16 May 2007


Yes. [Tear in a good way...]

[in a shooting range, confronted with numerous menacing-looking targets, Edwards shoots a cardboard little girl]
Zed: May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?
James Edwards: Well, she was the only one that actually seemed dangerous at the time, sir.
Zed: How'd you come to that conclusion?
James Edwards: Well, first I was gonna pop this guy hanging from the street light, and I realized, y'know, he's just working out. I mean, how would I feel if somebody come runnin' in the gym and bust me in my ass while I'm on the treadmill? Then I saw this snarling beast guy, and I noticed he had a tissue in his hand, and I'm realizing, y'know, he's not snarling, he's sneezing. Y'know, ain't no real threat there. Then I saw little Tiffany. I'm thinking, y'know, eight-year-old white girl, middle of the ghetto, bunch of monsters, this time of night with quantum physics books? She about to start some shit, Zed. She's about eight years old, those books are WAY too advanced for her. If you ask me, I'd say she's up to something. And to be honest, I'd appreciate it if you eased up off my back about it.
James Edwards: Or do I owe her an apology?
[pauses again]
James Edwards: That's a good shot though...

I suppose you all remember that scene*, where the cardboard girl is carrying a quantum mechanics book. When I saw that, I wondered when I would get there.

Yeah. Awesome.


*: I looked hard for a movie still, but couldn't find one.

06 May 2007

Signing off....

I'm signing off communication protocols... except Gmail and cell.

So I'm pretty busy these days, so I'll write something extremely short (bi-weekly?):

I just saw a license plate that said RRNA. Kick..ass...

04 May 2007

So sad. :'(

Japanese ended today. Bah. 悲しい。I think I cried a little when course-instructor surveys were passed out.

Well, at least I got into the reading class for next semester so I have something to look forward to. But seriously, so sad.

02 May 2007

Yet another long one passes

It's raining right now, and I suppose that's a good thing. I went to check on the weather in Austin and moved the cursor to the zipcode box and typed in 75025.


I need to get the hell out of here.

In the mean time, enjoy this:

HUGE! Wow! The radius of the largest star extends to SATURN. Awesome.