29 September 2007


I decided to post. I felt it was appropriate, since the football team is losing and it seems like it is about to rain, which is awesome (on both counts). Don't get me wrong; I root for UT, except in sports, which are generally useless.

I think, for many people, the meaning of attending college is lost. Don't come to a research institution and then complain about going to class, which means that you're in college for a degree (and to make more money in life) but actually don't want to put in the work to get there, meaning you're a freeloader.

In fact, it would be safe to say that people who regularly shun class are archetypal freeloaders. It's sad, because there are a lot more freeloaders than hard workers, so industry and politics inevitably are chock full of them.

Moving on.

Contrary to popular opinion, I some times do support the fine arts. I especially like some neo-impressionism styles, particularly pointillism. It's pretty awesome to see paintings constructed not out of hippie strokes, but rather a very mechanical, dot-matrix style process. I like things that actually took some effort to create.

Like this thing. I could draw better than this. Useless! Who cares how much time you spent studying the other art forms? Make something useful, plz.

OK! The game is over and the longhorns lost. Actually I'm a little bitter because someone took my parking spot, so I have to study in a hippie coffee house. Maybe now that the game is over I'll get a parking spot when I drive back.

Sometimes, the whole premise of football seems hypocritical. The rules allow for tackling, which can be dangerous (-5*), but they allow pads and helmets for protection (+5). So it averages out to 0.

I have an idea. How about they allow anything, and an appropriate protection. For example, they could allow M16's (-90) but provide kevlar (+90). Much of those players will never contribute to society as much as they detract from its value, and that would be much more interesting to watch. I bet a bunch of physicists and engineers would join and build rail guns or something.

Enough. Time for some pictures. You guess the place/time/occasion/reason!


*: Assigning arbitrary good/bad points.

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Nimisha said...

You're right about the freeloaders and the meaning of college being lost on most people now.
I think it's because of the notion of 'anything goes'.

The kevlar/M16 theory's interesting. I like it.

First picture: outside the ENS??? and WHAT is a red auto doing there anyway?

Others - lightning storm on some highway..while you were driving.

What was the name of the hippie coffee house?