19 March 2009


I finally joined Twitter.

You can check out what I was doing last time I updated. I guess it's a bit faster than Facebook status (even though it's essentially the same thing). I figure, a ton of Senators (read, old geezers) are on it, so I might as well join.


Children are hilarious patients. They have one of three answers. "Yes", "No", and [blank stare]. Does your leg hurt? Yes.
How does your leg hurt? Yes. (...)
Does your face hurt? Yes.
How does that hurt? Yes.

The mothers usually just stand there with either the "well, fix him!" or "gosh I don't know what's going on" look. So I tried something new.

This one kid came in and the mom warned me that he was being combative and doesn't actually know where he hurts (but hurts everywhere you ask him) and he was in some apparent distress. Go figure.

So, I came down to his eye level and I asked him - "Where does it hurt?"


After a few seconds, I told him that if he couldn't tell me, we couldn't help him.

More silence.

Finally, he tells me that it doesn't hurt at all right now. That's what I'd been waiting for. Of course you're not hurting. Your face has no sign of grimacing and you were bullying your sister when I walked into the room.

Now let me go check if your immunizations are completely up to date. I am cruel.

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