27 May 2010

Fuck youtube.

I always get stuck on some series of videos.

Yep. Admit it. It was good. I also know how to say "Eddie marries bush bitch" in German.

MURPHY GIFTER SIG MED DJUNGELBRUD. I guess I learned something.

I went to a tattoo and body art exhibit this last weekend. It was pretty wild. I'd say more people were getting tattoos (or had gotten one there) than not. Also, they kept telling me to KEEP MY PHONE DOWN, so I wouldn't sneak any pictures. And I didn't really try since there were these huge biker gang people near the entrance waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting / running med student.

I was also horribly out of place. NASA cap, BCM "eat, sleep, medicine" tshirt, jeans, tennis shoes.

But you know, I think I'm eventually going to get a tattoo, I just haven't made up my mind yet. Someone once told me you need 3 good reasons? "Wanting one. Check." Now I need two more. I remember one guy at the VA had his last name tattooed across his lower abdomen. He was also encephalopathic and almost smacked me*, but that's another story. He was also going through 3-4 Type 6 stools** a day and the nurses would tell me, in broken english "HE SHIT THREE TIMES ALREADY", so I suppose they didn't like me either.

Fun times.

Back to the tattoo. It has to be something fucking cool like.. a science tattoo. I'm rather partial to the DNA helix wrapped around my upper arm. Or maybe something physics-y. Then people would say "wow, you must have gone through a lot of work/effort in physics to put that ink on you in the 'NEVER FORGET' kind of mentality huh?"

"Well, maybe, but I just got bored one day," I'd reply. Or maybe just stare off into space with a disaffected look, which I'm still trying to master, because there are a lot of boring people out there.

*: Don't worry. D > pt afflicted with hepatic encephalopathy.
**: I forgot the name of the scale, so I just googled "Bristol poo". Thx, google!

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