17 March 2011


I stuck to my 2010 resolutions - start cooking, exercise more, learn to invest*
Here's one for 2011 - relearn to read. The goal was one book a month with magazine articles and the like intercalated between.

So I found a subscription to Rolling Stone for $4 a year and ordered three years' worth.

I also bookmarked a few sites to visit. A recent favorite is theweek.com. The problem is - reddit. And facebook. And music.**

My solution to all that is to get a tablet - single purpose (mostly) and won't distract me as much. I could discipline myself more, but it's time for a new toy anyway. The xoom-wifi is coming out on the 27th. Current plan - play with the xoom at Costco some, then get the tablet if I like it. Else, iPad 2. I will have a tablet by the end of this month, come hell or high water.***

In any case, I finished up -

January - Casino Royale
February - nothing
March - Finished up Fahrenheit 451 (again), working on Emperor of All Maladies... to make up for the deficit, and then will finish up Our Inner Ape
April - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks? Something else? Suggestions?

Looking forward to getting a tablet.

Finally, I only have 2 resolutions so far (haven't mentioned the other one). I need one or two more.

*: Tacked on late.
**: Will talk about my autism/asperger's at some point.
***: Sigh.

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Kevin said...

I'd suggest using RSS. Just plug everything into an RSS reader and you can save up everything for one sitting, and not worry about missing anything in the meantime.

It's much easier to get through quickly as everything is in the same format, and there's less ads (not so much of a problem with adblock, but still...)

It's been my solution to keep random news urges at bay for a few years now.