02 November 2013

Hospitals are not hotels

I have this dream where services are rendered round-the-clock, that we don't only do regular things during the day and tend to emergencies in the night.

My days consist of:
1. A third of my morning patients telling me to come back later in the day so they can sleep more. (no).
2. Conning nurses to teaching my patients how to take care of themselves.
3. Retreating somewhere quiet to finish my notes with Conan in the background.
4. Trying to fit in as much reading as I can get in. Interestingly, I do much much much more reading now, even with my limited time schedule than I ever did in the past. Feels like I'm in undergrad all over again.

The two current mistresses:

Shrink-wrap recently removed.

5. Appreciating the absurdity of hospital medicine.

I've been working on the keys to happiness in life and so far I still only have 2-3. There's a post I wrote a long time ago that summarizes two of them. I suppose there's one more:

1. Refer to post
2. Refer to post
3. Find 1-3 things worth spending money on and let the rest go by the wayside.

More on this later.

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