31 July 2006

Kanji Practice and FAT PENS

See the boxes? I made a comparison between two pens. One of my pens sucks. But I don't have the heart to throw it out. Also, I don't like using mechanical pencils since they seem kind of elitist.

30 July 2006

Port-a-potties are scary.

So Friday afternoon, Chan and I decided to go volunteer for HFH.

Yes. 8am Saturday, we were on site, building a house. It was pretty cool actually. At first, I kept looking at my clock (until keitai ran out of batteries). The morning was pretty horrible, it kept getting hotter and hotter.

You know how when people work a lot, this "ring" of sweat forms around their neck? Well. Didn't happen. The most outside work I've ever done is occasional mowing the lawn for 20 minutes. That too, I only do the front side, and take the rest of the day off with Sprite and Korean movies. This was like... 7 hours of work (-1 for food).

Very difficult. It's hard to describe in words, and I should have taken some pictures, but I'm not particularly fond of cameras, so screw that.

The afternoon got a lot better, but I had to use the portapotty. Yes. Shudder. All I could think of was all those people that went before me, and the accumulation of feces*. Thus, portapotties are extremely savage. Here's a tip if you're 'forced' to use one : Don't look down. [Shudder] - and take an adult diaper.

Also, there's this issue:



The afternoon was significantly better, and I got a lot of work in. 3 hours, 2 ibuprofen pills, and 1 drama series completed, I was ready to sleep. A long deep sleep, which brings us to my dreams:

1. I had this dream a couple of nights ago that I was getting out of a white jeep with a blue hat, which I instantly identified with UN. So working for the UN would be pretty awesome. Plus, I really want to ride in a helicopter.

2. Last night's dream, I was talking to an acquaintance long long ago, completely in Japanese and completely fluently. But the only think I remember saying is "mada.. wakarimasen ne". o well. Maybe next time I'll realize that I was talking to a Chinese person and control my dreams to get some countries blown up.


*: The wiki article on feces has a almost-perfect shaped circle/sphere of rabbit feces. Please check it out.

28 July 2006

Fouad Siniora- What's wrong with his face?

I get to rip on an Arab "leader" today.

Fouad Siniora- What's wrong with his face? Look at these pictures. It seems that something is wrong with his face:

It seems he can't help but cricking up the right half of his mouth when he speaks or does anything. This is a definite sign of desendancy from an inferior gene pool (as are most people hailing from that region), and possibly mental retardation.

About Hezbollah, he says "The government considers the resistance a natural and honest expression of the Lebanese people’s national rights to liberate their land and defend their honour against Israeli aggression and threats"

Should'a listened to the UN fool, now Israel is going to own you and your country, while I laugh. Can't keep Syria "out"? Can't rein in Hezbollah? Well, pay the price, fool. Man I hope Israel doesn't stop at 20 years. The Lebanese can live like cavemen for all I care, and I'd probably prefer that. Nothing good has ever come from that region. Even the oil is crude, much like their beliefs and behavior.

Today (or yesterday, rather) was very productive. 嬉しかった。The other day, I was in ME lab, listening to music, and my headphone in the computer was only half way inside, so only one bud was working (and somehow didn't realize it). Anyway, I was happily working when someone taps me and says "Could you turn that down?" ....

I didn't know those machines had built in stereo speakers too. wtf? Anyway, What, you don't like eurobeat? As usual, this is ME lab, so they were probably checking facebook or something. I didn't bother to look. I don't wish to be polluted by those _____.

I actually don't know what to call them. They're not hippies, since they do know some engineering, but still act like hippies. Ideas?

26 July 2006

A serious note

Taking a turn from the usual brouhaha, here is today's routine:

645 - Alarm.
820 - Clothed, Showered, and Parfumed = Ready for action
845 - Arrive at school. Read news, study for pop quiz, etc.
1000- Japanese
1220- Japanese ends
1240- Arrive at lab, lab work until about 430
450 - Go back home, eat something
500 - Go back to school, MCATs study, Japanese study
1000- And here I am. Probably leave at around 11pm, after I get another hour or hour-and-half of labwork in.

So what's the point of all this? Here it is, (hopefully), the Golden prize at the end of the road:

Probably one picture, or one word doesn't encapsulate the complete idea: Here are some sites:






Just clicking on one will give the complete idea. Yes. The duality of these degrees is awesome. Not only can one practice medicine, but also isn't frustrated by the constraints of normal medicine - i.e. not being able to try out new things w/o being bogged down with this standard of care thing.

See, doctors have to adhere to "Standard of Care", and if you deviate from this path of treating the patient, you're liable to lawsuit, but it's so slow, and any doctor will tell you that it often blows. MD/PhD's aren't bound by the same restriction, and still live very comfortable lives (much better than PhD's).

So what's the downfall? Well, a typical program receives about 300 applications. That's a big contrast to the 5000 usually received for medical school. Now, one might think... oh 300 applications, better success rate of getting in. WRONG. You're up against 300 geniuses. Every single one of them.

It's like this:
Would you rather go up against 5000 ants? or 300 soldiers? Getting rid of 5000 ants is hard in itself, but 300 soldiers? No chance. Unless you have an atomic bomb (called a Nature publication... :)

So that's the idea. Any thoughts? To be honest, I've actually 99% given up the idea that I'll actually get in, so right now, I'm aiming for MD with Research Distinction. Bah. Oh well. There's always the next generation. Man. Those fools better have publications before they graduate from high school.

Tonight - 今晩

Due to the long post below, another post will take another 12 hours from now or so.

Update: It was raining this morning. Freaking awesome. Although it's not the rain I want (hadoken from the skies), its rain, and I'll take rain over shine any day. Rain is kickaess.

24 July 2006

A treatise on ANGER

1. Anger.

Everyone is so angry these days. You go to JCL, and all the workers are so angry, they've become a standard to measure other anger against. JCL must be the most depressing place to work because everyone looks like a bulldog on a short university leash called a jawb. If it weren't for this leash, I doubt many of the business majors would actually survive.

I say business majors, because everyone else is probably nice to them in hopes that they'll change into something like this:Actually, it's probably just me and a couple of freaks. Of course, I can't pretend to know the root of their anger, but honestly, it was probably their own fault.

Just like really poor people that live off handouts. [But wait, what about personal troubles?] This is where I become kind of harsh. If you're angry because someone you know has cancer/TB/mental retardation, I'm sorry. Your anger is justified, but you should probably be working in MBB (with a smile) so the researchers can come up with a cure, and not serving partially sober idiots in JCL. There are times when I'm part of the sober idiots group, i.e. when my coffee wears off or the eurobeat is slowly turned down by a conservative council member.

Enough! Let's cut to the chase. HOW TO CURE YOUR ANGER:

1. Find a love: This is probably the worst, and least efficient way. Sure, it may be quick (maybe not for all...) but will probably end up in heartbreak. The key to not being angry is not seeking happiness, rather, seeking a neutrality in life. Things balance out. For example, if you're really happy that something worked out (i.e. a reaction) then you can be sure that 2 reactions later, it will work too well (i.e. too much good AND bad product) and give large amounts of frustration.

So when something good happens, throw a party- IN YOUR HEAD. Outwardly, you have 3 minutes to grin, after which, grunt once and let it go. But just remember, a party with one person is no fun. But you can't throw outwardly parties. You figure this one out. Also if you're constantly stoic, then people will 1) question you, 2) declare you a mystery, 3) and finally become subservient because one day you might go postal.

2. Find a machine: Machines will never hate you. Like a car, or a laptop. And if anything goes wrong, you always have warranty. That's something extremely puzzling. People never buy warranty but continue to spend lots of money on trivial things (like girls that want expensive handbags). Let's break it down.

Dell e1405 Laptop: Premium warranty for 4 years:
Maintaining a girl for 4 years:
More like $5340. (birthdays, "anniversaries", "random times", etc). This figure is always rising, since gas is getting expensive.

If she complains, just let her use the laptop. She'll understand. If she doesn't, then its time to take the trash out. And no, not literally, morons. (Well.. maybe depending on how you see things).

3. Find a purpose. Usefulness. Be useful. And I won't let my bias get the better of me this time. You don't have to do physics to be useful. You can do chemistry. Or almost anything* in Natural Sciences. :) TALLY HO.

Those are the only viable ways.
I should write something more useful. All these bitter posts are actually not bitter. I am, truly, not 'angry' or 'bitter', just amused by a certain someone that refuses to talk to me. Thoroughly amused. You should know, I don't put up with BS very well. It's not conceited, because I invite people to prove my reasoning wrong (sometimes well done).

And what happened today? Nothing. Ran a gel, will be running a reaction later tonight. Studied some Japanese. (yo ni naru/ yo ni suru).

*: Excludes textiles and douchebaggery (a Theresa trademark)

22 July 2006


I was doing my Kanji homework yesterday, and looking at this page, I chuckled to myself because of the irony. Oh yeah, I was at lab doing my homework. Anyhoo. Look at this:
If you look closely, I've actually taken the liberty to highlight all the things I want. This pretty much sums up everything* I want. Enjoy. And yes, being forever young is a desire. Young as in... not turning into one of those grumpy old people that never questions things and accepts everything at face value.

In that respect, I bet a lot of people are old.

The irony is that, while I was studing how to write RESEARCH INSTITUTION or MEDICAL DOCTOR, a reaction was running (and it worked! huzzah.)

*: Yes. Everything.


I hope you've had enough time to digest the last post. If not, read it once more.

Even then, read it again. You probably missed something.

Tonight's post on Irony.

20 July 2006


Couple of things.

1. Ever have one of those moments when you're smiling so hard, that you can FEEL it? Yes, it sounds like a totally gay thing to say, but 20 minutes ago, when the waitress was handing me my food at OMA'S KITCHEN in Dobie, I started smiling very noticeably. I'm not quite sure why, but it must be the smell of Korean food that incites this. People gave me strange looks but seriously, it's hard not to smile when the food is that good.

Easily amused? Easily entertained. That's a good thing. I think. No... I know that's a good thing. That's all that is necessary! Just buy me some Korean food from Oma's Kitchen. That brings me to another point. I bet the owners of the restaurant google their name all the time, and when they find this blog, they're in for a surprise! "Who's this freak eating here?"

2. I was riding the bus today, and some construction was going on and the bus driver says "We can't stop here because of construction", and some lady got this bewildered look on her face like she was getting abducted. Anyway, when the bus made the round around the circle, she started freaking out in the middle-age kind of way: "OH MY GOD, Why can't you just stop in the circle?! Is it that hard?"

Just for reference, I will now post a map showing the distances.Approximate distance? 100 meters. Maximum. Jeez! Can't walk 100 meters? God forbid you should fall and break your hip on a plane surface.*

That's the problem with women these days. Too much complaints. (and not enough clothing, but that's for another day -someone remind me.)

A certain someone has written some stuff, and my name shows up, so I have to make a couple of statements:
  1. I don't yell at people. Ever. If I've yelled at you, you must be pretty f***ed up.
  2. When I say leave at time XX:XX, pay close attention...
For example. If I say "We'll be leaving Plano at 7:30pm..", guess what that means? Here's a picture.

  • We: [everyone who is supposed to go]
  • 'll be: A definite future action ("will be")
  • Leaving: Here's where the big arrow comes in, and it's even semi-accurate too. I was going to put it right on top of US75, but the colors end up looking funny.
  • at 7:30PM: AT 7:30. AT. AT. That means, ideally, 730 is when we cross over into backward-but-still-better-than-Austin Richardson.
It's not that hard, and sometimes, I don't use 24-hour time. Yeesss. That thing. The "MINUS 12" thing for tards. All my watches are on 24-hour time. I've actually done the math FOR YOU. Be grateful. Jeebus. In fact, most of the time, I'll do the math for you. It's not so bad.

But in those rare occasions where I do say "We'll be leaving Plano at 1930 hours", you BEST be ready, for if you don't, you will witness (i.e. be the recipient of) one of the most spectacular ass-kickings ever witnessed west of the Mississippi.**

3. Austin.

So today I was in Japanese, and sensei asks: What is famous in Austin? INSTANTLY, like some drugged hippie, I thought of live music. THOUGHT. Then I corrected myself and realized that the hippie speak was invading my head. LIVE MUSIC? I must cleanse myself of this. Anyway, I started to cringe, because someone else would actually say it, and totally ruin my day. But... that didn't happen...

Here's what DID happen: (responses to the question)

1. UT Austin ga yuumei des. (UT is famous). Ok. Yay. You get +5 for not saying live music. (Everytime I think of live music, I think of the proverbial hippie, and how I would run laps around Engineering, Patterson, and RLM just to avoid him).

2. LESLIE COCHRAN. Yes. You know what I was thinking? "Who is this Leslie Cochran person? Must be someone some kickaess professor who saved like 3 million lives but no one knows his tale of struggle" Verbatim.

O boy.


A lot of people actually still think Austin isn't a hippie town, and this is QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE PROOF OF IT. Leslie Cochran is running for mayor. Leslie Cochran is a homeless transvestite.

Leslie Cochran is a homeless transvestite. ...
Leslie Cochran is a homeless transvestite....

How many times must it be said? A homeless transvestite is running for mayor. I want to like hit myself now. This fool actually culled 7.77% of the vote. I'm surprised he didn't round it down to 6.96% or something.

Upon hearing this, the Japanese professor cringed, and proceeded to ignore the person who said this. I, as of yet, don't know who this person is, and that's probably in his best interest.

Also, upon hearing this, I've made this proclamation. I don't think I'm going to UT-Graduation. Here's the plan:

XX:XX - Last final exam (some.. time)
XX:XX + 20 minutes : Say goodbye to Patterson, RLM, steal a PCR machine, etc.
XX:XX + 21 minutes : Get airlifted to Plano. (I'm hoping by this time I'll have a couple of Nature and Science publications, and financial backing of major pharmaceutical companies. Hah. Now that I said it, it's not going to happen. Not that it was going to happen in the first place. But now that I said that it's not going to happen, it m- Hold on. There's a feud in my head I must correct before continuing....)

Well that's what's going on in my world. What's up with yours. Also, I apologize about this long post.

*: If you do, then.. Darwin was right. If you don't, then.. be afraid. Also I'd like to note that I'm getting quite fond of these footnotes. It's almost like inner commentary on my outer commentary. Actually it's exactly like that.
**: I like this phrase. It's from the Wikipedia "Plano Senior High School" article. It has an ambiguous tone to it. Is it a BLACK phrase because MISSISSIPPI is in it? Or is it a WHITE phrase because WEST is in it? No one will ever know.

19 July 2006


Yeah. I check my email a lot. Here's the time table. If you send it:

11pm - 9am: I'll get it at 6am.
9am - 10am: Instantly.
10am-12:30pm: I'll get it at 12:35pm
12:35pm-11pm: Instantly. (5-15 minutes lag time)

Today should be a better day. The middle east is getting to be more interesting.



You can always tell when a class is catering to the tastes of society:


Yamamoto: Murayama san!, Do you know where Ms. Brown has gone?
Murayama: No, but a little while earlier, she came and asked where the Miyai Clinic was.
Yamamoto: Miyai clinic? What kind of [health institution] is that?
Murayama: HUZZAH*. You don't know what Miyai Clinic is? It's a famous COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC.

COSMETIC SURGERY. And this book is a couple of years old too.

*Although the direct translation from あら is "Ara!" (astonishment), it would be more appropriate and probably better understood if a figurative translaiton to HUZZAH was made.

18 July 2006

so tired.

Yesterday was one of the longest, most unproductive days ever.

I woke up at 4am, went to SAMS, got my tire fixed, then drive to Austin, then I watched some BBC Documentary, went to sleep for about 30 minutes, then woke up and went to lab.

Worked in lab doing dissection for 2 hours then went home. And did nothing. So boring. And my reactions didn't work. How do these nuclear primers work so well but the 200k ribosomal copies don't? Huzzah.....:(

16 July 2006


I was just about to go pick up Mr. Chan when I saw that the tire was flat... Then I was like... not a problem, I'll just inflate it.. let me make sure there are no nails or anything.

OMG. There were 3 nails. THREE. Someone is doing a lot of hating.

Come on. Three nails?



15 July 2006


Yes. Back in Plano. Not much to write about, except... I need to start looking for a new machine. Also, I went to the mall to buy some stuff (Barnes and Nobles only), only to reaffirm how much I hate that place.

Do you like the mall? You're useless. Simple as that. Not only do malls have larger prices, and smaller selection, they seldom give out free things like Sams gives out free cookies.* And anyone who thinks that the mall is nice place to hang out is f***ing retarded. Main Event is a better place.

A lot of you are probably wondering... "Why.. he never tells this to my face, thus I must be exempt from the above statement." NO. I try to stay nice. But if you ask "Dev, am I retarded for liking the mall" and I stay quiet, you have your answer. Yes. Yes you are retarded. I don't have the heart to tell you, though.

Yeah? Don't hate. And you know it too. Everyone talks about the mall and how there are certain stereotypes exemplified there, but let's make this qualitative. Say they're "400" on the "Tard" scale. By going to the mall and even remotely doing what they do - incessant socialization, window shopping, and acting like 11 year old faggot girls, I'll be conservative, and rank you "0.1" on the Tard scale.

Well guess what. You're still a tard. Maybe a smaller tard, but I'm not going to be caught on that side of the fence; don't ask me to caruse the mall with you. Ever.

That being said, if you want to go B&N, that's ok.

I bought some spark notes, and the guy was like "oof. Looks like a summer of science, I'm sorry". At this moment, I wanted to pummell his cracker-ass into the large shelf of Hustler magazines behind him. "Uhh Excuse me.. Looks like a LIFE of science to me, jackass. Now get up and go get me a coffee, brewed. Not that weaksauce Starshits stuff."

Perhaps I'm bitter. Maybe everyone else is too happy.

*: I have been told that I'm too old to get a cookie, both by my parents and the Sams personnel. Yet as long as I have a cookie club card, I am entitled to a cookie, bitches. Now go on and cook me up some cookies, woman.

14 July 2006

Seriously. Israel rocks.

Guys, Israel rocks.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said "If the soldiers are not returned we will turn Lebanon's clock back 20 years."

I think that's the best war quote I've ever heard. Much better than the "ask what you do for your country" pansiness. JFK was a pansy.

Now I hope that Israel finds even more enlightenment and invades Syria, Iraq's Muqtada-al-Sadr's control, Iran, and finally Pakistan, then Bangladesh, then Indonesia.

After that, I'll throw a party. A big one. Hell, I'll throw a party if they invade Pakistan. I'm hoping by this time, the Saudis will be long gone.
\That's the problem these days. Eastern philosophies are too.. pacifist. 190 people die in Bombay, and 400 people are arrested. Whoop-de-doo.

THREE soldiers are kidnapped, and Israel declares war on the Middle East. That's so awesome. The soldiers aren't even DEAD. Probably sitting somewhere eating falafel.*
\There's a change coming to the council; one of the council members ('social') is being replaced with 'research'. Recently, the social has been idle. The list is as follows: acadæmia, moral, research, health.
\I'm going back to Plano today, the scheduled 'once every 2 weeks' trip. Cynthia, and Robert and possibly Robert Jr. じゃあ。また知りませんね。
\There's something I don't understand. I was in Japanese today, and sensei shows a picture and calls on someone (何ような顔をしていますか). I mean. The thing is, it's not a hard question. People are like "UHHHH, ETTOOO". That's ok. It's ok not to know, because, hell, we don't know anything. You don't know jack.

The irritating part about this is, when you look at them, they're all smiling and laughing that they don't know. Isn't it... shameful? If I couldn't answer, I would bow my head down and stay silent at the humiliation. Then when they can't answer, someone else does (usually very quickly), and the humiliated party continues to laugh. What.. exactly are you laughing.. at..? Very puzzling.

And Jeebus, you're only taking one class. And you're a biology major. The least you could do is study say.. 3 minutes? Irresponsible hippies.

*: I would like to note that falafel tastes like shit. In fact, I don't think I've tasted anything worse. Being forced to eat falafel could constitute as torture. Islamic food in general tastes bad. Because it's made from the same hands that kill people. It would probably taste bad otherwise too.

12 July 2006

Early, but get used to daily business.

Another one of the - day in the life of - segments... brought to you by my failing reactions.

0645 - Wokeup.
0645-~0740 - News. Blog. Email. Email. Email... Email. UTDirect. Degree Audit
0745 - Shower
0858 - Clothes, Breakfast
0824 - Head to bus stop. 100 feet from the bus stop, the bus comes and leaves, so add about 15 minutes to that.
0850 - Get to campus. Mull around, do nothing. Email.
1000 - Japanese
1215 - Japanese ends.
1220 - Food
1240 - Back in lab

Then my reactions failed, and I got depressed, so I left. Now I'm here.
\Now I have to find some way to take my government and history classes.

that sucks.

Last night, this morning.. same thing yah?

So one semester of Japanese and Philosophy are over, with good results. それはよかった。Speaking of philosophy, that was the most mind-numbing class ever. I never paid attention, barely did the reading, and he always caught me sleeping. A lot of BS went into that paper to make an A. (barely).

You know what else? I like flashlights. So I ordered a $95 one yesterday. Totally unnecessary? Probably not. It's military grade so I can beat hobos and hippies if they attack me (or for those weeknights when things get boring, I can attack them.)


See that? Yeah. That's right. I'm going to have some fun blinding people, like a lightsabre.*

So I imagine that there's a lot of people who wonder.. what are hippies. I think the most functional word to describe them is.. CARELESSNESS. Also, a hippie will try to make you careless to join their circle. This is very dangerous, and one of the top reasons why they should be beaten.

I wonder, there are not that many people in the summer... why do people not take classes so it's easier in the fall & spring? o well.

Also, all the orientation people are here, reminding me of back in the day when I was so young. And didn't know anything.
\Yesterday, a couple of bombs went off in Bombay (Mumbai sounds retarded.), and I kept thinking, if this was ISRAEL, Pakistan would be under the water. We need another war. A final megabattle between the Hindus and the Heathens.

Eastern philosophies are too pacifist. No one wants to fight. Turn the other cheek, etc. The Jews will whip ass, but Hindus/Buddhists just sit... and eat.

If I was sitting on that red button, we would have already pwned some people.

*: Pretentious spelling intentional.

11 July 2006


Now that Second Year Japanese I and World Philosophy are both over (including final exams, and yes, I got an A in both), expect daily postings.

But I can't post now since I have a quiz in Japanese I need to study for. Definite post tonight. I promise. With pictures, and long overdue juvenile commentary on several political events.

Until then, godspeed.

05 July 2006

Just a couple of more things before I sign off (for 3-4 days)

So today I turn on the news during lunchtime and I find out that Ken Lay has died. Some life huh? Well, if you read about him, he had difficult beginnings, but at least he won't have to spend 25 years in federal pound-my-ass prison.

That makes me wonder.. was he really guilty? No one goes away that fast.. there was barely any suffering. Huh. Well I'm not one to pass judgements so...yeahhh...

Then I continued to browse around, and I found this : Money Magazine Article

You don't have to read the entire thing... just this part:

Eating out was costing us $1,200 a month.

You're kidding me right? Hey. White people, listen up. This is why 60% of you are overweight. This is why, 10 years ago, I was normal, and now, I'm "below-average" in weight. $1200. Whoo. That's $40 a day. FORTY. You should be like me, and spend $3-4 total on food, a day. Super efficient.

Yesterday, North Korea launched some missiles, and now GITRDONE rednecks in Washington think we're "united" on this issue. Uhh.. no. I'm with the Koreans. Seesh. Aren't there bigger problems in this world?

North Korea hasn't done anything (yet). All those mullas and omars and aljabbars (who incidentally, have all 'your' oil), are harboring all the terrorists anyway. We should go after Saudia Arabia. Leave the North Koreans and their cute chicks alone. :)

Isn't it interesting how a purely political discussion can evolve (!) into an epicurean one?

I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot. Let's compare some leaders.Typical British always have bad teeth.

Yee. Haw. "Lets get dem oil"

Seriously. Elvis wasn't that good. .. Elvis kinda sucks actually.

I thought the Chinese brushed their teeth. Well. Robert does anyway.

You know that punjabi music that plays every morning to wake me up? This guy is composing one right now.

This guy is pretty badass, but probably not as much as the next one. Wow. That stare could kill me.

Finally. The winner. He gets 900 points for those glasses.

I probably won't be posting for a while... I have a final exam in Japanese on Friday and Philosophy Final on Saturday.

ok sankyou happy cherry enjoyment!

04 July 2006

North Korea is freaking awesome.

Everyone is on a tizzy about this North Korean thing, but seriously, give them some credit. They launch a missle ON JULY FOURTH and ON SHUTTLE LAUNCH DAY. Just like an hour after the shuttle goes up. wow! Nice timing!

Even though the missile failed, it still got a lot of attention, and now everyone is thinking about North Korea instead of July 4. You win! Now send some movies. Korean movies. haha.

Yes. A bunch of hippies are at Zilker Park right now waiting for fireworks but wait! It's raining. Nice one, hippies. I win.

This morning I watched the last Final Destination movie (Final Destination 3). Wasn't really a thriller. I think I only watch it to see how completely retared high school kids go to being experts on things like "DEATH" and "FATE". And when I mean expert, I mean total expert. But the girl was good looking, I think.

Ok! Can't find any interesting pictures... but I will say


has been amusing me for hours.

03 July 2006

Wow. quick! post before the internet goes out.

I have to type really fast, and probably can't write so much since the internet might go out any second. :)

Today. It's all about Shakira.

Seriously folks. I'm not a sucker for the spanish-types but dude. This one is kicking it.

Ok. I'm probably going to regret posting that picture. lol. That baby look wierd though.

02 July 2006

post tonight

will post tonight.

UPDATE: I was unable to post because of NO INTERNET. Gimme half a day.