28 November 2009


This break is slowly coming to a close. It's important to emphasize / know the things you're thankful for. I know everyone thinks of me as a mildly spoiled-Plano loving-brat, but whatever.

I actually do realize the relatively privileged position I reside in.

List of things (feels like I'm doing a lot of those these days):

The list is ordered from least important to most important. If I was to part with something, I'd rather have it cut off from the top than the bottom.

1. My C280
2. My iphone
3. My laptop
4. A decent apartment to live in, furnished and paid for.
5. Always having a great city to call a home.
6. A lack of worries about bills, rent, tuition, gas, food, etc.
7. A lack of worries about my own health.
8. A lack of worries about anyone else's health, for the most part.
9. Having a great family and a great set of friends, both responsive and honest.* People to tell me my flaws and help me improve.

The shit-storms come and go (it's shit-storm season), but these people are here to stay. <3

Randy Pausch's lecture was good. I really only liked one part, where he talks about the importance of introspection. Much to the irritation of a few people I know, I probably introspect more than I should. It's important to stand back and tweak the system, provide continual, minor, palpable changes.

I liked the bit about karma too. Something I've come to believe and trust in over the last year.

What a mushy post.


In other news, I've lost 11-12lbs over the last week and a half without changes in eating or exercise or anything of that sort. Negative travel history. No meds.

So I either have TB or cancer.

*: Say aww to yourself. I don't want to hear it.

02 November 2009

What do I want?

I was thinking about that today while absent-mindedly staring off into space (and whoever happened to cross my path).

I have no idea. Although, I will compile a list of things I think are awesome, in no specific order, and by no means exhaustive.

  1. dimples.
  2. people that use their eyebrows when they talk.
  3. heterochromatism.
  4. tattoos that can be hidden by professional clothing.
  5. blue eyes.
  6. green eyes.
  7. appreciating the insights of star trek.
  8. trails on dresses.
  9. not judging professors daily.
  10. not judging people daily.
  11. not wearing gold.
  12. not playing games.
  13. wearing simple things.
  14. a desire to burn things. thank you, Austin.
  15. losing the flab at a steady rate.
  16. a maternal need to feed anyone and everyone.
  17. mixed chicks.
  18. not recycling clothes.
  19. eternally hopeful.
  20. a Dutch heritage.
  21. an appropriate level of loyalty.
  22. an ability to rattle off weaknesses.
  23. a graduate education
  24. tempered spirituality.
  25. yellow highlights.
  26. being diplomatic.
  27. not wanting to get drunk repeatedly.
  28. starting conversations with hello, rather than interrogatives.
  29. not wielding a bullhorn for a mouth.
  30. modestly perfumed.
  31. listening with eyes.
  32. a classy british accent.
  33. holding on in the throws of maelstroms.
  34. not using your religion as a defining factor for yourself.
  35. uniformly colored toenails.
  36. a few ounces of mystery.