10 February 2011

Trip - 4 - Delhi Metro

The Delhi metro is a lot more extensive that I thought it would be. The elevation changes - switching from overground to underground made it feel like DART in Dallas (which is excellent). 

Buying token booths. I wasn't able to take a picture (because they're a lot more militant here), but the security upon entering the metro is 'intense' as well - lackluster in preventing anything (probably) but there for general theatre. Police have basically set up little bunkers where you pass through metal detectors and get a pat-down. Yes, pat-down. And no one complained. Also, they were all equipped with MP5s. 

Here we go, one of the overground stations. As we passed the AIIMS stop, my mom gave me a look. Please, AIIMS is so overburdened that it has trouble keeping up with providing adequate care. Largely a population issue. 

Aaand video. You can see me in the last few frames. 

One of the overground metro tracks. I always laugh when I see rickshaw drivers with American university sweatshirts? Where did he get that, anyway? Someone probably didn't want it. Zing!

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