26 March 2011

Rediscovering some old stuff

Time to update my wakeup cd. I'm starting to think I may need to update my alarm clock too. 

21 March 2011

Some preliminary data

I started biking to school. I'm thinking I might keep this up.

The numbers include stopping at crosswalks and locking up my stuff. 20mph!

18 March 2011

Taj Mahal

Yep, I was there.

Leading up to it. Lots of people come and try to sell you little trinkets at prices which I thought were totally reasonable. They probably mark it up at least 100-200%. At least. What, a snowglobe for $3? Probably cost 0.45c to make. Come on!*

Lines outside the entrance, separated M/F. It's sort of dirty outside, but well maintained inside. 

Glory shot. Extremely crowded. I singlehandedly negotiated a guide for 50 rupees. He wasn't a very good guide. I did learn the minarets are slightly angled outward in case of an earthquake, so they don't break the primary structure.

*: In Job's voice.

17 March 2011


I stuck to my 2010 resolutions - start cooking, exercise more, learn to invest*
Here's one for 2011 - relearn to read. The goal was one book a month with magazine articles and the like intercalated between.

So I found a subscription to Rolling Stone for $4 a year and ordered three years' worth.

I also bookmarked a few sites to visit. A recent favorite is theweek.com. The problem is - reddit. And facebook. And music.**

My solution to all that is to get a tablet - single purpose (mostly) and won't distract me as much. I could discipline myself more, but it's time for a new toy anyway. The xoom-wifi is coming out on the 27th. Current plan - play with the xoom at Costco some, then get the tablet if I like it. Else, iPad 2. I will have a tablet by the end of this month, come hell or high water.***

In any case, I finished up -

January - Casino Royale
February - nothing
March - Finished up Fahrenheit 451 (again), working on Emperor of All Maladies... to make up for the deficit, and then will finish up Our Inner Ape
April - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks? Something else? Suggestions?

Looking forward to getting a tablet.

Finally, I only have 2 resolutions so far (haven't mentioned the other one). I need one or two more.

*: Tacked on late.
**: Will talk about my autism/asperger's at some point.
***: Sigh.

15 March 2011

Trip - 6 - Finishing up

I just got back from Costa Rica. Those pictures will follow at some point. 

There were lots of monkeys in Fatehpur Sikri. They don't give a damn about people around, unlike the ones I recently saw in Costa Rica, who were terrified. I made a face at one, he made one back. 

You can see the Taj Mahal from Fatehpur Sikri off in the distance. 

Close up and enhance!

Taj Mahal shots next.