28 April 2005

All tested out

I'm going to be an uber testee next week. 2 tests. Hardcore.

Maybe no updates till then?

26 April 2005

LanEvo 3rd generation vs. I

HAH. In the end, I pulled out. LanEvo lost! But the victory did not come at a price. There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. If you are lost, bullshit like you've never done before. And work for the guy who grades your paper (who changes "recessive" to "dominant" and gives more credit) ... w00t!

25 April 2005


I'm so sad right now. I'm #1 on waitlist for JPNF506. AAAAAAAH...

I'll pay you a $100 if you find someone to drop it or drop it yourself.

24 April 2005

Food. and my lack of it.

I just realized yesterday morning that I had 1 taco and 2 cups of coffee all day on Friday. Whee...

This weekend has been busy. Saturday night, the buses stop running, so back from HEB walking. I forgot how far it is.


Another song!

22 April 2005

Lights out!

Yesterday, while I was.. [listening to music]? I don't remember, my lamp blinks, and alex's computer restarts. Hilarious because of two reasons:

1) He makes a big deal out of it, you'd think he's programming some launch codes or something, when he was playing a game. I should say "is playing" because I bet he's playing right now. Lazy mofo.

2) The power goes out permanently, about 5 minutes later.

Naturally, my laptop isn't concerned about power (Centrino pride!), so she silently chugs along while I silently read along, and while everyone screams because the power just went out. I'm quite certain that if she wasn't there, I'd be scared in the dark.

So anyway, I go down to Aditya's room, and tell him to get his ass up (oh btw emergency lights came on, so it was somewhat lit) and take a walk. That fool keeps sleeping, continuing to ignore my foresight. Ah well.

Then the alarm went off and everyone had to go outside. Pretty crazy. We didn't have power for about 40 minutes, and all kinds of mayhem starts. All the nigs pump up the volume and the xenon headlights and start making all kinds of uncivility. But I silently chugged along, continuing to read my notes, write email to people (drafts). (centrino pride! Have I said that already? ..yeah..)

So the lesson learned? Get a laptop. Another lesson? Make sure its Centrino or Sonoma. Another Lesson? Get out when I tell you.

That will be all. (I'm so high on coffee, and I'm in lab right now.)

Koizumi should not be apologizing for Japanese mistakes under a different administration and government. And the Chinese should be accepting. "China officials dismiss Japan apology" ? WTF.

21 April 2005


I don't have much to talk about. Except that one smirnoff incident at Mueller Labs... [bursts out laughing]...anyway...

In a jiffy: Someone I work with was chugging a bottle of smirnoff when I walked in. "Its 40% alcohol Dev, use the 70 and 100% for your extraction. This one is for human consumption" says he.
I got this Renuzit super odor neutralizer (we all know where all the odor comes from in my room... :p. It's not me..). Anyway. So for the last 2 weeks, I've been spraying it on my bed and sniffing that stuff all through the night when I'm sleeping. Of course that may have accounted for my dream a couple of days ago. Also, I sneeze "citrus sunburst", courtesy of the makers of Renuzit.

What kind of name is Renuzit anyway? Re-new...s-it? Good stuff though. (Please keep in mind I'm still high off it)

Yet again.. one of the coolest songs ever...

I love you like you are

20 April 2005


I've been having this throbbing headache all day. WTF is going on. Anyway, here's a hint of my schedule:

1. Woke up at 820ish
2. Physics from 9-10am
3. Went KPMAL, did some work until about 1140.
4. Back to Jester, some stuff happened (shower, food, etc)
5. Math TA session at 2-3pm
6. Mueller Lab from 3-6:30pm
7. Food until about 8..40ish. (I forget what happened in between)
8. Went to sleep b/c of headache at 9pm.
9. Headache slowly going away. (11:49pm)
10. [projected] Work till about 3am. .. something like that.


Here's a song for you guys

19 April 2005

LanEvo. 3rd Gen.

The physics test went ok. But as far as evo goes. Man. The 3rd generation LanEvo totally beat me. I'm not sure what happened on that test. Well.
Atleast the final is cumulative.

Battle: LanEvo vs. Me. LanEvo won.

18 April 2005

Man o man...

I'm so screwed for tomorrow's physics test. Ampere, Faraday, Biot-Savart, Wtf, etc.

So current density means current/Area! It took me 20 minutes to figure that out. (density = 1/volume....??)

Don't worry. premed E&M is easier. Someone remind me why I picked physics over neurobio.

Anyway. wish me luck people. I'll need it for this test. Oh and take an umbrella tomorrow (N/A for plano, dallas, CA, Japan, etc)

16 April 2005


I've realized... that taking audio notes in class is a very baad idea. Then you're compelled to listen to them all.. All 11 hours and 30 minutes of it. damn. I think I will go take a long shower now.

Miss. Nguyen sent me some Namie Amuro stuff. Pretty good. I'd like to recommend "Put 'Em Up"

In the meanwhile, I have so much food in my room I don't think I need to eat out much.

|||Stargazing Today at 8pm then dinner at Gumby's Pizza||| Call if you want to come.


14 April 2005

Selection Pressures.

Si por pobre me desprecias
Yo te concedo razon
Yo te concedo razon
Si por pobre me desprecias.

I'm not much for mexican music.. but this one has some meaning to it. (I still remember some spanish)

Gmail was down today. I couldn't send or receive mail. WTF. Email is like.. life for me.

In other news, I had a lucid dream about two days ago. For those of you that don't know what lucid dreams are, its when you know you're dreaming, and you have some sort of control. The feeling of control is overwhelming, a god-like feeling.

Hm.. I don't know what else to write. I'm kinda worried that JPN506 is going to be filled with native speakers, but Hatanaka-sensei has advised me otherwise.


13 April 2005

!!!.... !!!!!!!

This song is stuck in my head.

Break Down...bakuon de Love Music!!

Wierd huh?

Back to rambling...

So today... Saudi Arabia. Now, I know half of the american population has thought this one time or another.. nearly all the terrorists are from Saudi Arabia.

Hmm... a clue people? Perhaps we should concentrate our energy in 'cleansing' this country. But no! They have oil, one of the largest reserves! So Saudis... be warned, once American interest runs out, you'll get f---ed. Definitely. Unless you do something so bad (like threatening to cut off oil), then you'll get f---ed now. Either way, you're f---ed.

Pakistan is getting saved because they know how to kiss ass. Learn from the wise, fools.

I swear I'm going to get assassinated for this. FREE SPEECH!

Let's Go...bakuhatsu shichau gurai!!

12 April 2005

Airlines and Such.

Now I will speak of airlines, namely, the worst and best. On the top of the list is Singapore Airlines. On the bottom is TWA, American, Indian Airlines.

TWA: Lost my bags once. I was very pissed. I think there was a gift for me in one of them.

Indian Airlines: WTF. Horrible service. At least help your fellow brown man out by giving him that extra Pepsi.

American Airlines: You'd think that with all the money they make, they'd hire some good looking flight attendants. There are two reasons why this airline sucks ass. 1) Ugly flight attendants. Now you know they are disgustingly ugly. 2) Horrible food. It hurts my head how they can hire such fat bimbos to play this job. SA advocates the image of the "singapore girl" (w00t!). There are WEIGHT restrictions on SA flight attendants.

and now...
Singapore Airlines: Hm... What can I say? Beautiful flight attendants, great service, come around every hour with candy (o my gosh!). Singapore, for being such a small little country, is one of the best places to live. Their airline fleet alone owns almost every other airline. I feel at home in Singapore Airlines. Absolutely no one can say any other airline is better. And I feel somewhat qualified to say so...

List of airlines i've experienced: ANA, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air India, Lufthansa, American, American Eagle, Delta, TWA, Thai Air (wierd food), Air Canada, ... probably one or two more.

I need to ride these: Quantas, Swiss Air (I hear its good, but not SA good.)

11 April 2005

There's a new trend in town

Yep. you heard it. Its new, and its trendy. Its called "walking into doors". Especially the ones that don't open.

I'm the unofficial trend setter, so I'll ramble. Some of those magnetic doors are fucking pissing me off. You walk up to it, hand extended, so the door will unlock when you depress the handle, but no! It takes a complete 0.5 seconds to do so. Doesn't sound long does it? Well when you're walking at full speed, it becomes "face in door" which sucks.

In other news, I love gatorade. and I have a lot. Come to my room! Enjoy some. Lets sit around and discuss politics and philosophy while..sipping... gatorade...

07 April 2005


humanity rarely sees beauty like this.

Its going to happen. soon.

06 April 2005

AAAhahahaha... GOOD GAME SIR

This is a story about two guys and how they were complete douchebags for 10 minutes. I wasn't actually there, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

So they're sitting in math, and the stack of homework finally gets around to them, and they see this paper that says "David Fonken" on the top of it. Fonken is our math prof, btw. So Aditya says "Dayyumm" and him and his roommate Alex L. ponder over the "greatness" of the paper for sometime saying shit like "So this is how he wants it done" and "Maan.. look how clean and neat it is"..."We're going to study off this". Then they started making fun of the grader for commenting on "Fonken's homework". I can't imagine the looks on their faces..

So after sometime, they realize that some guy named Dim-Sun doesn't know how to make proper headers, and starts with the prof's name. So hats off to you, Dim-Sun, whoever you are, for making complete fools of two people I know.

They still have your paper. Go kung fu on their asses.

04 April 2005

Still Stressed

I've noticed something during my stay here. If girls had to pick a science to specialize in, its chemistry. Simple as that. Biology? Probably not. All my chemistry instructors are girls, half the girls I know are chemistry majors, and Welch is the best place to hang out.


I got the "I believe" score for piano. Yeah... I know you all want it, or will go looking for it now. Or delay it to make seem like you aren't posing. Too bad, bitches.

Its that time of the year again! Spring is here, the air's humid, temperature rising (You gon' back that thing up or should I push up on it?), and the squirrels are horny. Yet again, I will quote sappy poetry.

In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove;
In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

"Locksley Hall" by Tennyson

Mainly, the squirrels are horny. Nothing more. I'm serious! (suck it)

03 April 2005


So I can finally say my stress is two part. It's prudent to put some things into action.

"The better work men do is always done under stress and at great personal cost."

A valid axiom to follow by. Great personal cost you say? ... Yeah I don't think I believe in love. Its always based on this gilded view of life, a false hope. When we say "I hope", that's two things working into play. The rational mind has already admitted a low chance of success but we try to be hopelessly optimistic.

On a better note, I think i'm starting to understand this chemistry business. Now for DiffEq. Two tests on tuesday.

I wish I had more common sense. Its really irritating to see someone dumb have more common sense than me.

We need another cold war. Innovation has reached a slow standstill. The best thing I've seen in the last year is this battery Toshiba made that charges to 80% in a minute. So much bureaucracy everywhere, and its due to the damned lawyers and liberal arts people too..

For to lose I could accept
But to surrender I just wept
And regretted this moment
oh that
I was the fool
I don't know where the sunbeams end
And the starlight begins
It's all a mystery...

"Fight Test" by Flaming Lips.

02 April 2005

Pope (prounounced Poe-peii)

"He was in bed. He was propped up. There were three doctors alongside of him, helping him, giving him help with breathing and so on," Cardinal Edmund Szoka said.

Why does he have 3 doctors? Makes me sick. I don't even think I have one. Oh and how come God lets him suffer? He's the POPE for god's sake. He hasn't done *anything* wrong...

In another note. I was looking for the 70% EtOH and it wasn't in the rack on the fridge where it was usually. Why? Because there was a huge bottle of Smirnoff sitting there. I asked Christian about it and he says "Why? You want some? I'll find a glass"


01 April 2005

Gmail and Other Stuff

April 1 2005: Gmail introduces "Infinity + 1" storage plan. Sounds like the real deal, but for all we know, it could be one of the biggest April fools joke ever.

Therefore, I bow down today and call Google god. [Even this post is owned by Google].

I thought that I'd eventually reach a barrier in terms of deleting email [gasp!] but apparently, my used space percentage is getting smaller as we speak. Interesting concept, because I was due to run out of space in about 4 years (at the rate at which I'm going). At the end of the day, my space will reach 2GB.

Google has now owned Yahoo, and will continue to do so in almost every aspect.

So in effect, I have created this hierarchy:

[Google, Gmail] > [Heavy Gmail users (me!)] > [Scant Gmail users] > [Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, etc.]

But why? Why give so much space?

And you thought Microsoft was going to take over the world.
Au contraire, mon cherie. Au contraire.

In other news, I'm sitting here for a speedvac to finish drying my samples so I can start PCR. And praying to Google (which I just realized.. may be some form of Buddha incarnated).

Seriously Folks...

"Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves."