27 December 2005


Ok Guys.

Back from Las Vegas. Will post pictures soon, and some stories... etc.


La Tortura - Shakira

In MOV format - use quicktime player.

23 December 2005


of course... i had to see it the day it came out.

It was pretty good, except for the part where they used CHINESE ACTORS for Japanese roles. Anyone could clearly tell them apart.

John Williams did a good job with the score though.

Like Jonathan says .."Girls from China..." [tsk tsk tsk]

That being said, I will be out of town for the next 3 days. Please send me email to my primary address for more information.

Arigato gozaimas.

22 December 2005


me:: i'm torrenting smallville

me:: wow

me:: its freaking awesome

me:: i love it

----------: which season?

me:: 3

me:: i'm kinda working backwards or something

me:: and dude

----------: season 4 is better

me:: chloe is hot

me:: yeah

----------: i have seen them all

me:: i have all of 4.

----------: like...2 times

me:: the new intro

me:: 5th season

me:: they messed up choe

me:: she was hot in the 1-4th's intro

me:: omg

me:: hawt hawt

me:: hotter than anyone

----------: ok...that's it

----------: go to hell

me:: wttfffff

----------: Kristen is still hotter

me:: dude



----------: I DON'T HAVE ALL 4 SEASONS

me:: well

me:: do u have 4?

me:: look at the intro song to that




me:: OMG


me:: you have to look at it first

----------: this means that you can't comment on the Geisha movie

me:: are you looking?

me:: yes i can

me:: they're chanks.

me:: i don't like chanks

----------: you have lost your priveledge

me:: thais maybe

----------: *privledge

me:: i reserve the right to remain objective

me:: well

me:: i'll say this

me:: lois lane is hotter than lana

me:: doesn't lana have like

me:: a big ass forehead

me:: somethings up with that

me:: i mean yeah she's hot

me:: but lois is hotter

me:: and at times, the allison mack girl is hotter

----------: Lois has the body

----------: Chole has the face

me:: ok

me:: yes

me:: this is true.

----------: and Lana has it all

me:: no sir

me:: not all

----------: ok

me:: i think

me:: its her character

----------: she could use bigger breasts

me:: she's a biatch

----------: and a bigger ass

me:: in the series

----------: and a little bigger nose

me:: dude

----------: but i'm just a sucker for Asian girls

me:: yes i know but look at character

me:: she's ho-ish. chloe has wits

me:: lana just screams

Well, these are the girls we fight over.. hahaha.. [In order - chloe, lois, lana]

... no comments please.

21 December 2005

yet another ipod

i think i'm getting an ipod video in 4 days.

now to find some videos for it....

is that WIERD. WIERD.

Robert complains. Says it should be spelled weird.

"I know. I like my way better" - The african badass guy in "Lord of War".

20 December 2005


I went to the mall today, but I didn't find anything.

I went to the library and I found more books on "how to manage football teams" than "quantum mechanics"


I think (think) I now want a ipod Nano. What say you guys?

19 December 2005


Have you guys heard that song Elenore (The Turtles)? Good song.

Also another good song by them "I think we're alone now". Oldies are awesome. On the meanwhile, I will be flying to Las Vegas in 4 days (Christmas eve?).

Instead of being on Tengu duty that night, I'll be on Santa duty. Tracking that fool down.

Now that I have a shred of free time, I've been watching Smallville. Pretty good, although the fact that no one catches on to any obviousness and all the allusions toward the future superman are pretty funny.

Speaking of watching things.. I have to catch up to some series.. like Initial D, etc. Tomorrow, I will be going out doing a bunch of things. yeahhh. Finally, a bit of free time with my car. Will post pictures if I take them... [I don't like taking pictures of me... so forget about snapshots of me]...

Now to sleep. Oh! I finally get more than 5-6 hours a sleep a night!.

18 December 2005

back home back home!

yes. I'm back home. Raiding my pantry, etc etc.

I took my car out for a spin today. Even backing out of the driveway, it was roaring like a tiger. I was like wow, I'm not used to this power anymore...

You should have seen her (my car) screaming down the roads. I think I was screaming too.. So was Lee Jung Hyun.


hhahaha. Yes. Wierd? Yes. Ok. More tomorrow. But now...

Also, I know my car is dirty. stfu.

09 December 2005

Perhaps I haven't made this clear....

Perhaps I haven't made this clear, but I will NOT be updating until next Wednesday late night or Thursday early morning.

ok Thanks.

05 December 2005


Now starts the crazy week.

The week that separates men from little boys.
The week that separates the weak from strong.

The next 230 hours will be extremely stressful/deterministic/crazy.

After this, it will be back to the usual.. well not THE usual, but watching movies, writing reviews, etc.

03 December 2005

Small quip.

I had finished my work quota for today, so I went to eat at Wendy's. Half way through my meal, I realized I didn't get a drink, so when I took my cup to go get one, this one girl gave me a really funny look..

Apparently there was some baked potato on me or something, but that took me a while to figure out. I guess I got a little to excited while eating my baked potato. haha

That's my quip for today.

01 December 2005