20 April 2010

I hate shaving.

I have an amusing life.

I woke up at 730am today, a nice 30 minutes before rounds. I bolted out of there at 743, tie in my white coat, penlight on my living room floor.*

I usually walk to SLEH since I live close by, and I can tell you the exact moment that it happened. In fact, I'll let you see out of my eyes exactly what I was looking at when it all went down.

So there I was. About to cross Richard JV Johnson avenue, feeling my face, when I realized I HAD A PATCH OF BEARD JUST BELOW MY EYE, UNSHAVEN, FML.


I was to meet for rounds in 4 minutes on the 20th floor. All was well though. I don't think anyone noticed. I was pretty hypervigilant about watching people's eyes. Then I asked my fellow if anything was off, and she denied it. But she's got some facial hair thing going too, so who knows.**

I went to see my obtunded patient, who more than likely did not notice anything. Then, promptly ran downstairs to get a overpriced razor from the gift shop to fix this devacle.

ONE TWENTY FIVE. Also, they don't take credit card for less than $3 so I bought some candy for my team / cute fellow.

I'm going to use that blue-jean technique to keep this SLEH razor going for a few months. Oh and, single blade razors are so incredibly shitty, it took me half a dozen strokes to trim my face.

* :(
**: I'm kidding. She's too cute.

17 April 2010


I think I finally know what it feels like to know absolutely nothing about what's going on. It's irritating as hell. After my recent dentist visits, I've taken a few minutes in the end of my morning evals to explain to the patient what's going on, why he's on his drugs, general recommendations. That is, if they want to know, and most do.

In any case, my first dentist visit in Houston was a nightmare. They had to get xrays and the technician couldn't get the angle right so he had to shoot me a few times. Then he accidentally deleted the file so I had to get shot another 5 times. FML. I should just get on cetuximab prophylaxis.

OK. TIME FOR A VIDEO. Things to notice:

1. Small room.
2. Can see other patrons.
3. General ghetto feeling.

There wasn't even a place to sit in the waiting room. Absolutely horrible. I referred myself to another dentist.

 Much better. Try not to squint too much to read my patient list on top of my binder, lest we all violate the HIPAA hippos.

15 April 2010


My SLEH story is going to end next week. Heme/Onc at SLEH is awesome.
Next is a month at the VA. That's a picture from my Ob/Gyn days at the VA. 

Who parks like that? 

People like that make me worried for my vehicle.

Speaking of which, I was driving back from Starbucks today and decided to check out House of Pies (it was on the way). The parking lot in the back is ridiculously shady and pretty deserted, yet full of cars. The instant I parked there, someone got out of their beat up Kia and started walking towards the store, about 15ft behind me. Someone was about to get seriously fucked up. And it wasn't me. 

Jamba Juice tomorrow. Coupon in tow. Who's in!?