07 September 2009

Win & Things that go bump.

I had an awesome day. Free Chickfila.

The day before school starts is peaceful. Calm before the storm.

My apartment : clean.
My laundry : done (clothes not yet sorted..).
Belly: full.
Fridge: empty.
GTA4 : caught up with 2 more missions. As well as some interesting healing techniques. :D*

I still have some extreme transference issues with my bed, so I may be transitioning to the living room over the next 2-3 weeks.

Speaking of sleep issues - things that scare the shit out of me. I have a pretty active imagination. Let's begin.

1) Clots. Throwing a clot is the equivalent of the universe punishing you for being lazy. You're just sitting there, and BAM! -you lose sight out of one eye because of CRAO. Or it hits your pulmonary circuit and you get a PE. Or it hits your coronary circuit and it's an MI. Or it hits your left MCA and you can't say "Original Sandwich and 2 honey mustards plz" nor can you point to it with your other hand.** Of course, there'd have to be a few predisposing factors (FVL). Still. It could happen. I recommend gently sitting down on your couch to minimize endothelial injury if you know you'll be sitting for a while.

2) Things I don't get. How did that girl come out of that well? AND OUT OF MY TV? Fuck it. I'm going to run. Oh wait, she can move pretty quickly too. And what's with that pasty pre-Kawasaki's syndrome*** young Japanese boy and his creepy meows? fml.

3) Things that show up behind me when I raise my head up from the sink after brushing my teeth. I swear to god, you creepers, I'll just swing my arm back there in a reflex motion and break every bone in your body. Unless it's intangible, which brings me to my next point.

4) Intangible things. For example. If you woke up and were casually staring off into space when you see someone move in your hallway. Um, I live alone? Who's there? Intangible things (or even, the threat of intangible things) can really mess with your head. Creepie crawlies/boogey men that can poke and prod (i.e. tangible) and make ruckus are usually only terrifying for the first time, then just become annoying. And, as alluded to earlier, the third time, I'd just bash their faces in with a bat.

More interestingly - things that make me go meh.

1) Psychos. Are you kidding me? They're only human. I'll just lock myself in my room and drink 3 Monster KHAOS oranges, turning me pretty psycho too. Bring it. I will mess you up.

2) Zombies. Not. scary. at. all. Just sit there quietly without making sounds or turning lights on. Zombies are like psychos with half a brain. Just get in your car (15 feet away, for me) and go.

What an odd post. Can you tell I've had a Monster already?

*: Never gets old.
**: And let's be real. If it's going to hit a cerebral, it's going for left MCA. Doing the most damage, evar. Most things in the world are out to get you. There's a DSM4 Dx somewhere in the last line.
***: He would run away if you threw steroids at him. I hope.

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