29 January 2006


It was Chinese New Years yesterday, and I went to temple.

A old lady read my fortune and it said "you will find water when you are thirsty" and apparently I am extremely lucky.

Interesting eh?. Absolutely. I was going to write about some encounter I had with some girl, but I forgot!

Please check tomorrow, I will try to remember.

26 January 2006

coffee + uneven ground + cute girl = bad stuff.

yes. I was happily drinking my coffee when fate brings me... oh wait. I think you should know about this one girl.

haha. There's this girl I see every once in a while. And she's really cute. After I see her, I get really happy. Like really happy. hahaha. :D Some people besides me know who she is. [and if you spill it, I will kill you.]


Anyway. continuing on. I was drinking my coffee, and fate brings her in front of me and I just keep tipping the cup to take a drink, and I spilled it on myself. hahaha.

see, USUALLY I CAN CONTROL MYSELF. I bet a lot of you are going make puns about how I "wet myself". Go screw yourself.

Anyway, that's my story. One of my shirts smells like coffee now. hahaha.

But anyway. As for why I let this remain at a juvenile crush.. hmm. I have no idea.

Actually I know very well why. I'm not about to break any ideologies. She's cute. That's all. No harm done. Plus, there is no point in starting something that will end. [yes. even death counts as an ending... isn't that the scientist's way?]

25 January 2006


Jonathan was acting homo in organic so i chucked his pen and it hit some girl in the leg. hahaha. It was great. Bitch. That will teach you not to screw with my pants again. Then Theresa went on a rant about my 3-year-old-ness.

Come on. 3 year olds can't throw.

I need to get my act together. Wait. what the hell, I've already blogged today.

ok bye guys.
Me: "Smriti, Desperate Housewives is for middle aged women and gay males..."

Smriti: "Ok.. then I'm gay"

Me: "Well.. that settles that."

Even on the 2nd week of school, this class thing is getting to my head. Damnit I hate waking up early to do homework, but it beats doing it late at night when you want to sleep.

and did you hear? DISNEY IS GOING TO BUY PIXAR. NOOOO. DAMN YOU APPLE. Pixar makes good movies. Disney makes horrible movies that only 9-year-0lds can watch. Also, I got lost in Disneyland, so I hate that place.

24 January 2006

22 January 2006


I'm thinking about getting some stuff..

speakers... food. all sorts of things.

After a while, this 'college food' thing kind of gets old. I walked into JCL today, and walked around for a couple of minutes.

It wasn't one of those "its hard to pick among the awesome food". It was "which one of these poisons will hurt the least". haha. Probably one of the reasons my food intake has been limited to coffee and doughnuts.

Somehow, coffee never gets old.

Now.. for the meat. Today, I will talk about slow people. Slow people piss me off. Walk faster, bitches. Sometimes, the hallways get a little bit too crowded, MOVE YOUR ASS. I have things to do.

You know another thing? People that walk in zigzags or other incomprehensible patterns. Good god. It's so hard not to bump into these people. I have an idea. How about everyone walk in a straight line and not like a bunch of tards?

And finally, a note on ugly girls. You'd think that after millions years of evolution, ugly genes would go away, (after all, who wants them?). But NO!. All the ugly girls congregate!

Here is a typical conversation:

Ugly Girl 1: Omg you're so cute!

That's pretty much it. But wait? That was two lines.

Yes, my friends. They often talk in circles. Note how she mentions the handbag. It's almost as if Ugly Girl #1 designed it. Here's a clue: BUYING A HANDBAG WITH MONEY YOU PROBABLY DID NOT EARN DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOLER.

And so the cycle continues. All the ugly girls think they're good looking because their ugly friends say so.

Seriously.. someone needs to get hurt. Ok enough animosity. I'm ok.[not mad or anything.. just.. telling the truth]

That's my rant. I hope no one hates me now.

I was going to post a picture of an ugly girl, but ... I think every one knows one. Instead, I'll post a picture of a good looking one.

Haha.. good night.

19 January 2006

A secret revealed

More secrets.. hmm.

I like ethanol. No, not ingesting it. My hands must be clean, so there is always some ethyl alcohol solution gel with me. How's that for weird?

I should post a song soon or something. Also, two fags I know don't even have class tomorrow. tsk tsk tsk. No good can come from that.

I have classes (3).. not fair is it.

anyway. goozfrabah. (Anger Management anyone?)


You wanna hear a secret?

I like to think of everything as... racing. Like... everything. Walking, work, play, sleeping, etc.

So there. Thats my big secret. And there is only one competitor. myself.

oh and I don't forgive people that easily.

more later.

18 January 2006

um.. iverson is wierd.

Iverson spent an entire lecture on "the wave" and how we should be ahead of it by paddling ahead.

"Don't get behind or the wave will eat you". Well.. don't you think you kinda wasted an entire class... a little hypocritical don't ya think

You know when you look at sunlight through a window, and you see those dust particles just 'floating in air'? Ever wonder why they never settle down to the ground?

brownian motion. go look it up.


17 January 2006

Back at UT.

hmm... back at UT.

Absolutely nothing is going on... but I do have a story.

I wanted to get into a bio class (BIO101C) seminar BUT it's restricted to biology, BME, and biochemistry majors. So, [being a physics major], I went to the professor to ask him to let me in, and he said "ok. Only if you ask many questions, etc etc."

Then I said "Ok. I'll ask questions." [??] Then I went to the biology office to see if they'll let me in, and the fag secretary said no. If you see anyone with the name Samuel R.0.s.s, just shoot him.

I hate him. After attempting to fight with him for 5 minutes, I left. I came back around lunch time when he was on break, and another advisor added me to the class.

Today's Lesson?
Samuel R0ss is a douchebag. After I got into the class, I wanted to back and pimpslap that fool so hard, he'd go back to the hippie land whence he came from.

Here's a picture of a pimpslapping (something I would like to do to him).

13 January 2006

These are harder times ohh ohh ohh

If you think that's a strange title to my post, think again. It's Jimmy Eat World singing "Pain"

Naturally, I will post lyrics at the bottom. Awesome.

Now I forgot what I was going to say.

I don't feel the way I've ever felt.
I know.
I'm gonna smile and not get worried.
I try but it shows.

Anyone can make what I have built.
And better now
Anyone can find the same white pills.

It takes my pain away.
It's a lie. A kiss with opened eyes.
And she's not breathing back.
Anything but bother me.
(It takes my pain away)

Never mind these are horrid times.
Oh oh oh
I can't let it bother me.

I never thought I'd walk away from you.
I did.
But it's a false sense of accomplishment.
Every time I quit

Anyone can see my every flaw.
It isn't hard.
Anyone can say they're above this all.

It takes my pain away.
It's a lie. A kiss with opened eyes.
And she's not breathing back.
Anything but bother me.
(It takes my pain away)

Never mind these are horrid times.
Oh oh oh
I can't let it bother me.
I can't let it bother me.

It takes my pain away.
It's a lie. A kiss with opened eyes.
And she's not breathing back.
Anything but bother me.
(It takes my pain away)

Never mind these are horrid times.
Oh oh oh
I can't let it bother me

11 January 2006


McDermott is the best street ever to drive on. Just go up to about 49MPH, hit cruise, and relax. Oh and there are some pretty mean turns near walmart.



not much happened today. shadowing.. talking with people.


piotrrcola: HAHAHA
piotrrcola: GEISHA IS DONE
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: you have 1 minute to prance
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: feds will be there soon
piotrrcola: [does a prance]
piotrrcola: omg
piotrrcola: dude
piotrrcola: pony + dance + trance = prance.
piotrrcola: shit.
piotrrcola: thats the secret of life
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: shit....you are more retarded than Rohan
piotrrcola: i resent that.

piotrrcola: omg
piotrrcola: happy birthday
piotrrcola: shit
piotrrcola: look at my timing
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: oh, thanks!
piotrrcola: am i the first
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yea...you are 15 minutes late
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: afraid not
piotrrcola: so you're..
piotrrcola: 20?
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: you are 3rd
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yea
piotrrcola: OMG
piotrrcola: YOU TEEN ABUSER
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: only till March, you pedo
piotrrcola: NO MEANS NO
piotrrcola: YOU TEEN ABUSER
piotrrcola: hahaha
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: son of a bitch...the warn feature no longer works?
piotrrcola: lol
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yea
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i'm a teen abuser
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i wanna touch you
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: down there
piotrrcola: EWWW YOU SICK FUCK
piotrrcola: STOP ABUSING ME
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: let me touch you
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: come on
piotrrcola: NO MEANS NO
piotrrcola: hahahaha

lol... yes... i'm wierd.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i had my first full japanese meal today
piotrrcola: full?
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: as in, not just a piece of sushi and calling it a cultural experience
piotrrcola: lol
piotrrcola: the Japanese would say, "sometimes that is enough"
piotrrcola: "call the almighty Buddha once, and that is all you may need"
piotrrcola: lol
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: well nietzsche would say that Buddha is dead.
piotrrcola: but Buddha isn't a god..
piotrrcola: if it says 4000 word maximum
piotrrcola: how much is good
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: 4000 word? wow
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i dunno
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i try to get close, but its easy to cut down on words so i dont worry if im a lot under
piotrrcola: yes i initially read it as 400 word maximum
piotrrcola: lol
piotrrcola: surprise!
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yeah...4000 is starting to become quite a bit
piotrrcola: ok this is wierd.
piotrrcola: Briefly Discuss the Following:
piotrrcola: Your educational, research and/or employment experience as it relates
to your continued training in research (4000 Word Limit) .
piotrrcola: wtf?
piotrrcola: breifly?
piotrrcola: briefly?
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: wtf how is that
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: four thousand?
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: that doesnt make any sense
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: lol good luck
piotrrcola: thats one of 3 essays.
piotrrcola: Areas of particular interest in science and your reasons for these Choices.
Be as specific as possible. This section is used in assigning fellows to
their individual research projects (4000 word limit).
piotrrcola: . Future career plans and which degrees you intend to earn to achieve
your goals, such as PhD, MD or MD/PhD (4000 word limit).
piotrrcola: shoot me.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: lololololol
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: what internship is this for?
piotrrcola: https://www4.utsouthwestern.edu/surf/surfapp.htm
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: oh that looks cool
piotrrcola: the "short essay" above is 300 CHARACTERS max
piotrrcola: this app is FUCKED Up
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: it might be a
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: dont go over 4000 to fuck up our computer
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thing
piotrrcola: 4000 character max?
piotrrcola: lol
piotrrcola: i don't think i'll get this one.
piotrrcola: it says "rising seniors"
piotrrcola: like age wise seniors
piotrrcola: not ... AP credit whores.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yeah its 4000 characters
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: The maximum character length allowed is 4000. You have entered 4017 characters. Please remove 17 character(s)
piotrrcola: ohhhhhh
piotrrcola: omg thank god.
piotrrcola: thx rob
piotrrcola: that made my day
piotrrcola: whew whew whew
piotrrcola: ok good
piotrrcola: cuz i was at 319 words and 2219 characters
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: hmm i should have waited a while before telling you
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: oh well, next time

that really did make my day.

thats all folks!

04 January 2006

Some interesting things

I had lunch with some people and I came across an interesting analogy. People in college are like caterpillars.. you have to have some 'alone time' in the cocoon otherwise, there won't be enough time to morph into a butterfly.

It's a little sappy, but hey. It makes sense.

I'm currently a "Senior" at UT (after 1.5 years). Isn't that kickass?

My cell phone provider is changing from Cingular to T-Mobile. I'm about to lose 5600 anytime minutes. Sucks. Ah well. At least now I know some cheapasses who might actually call because mobile-to-mobile is free.

I still like Cingular better. I think there is a tacit agreement to burn down some T-Mobile towers if the reception is not good.

Shadowing starts next week. Then School starts the week after. This vacation has gone by quickly, but for those who are wondering, I have made some new years resolutions...

1. Refinement.

Yes. I'm going to refine myself. Less cursing, more ... quietness, less talking, more listening, more observing, etc, etc.

That's it. One resolution. We'll see how that turns out. I want everyone to leave comments on how I can refine myself. (remove all character flaws).

03 January 2006


Hello. There are some pictures up to see.

What have I been doing all break? Absolutely nothing. Playing on the computer. I think I will go out for lunch today.

Enjoy. [scroll down for more pictures]
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Hoover dam

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