17 February 2009

Time's off

Something really freaky is going on. My computers (and the rest of the world) is an hour behind. I went back to Plano this weekend and found myself going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier even though I felt normal, but I didn't think anything of it. 

Then, I get to my apartment, and my computer says 10PM, while my alarm clock says 11PM? The same alarm clock that used to wake me up for school! How can it be an hour ahead? (Same thing with the oven/microwave/coffee maker.) 

All the appliances and myself are running an hour ahead. For example - I'm used to waking up at 7AM. Like clockwork. For the last 7 months. I thought I did today. I looked at my alarm clock and it says 7AM (like it should) except my phone says 6AM. And my computer says 6AM. wtf?

So either I'm an hour ahead or the rest of the world is an hour behind. We're no where near DST time-changing dates, so it can't be that. There's only one explanation for this - Aliens.*

Someone please throw some ideas out there. Especially explaining how my alarm clock, which I've been using to wake up (as recently as last week) is an hour ahead, randomly.

Maybe this is how stress interfaces with my life. Time synesthesia? If only I could see colors like Feynman. Ahh, screw him. (Yeah! I said it!)

This is kind of starting to freak me out.

*: I've ruled out a power short at exactly 11PM that would reset my clocks to 12AM, since Aliens are more likely. 

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