30 May 2005

death of compusa.

I HATE COMPUSA (hikki agrees).

So i walked in this morning with Aditya to check some stuff out. and I saw 512 MB RAM for $52 (after rebate). Well. I asked this guy, here look:

Me: Will this work in my dv1000?
Guy:[in heavy russian accent].. uhh yyyee ees compatubiluty uhh eez guaranteed.
Me: Ok. I'll take it.

I go home, try to install it, and it doesn't work. At all. I take it back, and look. Parantheses mean what I meant to say.

Me: This doesn't work [you guys suck]
Some arab tech support guy:Ok. Well sometimes it doesn't
Me: So what do I do [what do i do]
Tech: I guess u can try another one
Me: Can u give it now, so i can install it in store?
Tech: Yeah. not really.. something about oversight, I can't.
Me: Ok..
Tech: If you'd like, I can try to install it for $29.99
Me: Or not. [Try to install it? for $30? kiss my ass.]
Tech: Well then do you want another one? I recommend that I install it.
Me: But that is $30. I'm not sure another one would work. [You're going to take hikki away, and make me pay for it? take that stick
of ram and shove it
up ur ass.

29 May 2005


my mom got an ipod today. why. i'm a little confused.

anyways. summer semester starts June 6 and akai means red. aoi means blue. [i got this!]

I watched a movie today called "...ing". Seriously, its called ...ing.
Its a pretty good movie and has a very unexpected (but realistic!) ending. Oh and it's Korean so make sure you get it with subtitles. I think demonoid has a nice fast torrent set up (60-120 kbps). So be sure to get it from there.

I remember this one time I was in the library, and i drank some
Bawls (heavy caffiene) and about 20 minutes later I was totally high. Like making devil horns with my fingers and stuff.

Also I found out that I can't graduate 2 years from now. I have two (just two, count it with your fingers) physics classes too much. two too much.

I should be on AIM a lot more, buut, I'm still in the work mood.

ciao people.

27 May 2005


omg. what have we here? ONLY THE BEST FREAKING DRINKS IN THE WORLD. Seriously guys, if you haven't tried these things, i question how you're STILL ALIVE. Go get some. right now. go.

Man i'm bored.

Yes. I've been out of school for about 2 weeks, and I'm bored. How bored you ask? I've been editing pages on wikipedia. I actually have much fun doing it. see evowiki (http://www.evowiki.org)

Organic chemistry has slowed a little (will pick up later) to aromatic compounds.

[00:01] Piotrr Cola: what u doin
[00:01] __________: hungry
[00:01] __________: n something bit my face
[00:01] Piotrr Cola: WTF
[00:01] Piotrr Cola: lol

always something new. always someone new. keeps me well entertained.

I'm creating a montage of the THREE BEST DRINKS IN THE WORLD. come back sometime later yea?

They're going to find osama soon. You know how I know? cuz in a week or so, i'm going to look like him. Why? Why look like osama? Because I'm not going to shave. At all.

So there u go.

24 May 2005

Wierd Recruiter Guy and a movie.

Yet another army recruiter with nothing better to do.

That Kung Fu Hustle movie is quite good, although it gets boring at times. (8 out of 10).

More bashings.

[13:59] ________: nothign to do with you dear
[13:59] ________: you're like asexual to me
[14:00] ________: and stupid boy just called
[14:00] ________: ttyl
[14:00] Piotrr Cola: k
[14:00] Piotrr Cola: lol
[14:00] Piotrr Cola: thats... just great.

Boys are the devil, girls. Stay away from us. Men, on the other hand.. hee hee.. I mean [*lowers voice*] ha..ha..

More orgo today I guess.

23 May 2005

2nd post of the day...

So i've been doing organic for quite sometime... (alkanes, mostly)...

2-methyl pentane. I can draw that now. thuper.

I got into JPNF506. Check this out guys:

You added the class 82685 JPN F506
to your schedule through the waitlist system.

Automated email from UT Registrar. Dude this is awesome.

Plan till end of the year:
Summer: Bio Research, Japanese I, Intro to Asian Culture
Fall: Cell Bio, Orgo I, Physics (Wave Mechanics), Bio Research, Chem Lab

Cartman Eating

omg hahaha

[15:16] Piotrr Cola: the HW server was originally based on a physics server...
[15:16] Piotrr Cola: it was hw.ph.utexas.edu
[15:16] __________: yeah i know
[15:16] Piotrr Cola: we're cool.
[15:16] Piotrr Cola: we torment people
[15:16] __________: lol
[15:16] __________: it SUCKS
[15:16] __________: sucks more than.......
[15:16] Piotrr Cola: i know.
[15:16] __________: weight gain

any guesses?

22 May 2005

This year in summary...(new update today - see bottom)

I will now list what I've gathered from the most interesting of classes:

Evolution (BIO370) :
  • Meteors have hit the earth that vaporized the planet's water (all of it)
  • Mutations are not "random", rather, undirected.
  • Natural Selection is not as simple as it seems (Kimura's theory)
Physics (PHY316) :
  • EM wave. fun stuff.
  • Relativity (most of which I knew, but hey)
That's about it. The rest of my classes were not that interesting and were pointless. Oh, and I hate the lab class. Even though I got an A, it was one of the biggest pains in the ass ever.

I think I've decided on a med school : (which.. its really far away, might I add) :


Now to start on MCAT's.

Finally, one last note to everyone: Don't touch me. Wierd huh? Yeah, I'm really touchy about not touching... No, its not paranoia, or some freud thing. Also, my laptop will be coming in on Monday from repair, so anyone who's expecting some mail, pictures, music, AIM conversations might have to wait until then. OK? You're damn right its ok.

haha. Oyasumi.

I've noticed that this site doesn't work that well with internet explorer. I highly recommend Firefox if you haven't gotten it yet. (http://www.mozilla.org/firefox). I've fixed it so IE works, but consider Firefox as well.

20 May 2005

50 Cent, and the Game

Now I know you've all heard of this song "Hate it or love it" by 50 cent, featuring The Game. Let's take a look at that song, and how it makes no sense.

Comin' up I was confused my momma kissin' a girl
Confusion occurs comin' up in a cold world
Daddy ain't around probably out commitin' felonies
My favorite rapper used to sing ch-check out my melody
I wanna live good, so shit I sell dope for a [four]-finger ring
one of them gold ropes
nana told me if I pass [I] get a sheep skin coat
If I can move a few packs i'd get the hat, now that'd be dope
Tossed and turned in my sleep at night
Woke up the next morning niggas done stole my bike
Different day same shit, ain't nothing good in the hood
I'd run away from this bitch and never come back if I could

And I'm not sure i totally envy the game... "The game" wtf. And he's the
"underdog" (from what I gather). yep. that's it....

... i really don't like rap.

18 May 2005


I'm homeee. Its nice to be back. I walked in, and i was like WTFFF. Its like all the carpet is gone, and they're installing hardwood floors. .... i don't like wood. anyway...

imma sleep. I've had 4 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours, and barely any food.

12 May 2005

:'( <-- Crying

"Dev, the notebook pickup is scheduled with FedEx and an agent from
FedEx will be arriving your address on 05-18-2005 between 13:00 and 17:00 hours to pickup the notebook. Please take the necessary backup and pack the notebook as we suggested in the Service Agreement. Also, write the CSO number on the pack clearly which is used to identify your notebook."

As you may or may not know, the backspace key has been "offed". Very tragic. She will get the best of care.

As for everything else, eh. Lanevo yesterday, I hope I did well. But no thoughts beyond that. SMF is my new home.

11 May 2005


Yeah. Very little to explain. Again. That's LanEvo, the salamander is ME, and the bottom picture is roadkill.

10 May 2005


For the last time, I will be taking a lanevo test. Now you people probably wonder... why 'lanevo'?

Well. Tonight the secret will be revealed. Anyone know of the Lancer Evolution? Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution? A badass racing car? Well they call it 'lanevo' on Initial D, and its always tough to battle lanevo's so...

wish me luck. Lanevo 4th generation vs. Me.

Totally retarded, I know.

I think UT Direct is jacked up. You'll want to go some where, it will ask to login, and it takes you someplace else.

break down! Have you seen the news lately? Somepeople make me sick. When am I going to leave this godforsaken country...

08 May 2005


OMG. This thing looks BADASSS.. Axolotl! It's real btw. Man i love this class.

In other news, I'm frantically studying for evolution. lanevo is going to pwn me for sure this time. .... someone tell me if von baer's law is true or not.

07 May 2005

This world hates me.

I've come to a distinct conclusion that Entropy = -Karma (yes, negative karma). At this moment, there is no way to balance anything.

Let's look at a couple of dervations of this.

Entropy is always increasing, and to make dE/dt = 0 or (-), energy is required.
Therefore, -Karma is always increasing, to make d(-K)/dt = 0 or (-) -->

-dK/dt = (-)
dK/dt = (+) energy is required.

I swear, all this because I haven't gotten into JPNF506 yet. (First Year Japanese I for Summer first session).

Oh and another note, I kinda realized this sitting in the library with Tiffany until 4 in the morning, top 15% of girls are considered aesthetically pleasing, which comes out to be something like 3 billion (0.15) = 450 million girls. And that's just looks. Obviously, we need a better selection factor, notably, intelligence. This is a rough number (no age constraints, etc).

Let's look at that, shall we? top 2% of intelligent girls = 60 million girls.
Out of 60 million, the one I need has to be around 17-19. Let's say about another 2% of girls hit this category. (N = 1.2 million). Now we consider looks, keeping in mind that most good looking girls are on the bottom end of the intelligence spectrum. The bracket necessary now is around top 5%. Meaning that top 5% of intelligence girls are equal to top 20% of all women (if you're smart, you're 4x more likely to be ugly).

Applying 5%, N = 60,000. SIXTY THOUSAND. (all over the world). Now for probability.

Number of girls I have contact/exposure/characteristic rating access = roughly 30,000.

30,000/3billion = 0.001%
60,000 times 0.001% = 0.6

Being extremely generous, lets make 0.6 --> 1.

So there is someone for everyone. (in my case, anyway).

Sorry for all that math.

06 May 2005


I just got to my room, and I went to take a shower (around 540am), then I started singing "Nessun Dorma" (pavarroti), and some guy came in and told me to shut up. I kept singing though. a little softer singing. I think they were trying to sleep.

I'm so high on metro coffee. I have class in 3 hours, and I've only had 3 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours.

IRONICALLY, "nessun dorma" means none shall sleep.


05 May 2005


I realized that I ate 0.5 meals in the last 3 meal day... which means I got a little over 1/6th of my nutrition when I saw I was completely hydrated (water levels = normal), but I was still getting tired.

Lunch today was good though. Filling. I haven' had something like that in a while.

Everyone comment! I know you people visit. That includes you Yoshika. haha.

04 May 2005


That chem test was hard.

Now i have to "uber" study for the next 2 weeks or so.

[goes back to work]..

write me email, people. or leave comments (anonymously, if you prefer.)