03 July 2007


Now that I'm done watching a bunch of chimpanzees cannibalize another chimp tribe (I knew it! Extra protein, my ass.*), I feel more at ease living in Plano, although with the recent torrential rains, it seems like this place is turning more into a rainforest.

You'd think that with less than two years to go, one would back down and fully realize the title of 'lame duck', but no. He's done it again and Libby is going back to his Northeastern home to sip on something pretentious. He should be in jail, but he's not. Who else, hmm..

How about.. Armitage, for actually committing the crime outlined here.
Rove, for lying repeatedly
Bush, for hiring these people
Cheney, for shooting someone in the face, and not disclosing proper documents, and profiting off the Iraq war, and... the list goes on.
Fitzgerald, for running back to his 'day job'

Amazing! It's pretty clear a crime has been committed, why is no one going to jail? Since when do loopholes keep people above the law? (Or pardons, for that matter.)

Also recently, WSJ has been taking a conservative spin on things, which is a little sickening. See here, here, and here.

Enough with sobering matters.


*: The neoconservatives are very closely linked to the chimpanzees. I wonder on how many levels it hurts them to hear that.

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