30 October 2005

double fun!

I saw the movie "Shinji ten no Amijima" or "Double Suicide". I thought it was kind of slow at times, but it shows an interesting contrast between duty and emotion. Also, the "hands of fate" were not actually hands, but actual people dressed completely in black (even covered their face) and were moving [things / people's lives / props] around.

How they ended up under the bridge? I have no idea.

I bought two bags of candy for Halloween thinking that little kids would visit my dorm for trick-or-treating, but nope. No kids (I'm not expecting any).

So I have two bags of candy. If you want some, and if I like you, I'll give you some.


still busy. good bye.

29 October 2005

liek leek

Me: omg.

Me: goddess

Me: y
Me: i know

Me: how fortunate of me to fall in love with a goddess

~~~~~~~~~~~~: yea....an ugly god
~~~~~~~~~~~~: *goddess
Me: omg
Me: oxymoron...

Me: ugly god

~~~~~~~~~~~~: being a god doens't mean you're beautiful
~~~~~~~~~~~~: it just means you've power

~~~~~~~~~~~~: among other things

~~~~~~~~~~~~: but beauty is NOT implied

Me: power..
Me: i liek that .

Me: liek looks like le
Me: omg!

Me: i just came up with that.

Me: liek looks like leek

Me: do you know what leek is

I bet a lot of you are wondering "What is a leek?"

Well, for you unsophisticated people out there, a leek is a kind of vegetable, and it's really good. Here's a picture:
Now you know one more vegetable beyond potato, tomato, and lettuce. Next time you're at your local restaurant, ask the waiter what a leek is. Chances are, she won't know.

Ah well. Leeks are still damn good.

Also, I bet a lot of you are wondering how I came up with a kickass saying that goes "Liek looks like leek", with each word having a l and a k.

I have no idea.

Finally, for the rest of you wondering why I'm so wierd, I'm not. You're wierd for not understanding.

27 October 2005

It's that time again!

Paper came out..

Nanotech Story - I did not draw that picture of the robot (although it is kind of cool.)

Enjoy! I'll be looking forward to hearing your comments. Most of you don't read the Daily Texan (actually, most of you don't read anything), but throw me a bone here, and read it.

Before you read however, please keep in mind that this was not the draft I submitted. If you care to read the draft I submitted, click here (Microsoft Word 2003 format).

I have an organic chemistry midterm today, so please pray for me.

In other news, I'm still getting a good hearty chuckle at Jonathan Lee. No doubt I'll be stalking the duo once I have time.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of people have started to complain about my schedule and how I have no time for anyone, etc, etc. It's only going to get worse, fools.

That being said, here is the list of classes I plan to take next semester.

  1. Quantum Mechanics 1
  2. Japanese II
  3. Organic Chemistry II
  4. Organic Chemistry Lab
  5. Research Lab
  6. Mathematical Modeling - Biology
  7. Possibly another Research Lab
"Welcome to hell". Like I said, I have no time for you, unless you're cool, because cool people rock.

Another point I'd like to make... my cell phone batteries are dying out (holding less and less charge). So if you call me or text me or something like that, don't get pissed that I don't pick up. I'm not ignoring you, I'm probably:
  1. Taking a shower/bathroom/personal hygiene
  2. In class
  3. Or my phone is dead and I don't know it.
Any other time, I'd probably pick up. If it's urgent, send me an email. (This goes for the "you don't have any time" argument too. Wanna meet up? Don't call me 20 minutes before you want to eat, drop me a line 24-48 hours in advance).

I must sound like a prick to demand 1-2 day advance appointments. Actually just call, I'll work something out.

Now go read my article.

25 October 2005

Holy Freaking Shit

I hope most of you know this, but JONATHAN LEE IS NOW IN A RELATIONSHIP.


It's about time. Good luck, man.

While we're on the same subject, let me pander a little. It's funny that I use the word pander... In fact, that's the first thing that came to my mind..

Let's define pander : " To cater to the lower tastes "

Haha.. I didn't even know what pander meant until I looked it up, yet, I was planning to use it in a sentence.

Yes. Relationships. Jonathan would ask many a times "Why? Why not go after someone.. ". Here it is, quite simply: Girls slow me down.

Yep. I said it. Whether it be my mom making sure I've eaten or a certain South Indian I know who likes to make me eat on Saturdays, or people asking me questions about physics, chemistry, math, asian history, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love to teach, but that doesn't change the fundamental fact that I'm slowed down. Now this "slowage" is from girls i'm not even in a relationship with.

Think what would happen if I had a relationship... bye bye med school!

I already have two loves in my life anyway... [Any guesses?... Don't scroll down just yet..]

Evolutionary Biology & Relativistic Physics (roofles!)

I hope I have pandered well.

23 October 2005

Wtf is up with black people

You guys know that song "My Humps"? Well.. It's not exactly my "type" of song, but it is very interesting to listen to (and even more interesting to watch!)...

If anyone understands the "milky milky cocoa puffs" part... please explain.

This is the shitty part about living away from home. My leg hurts. Ow. No one to give me a leg massage. Ow. Damn it, I've been walking all day.

Next time someone needs help in chemistry/physics/math/organic/computers/etc, I need favors now.

See that people? Look at the folder 4th down. Hell yeah, fools. I'm in the process of acquiring all the eurobeat albums. Yes. Every single one.

You can also see a Korean movie in the list!

I'm going to update the side bar of music now.

22 October 2005


So we decided we were hungry at like 12 midnight, then started walking to Taco Cabana. We see this guy sleeping on the street and when he hears us, he goes "yes sir yes sir, i'm going right now." etc etc.

And we're like ... "wtf". Apparently he thought we were the police about to kick him out.

Coming back from Taco Cabana, I got curious. Now we all know there are no homeless people in Plano, so I had this opportunity to observe. I go over there with Rohan and when i'm looking at the guy (he's sleeping) and observing, Rohan yells "UTPD" at the top of his lungs and runs.

I'm like.. oh shit. This guy is going to stab me or something, so I ran too. hahaha

That's my crazy story to make up for my laziness in not updating.

I'll write more later.

17 October 2005


I now remember what I was going to blog about:

The UT logo. Let's take a good look at it:

That's a longhorn with the horns going sideways. I don't know what dolt picked that logo, but the presence of horns on the side contradicts evolutionary theory.

Horns are usually made to show off to females and also for fighting purposes. This longhorn in the logo would only be able to fight side to side, hence, the genes creating the sideways horns would die off, because the animal would always lose (longhorns fight head on..)

Hence, longhorns are retarded. Why can't we be something cooler like... hummingbirds. Just so you know, if I died and someone gave me a choice to be some animal, I wouldn't be a cheetah or something generic like that. I'd be a hummingbird. Check it out.

Hummingbirds are so kickass.. They can fly backwards and hover in the air with a heart beat of ~220.


My sickness is almost gone. I don't believe the Daily Texan people know that I'm writing a paper through my sickness.

Also, a bit of good news.. those of you who actually matter will get to know about it.


My paper is almost done. I'll post a link if it ever gets published. I hope you guys are enjoying the media to the right, I'm going to change it out in 2-3 days.

Also, Jonathan, good luck and GOOD GAME sir. I'll be watching [with a camera and a laser mic]

I was going to write about something, but I've forgotten what. Ah well. Check back later, ne?

15 October 2005


Update: I've added a "Latest Media" section on your right. Some songs I'm listening to, maybe video every once in a while, etc. No, I didn't make any of them. Enjoy.

So after going to the doctor, I'm on high dose (500mg) Penicillin. Those tablets are fucking huge. I can feel it going down my throat. For those of you that care, I am getting better. If you don't care, I'm getting better than you. [...haha]

People, there's a UT only bittorrent tracker in place, use it. It has better potential than DC++. Email me for an invite.

Yesterday, just when I was getting hungry, Tiffany calls me for food. (Actually, I don't know what's up with all these people going by "Tiffany" or some other white name. I think Thao is a lot better than Tiffany). So food was good. I came back to see Taco, BrownPoo, and Fagbin playing NBA street in my room, and also trying to crack my computer's password. haha.

Silly rabbits. No one can crack my password.

Also yesterday, I was sick, so I didn't go to lab, thus, I made up for it this morning. at 930.

I will write more later.

14 October 2005

Why is this Intro Class So Difficult?

I had my 2nd Intro to Japan Test today, and I ask myself, why is this Intro class so hard? Just to give you a small sample of the craziness, I will post a list.

  1. Ashikaga Takauji (13051358) (r. 13381358)
  2. Ashikaga Yoshiakira (13301368) (r. 13591368)
  3. Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (13581408) (r. 13681394)
  4. Ashikaga Yoshimochi (13861428) (r. 13951423)
  5. Ashikaga Yoshikazu (14071425) (r. 14231425)
  6. Ashikaga Yoshinori (13941441) (r. 14291441)
  7. Ashikaga Yoshikatsu (14341443) (r. 14421443)
  8. Ashikaga Yoshimasa (14361490) (r. 14491473)
  9. Ashikaga Yoshihisa (14651489) (r. 14741489)
  10. Ashikaga Yoshitane (14661523) (r. 14901493, 15081521)
  11. Ashikaga Yoshizumi (14801511) (r. 14951508)
  12. Ashikaga Yoshiharu (15101550) (r. 15221547)
  13. Ashikaga Yoshiteru (15361565) (r. 15471565)
  14. Ashikaga Yoshihide (15401568) (r. 1568)
  15. Ashikaga Yoshiaki (15371597) (r. 15681573)
So this Ashikaga family decides to start ALL of their mens' names with Yoshi (except the first). Granted, we only have to know a couple, but still. Also, I can't write. I know a lot of you read my article and were like "Whoa!" etc etc.

Let me spill a bit of truth. Writing is not my forte. That paper was published after some semi-extensive editing. Indeed, my writing incabaility can be seen through this post, which lacks any real style.

So while we're still on the subject of forte(s) and while I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back for my doctor's appointment (laptops rule!), let's talk about what I am good at.

I think I can teach well. And I think I can write prescriptions. And I think I can cure people. That's about it.

So now, I'm almost certain that Intro test pwned me. Ah well. I hope everyone else is doing better.

Yesterday, we (me and my physics group) came to a conclusion that Crawford (the author of the physics book) was definitely a homosexual for suggesting that we should all go out and buy slinkies to test wave theory. A suitable conclusion, perhaps we're all in denial because it's impossible to understand.

Well, I only have about 35 seconds left, so I probably shouldn't start anything new
-PRA, after going from Maxwell's equations to proving the bending of light in a medium and the angular relationship in 5 minutes.

Actually, I lied. I can't do well not because the names are hard, it's because of general incompetence. Isn't that how it goes?

Leave me nice comments, if you wish. I'm going to go cough a lung out.

13 October 2005


I'm not sure if many of you know this, but the next iPod can play videos... confirmed. Now everyone who has been "waiting" to get an iPod is going to rush out and get one. Everyone.. except me.

I'm waiting for the next next iPod. Since Apple has pretty much done everything known to man, the next one will probably mind-control people. Yees... That's the one I want.


Also, I have this nasty sore throat, so stay away from me. Unless you're bringing me food. Singing in the shower also doesn't work when your throat is sore.

Ech. Sore throats hurt. If only someone would take my test, write my paper, do my lab work and.. let me sleep.

Also because of my sickness, I was unable to go to the Einstein play. I'm a little sad.

I saw the trailer for "The Excorcism of Emily Rose" yesterday, and I'm freaked out. Can't close my eyes in the shower.. can't close my eyes period.. must keep them open so I know when the demons are coming.

Ok. I've probably disturbed some of you. Toodles.

11 October 2005

Lots of Stuff.

New Developments:

1) The Einstein Play is Wednesday night (tomorrow night), not Friday

2) That last physics problem took me a good hour.

Yesterday was pretty crazy. Let's see how my day went:

8-9: Organic Chemistry
9-10: Physics
10-11: Breakfast (somewhat)
11-12 : Intro to Jpn
12-5: Homework
5-8: Physics Lab.

And then I was flat. I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night. Now, I know this is a lot for me, but compared to my roommate (who woke up 5PM on saturday. Yes. PM. He slept from 2AM to 5PM. That's 15 hours), it's meager.

Anyway, I'm in the library .. 630AM in the morning (class at 11AM), feels great.

Also, the weather has gotten a lot better, it's a little cool, and it's going to rain today. Awesome.

I got 2 tickets to the Einstein Play ( !!! ), yet I don't know what to do with the other one. If anyone sensible would like to accomany me, drop me a line. It's this Friday.

Award winning Einstein Play = World of Physics 2005 = Good.

Also (almost done), there will be a screening of "Bad Guy" (Korean) in my room this weekend, Friday night (probably around 10PM). Join us!

09 October 2005


Saturday: I wake up at 930ish.. put my clothes in the laundry, only to realize the machine breaks when my cycle is over. So I had to wait for 3 drying cycles to end (very wet clothes). And I probably won't be refunded.

It's ok. I finally saw Azumi.

Anyway, that's my shitty story for the weekend...

In other news, I finally understand chirality (somewhat) and optical character. Whoo.

The only easy day was yesterday.

-Navy Seals

Guys, look for my article sometime in about a week and a half. It'll probably be either about nanotechnology or "psychology of murder".

I now will ramble controversially. I'm assuming you all heard of the earthquake in Pakistan. Now, I shouldn't be saying this, but maybe, maybe, it's "divine retribution".

I'm hoping this thought will cross through the minds of the many idiots there and they'll stop producing terrorists.

That being said, I don't feel like being blown to bits tomorrow, so please don't set me on fire. (Plus, if you do set me on fire, that will only help my cause more).

08 October 2005


I was expecting some thing interesting in email this morning (like usual), but rather, I got this..

People are so retarded.

You seem to have forgotten that I'm married to Ayutrance.

And my alarm clock didn't go off on Wednesday, so I impulse bought a kickass alarm clock.

Sony. Of course. Last night, finished Korean movie "She's on Duty". It was... ok. 6/10.

05 October 2005

Gatti's and.. some sad stuff.

I went to Mr Gatti's to eat pizza with Smriti, and we're eating for 10 minutes, when a bunch of chinese people walk in, all guys, all our age (maybe a bit older). They're all come in from a basketball tournament, and they smell like ASS..


1) Chinese guys smell like ass.

2) Also, they waste tons of food. TONs of food. Again, no respect.

Also, Smriti started talking to AK. I think I'm going to kill him now..that was the sad part.

I'm going to be adding wierd stuff to my website soon, interesting stuff on the side, so keep yourselves updated.

jaa ne