10 May 2008

3 more hours of tests

2.5 hours left until the English final (of which, 40% I have done, since there is a take home essay due at the beginning of the final)

Prediction of grades this semester:

BIO377: A
BIO377W: A
JPN320L: B
E314V: B
PHY362L: C

What a shitty semester! Someone bring me cookies. (Seriously, I'm running out of food.)

I charged my iPhone for the "last" time. Next time I charge it, undergrad will be over. Next time I charge my laptop, I be done with English classes for the rest of my LYFE.*

But nothing compares to the awesomeness of being on my last charge cycle of my Thinkpad here, ever.


I'm down to the last final days here. The squirrels stare me down, half of them having recognized me and the crows inch closer when I have food. It's time to leave Wankthorpe behind. 

*: Set for lyfe!

09 May 2008


I am currently looking into buying a gaming computer for some serious action. Quad Core 2.4 Ghz, 2-3GB of RAM, and a 8800GTS card (omg Red Alert 3!!)

Should be good enough for crazy gaming all summer. I am going to make up for the last four years and hole myself in my room trying out all the latest FPSs, and probably throw a clot or something.

After finishing my last Japanese final, I realized there IS one thing I'd miss a lot. I kind of miss it already, and it's worrisome to think that if I don't keep these skills up, I'm going to lose my conversational ability. The Japanese teachers remembered birthdays, that I like rainy days, that I like curry*, etc. No other set of teachers on campus have gotten close to being that awesome or that personable. I will be visiting them if I visit austin.

There's a lot of glamour in learning Japanese, which may be a little misplaced since I found it relatively easy (much easier than Spanish). I know Indian people that took Hindi (lol) and Chinese people that took Chinese (lol).

Honestly, in most cases, you should know how to read your own language. I'm not going to preach and say that I can read Oriya perfectly, but I have gotten damn close (you can master reading it in a day).

I can partially understand Chinese people wanting to take Chinese (logographic writing systems are difficult to master), but reading Hindi is much much easier to master, so you're basically taking the class to learn vocabulary (since most people already know how to speak it in that class, i.e. grammar is covered), and you can learn vocabulary on your own.

So the whole quest to take Hindi to get A's makes you kind of a douche.


*: This one could have been a stereotype.

07 May 2008

Approaching those lasts...

In less than a week, I will be gone from this armpit-of-a-town, and I'm coming down to the last things I'll ever do here.

  1. Last time I'll charge my toothbrush (done)
  2. 2nd to last time I'll charge my iPhone (done)
  3. Last time I'll eat meat (done, unless I go out)
  4. Last time I'll be in an undergraduate class for credit (done)
  5. Last time I'll take a Japanese final (today)
  6. Last time I'll do laundry
  7. Last time I'll see some people (lab people that come in and out, etc)
  8. Last time I'll ever party in austin? (don't know about this one)
  9. One of the last few times I'll cross Dean Keeton*
  10. What else?
It's pretty awesome, except for I still have two finals and a take home physics test that's going to bring me down to a C in 362L.

End already. I wish to return Home to Plano.

*: I thought he was named after some Dean once.

02 May 2008

I bring it

That, is a foreman grill and some chicken I cooked up using it (after slathering it with barbeque sauce). You know in The Cask of Amontillado where the Montresor says "Oh, you will not die from a cough!"? This is very similar. This picture is foreshadowing of things to come. Now that I've conquered meats, I only have veggies left before I start categorically owning everyone who has ever tried to cook.

By the end of this summer, of course, after being trained by the best, I'll bring pwnage like you have never seen and conquer the cooking world in mere weeks. This is the beauty of 4 years of masochism in the Physics department. Biology/Chemistry/ME/BME/cooking/life becomes easier. Just continue doing the dance, albeit at a much slower pace, that has been beaten into you through seven upper division physics courses.

Now all that's left is for me to fill the tenure-track position.

Oh, today is the last undergraduate class day. I have one more hour of lecture at UT. Pretty awesome. Am I sad about leaving? No. Stop asking. There is no point mulling over the inevitable. UT is nice, but I need to move away from a city that isn't going anywhere.

I've actually realized that I don't even belong in Texas. The spineless idiots at UT administration would rather expand the stadium than aggressively pursue building a medical school on or near campus. Apparently, the expansion will bring more money. I've heard things like "oh the extra money will go into research", just like the extra money from the last expansion, right? There is no end to want of money. Break the cycle and actually add some valuable prestige, please.

I was thinking about perhaps helping fund an endowed chair at UT, but now I'm thinking, a school doesn't place research and academics as first priority at all times doesn't deserve money. I haven't even started on the players themselves. Most of them are recruited, borderline mentally retarded law-breaking individuals who are forced to go to class to confer some legitimacy to the "student athlete" idea.

Please. Stop kidding yourself, take those protective pads off (don't worry, there are plenty more where they came from - the savage pool is unfortunately abysmally deep), and let those savages at each other. Keep the survivors in cages. I am lacking in entertainment on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Better yet, why not start growing Marijuana? As far as I know, football/basketball have ruined more lives than weed. Whore-houses make a lot of money too! I'm sure with austin's sexually liberated populace, we would not have a hard time filling it.

In other news, I am looking forward to moving to a better place (Plano, and eventually a good apartment/condo) and away from the shithole I currently live in. Some breakers flipped the other day and I had to get someone to come and fix it.