more work.

Natural sciences 15 hours = Business 24 hours. Easily.

Here's a sample of my day yesterday:

645: Wakeup, mull around, check email
715: Shower
738: Get dressed
8am: Organic Chemistry
9am: Waves & Optics
10-11: Start writing paper
11am: Intro to Japan
12pm: Get a salad, go to lab
6pm: leave from lab, go to room
6-7: rest
7pm: leave for RLM
12pm: return (after brain is fried)
12:40ish: sleep

See any xbox? Today will be even crazier.

Also, I have to read the tale of Genji.

Before anyone says anything.. I've already told myself.

20 September 2005

Dalai Lama!

As most of you know, I went to see the Dalai Lama give a speech today, and it was one of the most interesting talks ever.

"Individual Responsibility in the Global Community". I can't do justice to his speech in a couple of lines, but I can say it's good. If a DVD comes out of it, I'll get it.

In the end, one of the questions that was emailed for him to answer was "What is your favorite music" and he was like.."I'm not very.. interested in music". Then he talked about this one time when he was in a hotel in Germany and they were playing some loud music next door and he couldn't sleep.

"Green.. red..blue.. lights.. changing... Music going shi-ka shi-ka shi-ka" - Dalai Lama

hahaha. It was worth the 7 hour wait in line for tickets, and 2 hour wait outside (in the Texas sun too!)

It's only a pity that most people cannot identify with the ideals he embraces.

On another note, I'm going on a dinner cruise for the night (courtesy of Dr. Mueller). That is also going to be awesome.. I think I'm going to call this week.. "Awesome week"

Plus.. Mr. Lama is badass. :o

18 September 2005

good.. and the bad

Wow. I'm going on a dinner cruise..

that's the good news..

the bad news: I haven't started on my excruciatingly hard physics homework...

more on the dinner cruise later.

For all you people who actually wonder, i'm attracted to "different" things,

14 September 2005

first day in lab

first day in lab... and such...

Theresa's chemistry notes are faggoted up. Soon, I will post 2-3 characters from her notes and examples from my notes. I have 3 pages of orgo notes so far.

Today, I was in the library getting a book on hold, and it was the only one left. When I got in the line, there was this guy in front of me who wanted the same book but didn't know the title.

Then, I was like. I want the RED book. He looked at it, and he's like "damn it."

Also... have you guys seen the iPod Nano? Apple has done it again, and is going to take over the world.

I was going to write about something, but I forgot what. It will come to me soon enough.

I got some Chinese song. I bet Theresa could translate this.

Chinese song.

jomon --> yayoi --> kofun. yea.

Also, my waves teacher can't teach. I'll write something more coherent tomorrow after.. lab.. and sushi. at kyoto. no not the city.

10 September 2005


Hah! I just got AyuTrance 3.

I think this will keep me going until.. Initial D 4th Stage Selection 2 comes out.

And I found this guy online who has... check it out...
That's like.. almost all of it. (not really, there are like 158 CD's total). But if someone were to steal this for me... I'm all up for it. I mean "persuade to give up". Yes.... If you look closely, he has the other ayu-ro mixes too.

On other note, I've finished 1 physics problem. Yes folks. One.. out of 4. Undoubtedly, the rest of them will take me the better part of my life.

You'd think I'd jump off a cliff or something because of these.. but no! I've got eurobeat.

[blank space]

Eurobeat rocks. Ironically though, the physics course I'm in concentrates on sound, beats, and everything harmonic....

I'm going to cry now.

09 September 2005

An update... or something like it..

I'm trying i'm trying!

Wednesday afternoon: I went back to Plano on Greyhound.
Thursday morning: INS Stuff
Thursday afternoon: Went back to austin on Greyhound

During the bus, there was this kid sitting next to me, and I got curious. Here is excerpts from the conversation we had

Me: So why is the sky blue?
Kid: Because God made it that way.
Me: What about the trees?
Kid: Because God made it that way.
Me: What about the soda stain on your shirt?
Kid: God made that too...

Me: If you saw "God", what would you ask him
Kid: I'd ask him to help me find my mommy.

After this, I felt bad badgering the kid. Apparently he had been fleeing the flooding in Louisiana, and came to Dallas, and now is going to San Antonio to live with family. He didn't know what happened to his mom, or where she went (after the flood). I didn't press for details.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kid: A football player
Me: What if you don't get drafted?
Kid: A basketball player
Me: What if you don't get drafted for any sport?
Kid: A doctor..

[hell yeah].

And so I'd like to add doctors to my list of "Things that rock"

07 September 2005


I figured it out. You guys know what I need?

A T-Rex.

Yep. I need a huge TRex sitting outside my 7th floor room.

Something like this.
That would be awesome. Also, I'd get it to eat people I didn't like, and ride it to all my glasses.

04 September 2005

Things that rock... and Circuit City

I've decided to archive all my korean movies and anime into multiple DVD's. In fact, I'm burning them right now using a MCF computer. Smriti & I decided to go to Circuit City today to get some DVD's and we took some obscure #3 bus to get there..

We get off at some "stop" and it turns out that the store was a long way away. We go into this one gas station and there's this indian guy at the counter. So being cheap, as I usually am, I went looking for something to eat and found a 32oz drink for 52cents. I take my cup to the counter and the Indian guy says "have it free". Awesome. I think he saw the inside of my wallet or something (no money... typical student)

Then we decided to go back to UT w/o any DVD's. Ah well.

Also, here is my list of things that rock:

  1. Apple G5's
  2. Poofy Cheeks (again)
  3. Milk cakes from Fiesta (perhaps the only good thing there)
  4. Unagi
  5. Tempura
  6. Nan
  7. Onion Nan
  8. Korean Movies
  9. Ranma
  10. How I can not exercise and still look awesome (knock on wood)
  11. My laptop
  12. And awesome people who visit my site.
There's my list. I'm sure there are more things to add to this list.

Now for another list. Thing's I've had to eat today:

  1. Croissant sandwich + coffee for breakfast
  2. No lunch
  3. 32oz Mountain Dew (free!) from gas station
  4. Baked potato from Wendy's
Hungry? Not at all

I'll see you peeps later.

Some AIM convo's:

[01:47] Piotrr Cola: what u doing
[01:47] venerablezero: watching a show on asteroids
[01:47] Piotrr Cola: asteroids/
[01:47] venerablezero: ye
[01:48] venerablezero: on national geographic
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: is it so hard to say "yes"
[01:48] venerablezero: one less alpha
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: what?
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: alpha?
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: alphabet?
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: dude
[01:48] venerablezero: alphabet
[01:48] Piotrr Cola: you're homo.

[13:18] YinMoon21: gasp!
[13:18] YinMoon21: nani!
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: nani?
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: oh
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: u mean
[13:18] Piotrr Cola: DOSHITE
[13:19] YinMoon21: i thought u wrote dog shit for one sec there
[13:19] Piotrr Cola: hahah
[13:19] YinMoon21: i was like.....yes i really meant DOG SHIT

03 September 2005


So last night everyone decided to go to the BKG Party at Spiros. It was "relatively empty" when we got there, but 30 minutes later, omg. That club packed up like you wouldn't believe. Honestly, you can dance in that club faster than you can walk around it.

And alll the drinks were free and nobody told me.. (not like I would have drank...)

So then, it was pretty boring, because all the girls were ugly. It's so hard to find someone who's decent and not slutty looking. I also realized, dude, I can do the robot, and damn does it look cool...

Well, now I will make a small list of things that I was looking for, but didn't find:

1) Purple dress. Everyone is wearing black. That's so monotonous. Actually, I take that back, I would have liked almost any other color besides black...

2) Poofy cheeks. All the girls have been on diets for weeks, so their cheeks cave into their face a little. So if you diet, you won't have poofy cheeks. Poofy cheeks are freaking awesome.

3) Again, I really wanted to see a pair of poofy cheeks.

I will add more to this later when I think of some more. Also to come later "Things that rock."

02 September 2005

Things they need

Now i've been through a bit of college, and these are some courses they really need (or people really need to take)...

1) How to use a computer and not mooch off the nerds.

2) Time Management 101:Getting my 2 hour homework done in less than 3 days.

3) Food Management: Buffet does not mean eat everything, rather, eat something particular.

4) People Skills 101: Black people will always be scary.

126 hours for a B.S. in Physics. Isn't that... excessive? I went to IT copy yesterday to get my Waves book, and they say "Sorry, our credit card machine is broken".. so then I had to walk to my bank to get some cash. In this Texas sun, walking is a chore. And it probably doesn't help that my Waves book weighs as much as my head.

It's been less than a week, and the clothes are already piling up in random places (e.g. bookshelf)

Finally, I will probably start some sort of International Film club. Everyone come see me. I believe my title is "Grand Chancellor".

Jaa. Class in 51 minutes.

01 September 2005


You know that recent hurricane that happened? Apparently, it hit when I was moving in to UT.

Somehow, I have no sympathy for them.. Things like this are meant to happen, and if a category 5 hurricane is heading for your ass, then you better run.

Category 5... you can't just "board up" and hide in your basement.

Plus, you can't invade some country to mooch all their oil, and expect nothing to happen.. The rubber band is just unflexing itself. Some people were like "this is America's tsunami".

I bet a lot of the people who stayed back did so to steal and loot.

And I had a teacher yesterday spend 10 minutes on the permeation of Hello Kitty around the world.

Oh and some people who are being evacuated started shooting at the helicopters. I say, let's leave them there to rot.