28 November 2009


This break is slowly coming to a close. It's important to emphasize / know the things you're thankful for. I know everyone thinks of me as a mildly spoiled-Plano loving-brat, but whatever.

I actually do realize the relatively privileged position I reside in.

List of things (feels like I'm doing a lot of those these days):

The list is ordered from least important to most important. If I was to part with something, I'd rather have it cut off from the top than the bottom.

1. My C280
2. My iphone
3. My laptop
4. A decent apartment to live in, furnished and paid for.
5. Always having a great city to call a home.
6. A lack of worries about bills, rent, tuition, gas, food, etc.
7. A lack of worries about my own health.
8. A lack of worries about anyone else's health, for the most part.
9. Having a great family and a great set of friends, both responsive and honest.* People to tell me my flaws and help me improve.

The shit-storms come and go (it's shit-storm season), but these people are here to stay. <3

Randy Pausch's lecture was good. I really only liked one part, where he talks about the importance of introspection. Much to the irritation of a few people I know, I probably introspect more than I should. It's important to stand back and tweak the system, provide continual, minor, palpable changes.

I liked the bit about karma too. Something I've come to believe and trust in over the last year.

What a mushy post.


In other news, I've lost 11-12lbs over the last week and a half without changes in eating or exercise or anything of that sort. Negative travel history. No meds.

So I either have TB or cancer.

*: Say aww to yourself. I don't want to hear it.

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