12 May 2009

Enough with the laziness

I've always been a fan of human spaceflight, and infinitely critical of the slowed progress we're seeing these days. Kennedy made his famous space speech in 1962, and we were on the moon 7 years later.

Today, to do the same thing, it is taking 15 years, more than double the time. Bush decreed that we go to space in 2004 and the proposed manned launch date is 2019. 15 years!

We should be able to do it in less than 7. It's not like we're building a base on the moon (yet).

Perhaps Burt Rutan can convince you. (link)

Maybe one day I'll delineate what the real problem is, when I get bored of studying.

1 comment:

Nimisha said...

Back then, the budget given to the space program was dreamy. Now it's less than 1%.

We need another cold war. Or an alien invasion.