01 July 2007


Ethiopian food. That is Robert's hand, poised to pluck the egg.

They made us eat with Injera, which was so rubbery and sour that it made everything else unappetizing. Maybe we should have gone to the Clay Pit with those awesome fake LED candles.

Surprisingly, my bowels were ok after eating that (you can almost see the puddles of oil). Maybe it was the rain-filled drive home:

Looks like you're heading into some.. battlefield. You know, where you put all the forces of good on one side, bad on the other, and let them have at it. RAAAAAAAGH!

This was.. one week ago, and not much has changed. I was doing 80 in a thunderstorm because I thought my Honda would save me. It did. Thrice.

Most of the time I didn't even realize I was skidding until the episode was all over. In this last picture, my wipers were on full speed and visibility was at most.. 50 feet. That's a line of cars braking.

Whoa! What's going on?
"quando l'ultimo angelo ha sono la tromba"*

It's been raining almost every day for the last week, which is awesome. If it was a bit cooler, it'd be better.

The recent findings in England as well as the Glasgow airport bring to light what is probably one of the world's biggest religious hypocrisies today. Of course, not every Muslim is a carjacker or a suicide terrorist, but you should not blame the rest of the world for being prejudiced. By not protesting the fundamentalists or fanatics, by not understanding why certain countries have to take protective measures and by not acting up when your youth convert to the dark side, the Islamic elders should take nearly all the blame.

But, no. Instead of protesting against Brooks when he opens his mouth, or actively trying to shut down extremist factions (you know, that 2% that cause problems for the rest of us), or condemning honor killings , what are most protests about? The Danish cartoon and the Pope.

Free speech? I barely believe in it.

*: from The Omen. That was an awesome part, if you know what I'm referring to.

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