02 November 2009

What do I want?

I was thinking about that today while absent-mindedly staring off into space (and whoever happened to cross my path).

I have no idea. Although, I will compile a list of things I think are awesome, in no specific order, and by no means exhaustive.

  1. dimples.
  2. people that use their eyebrows when they talk.
  3. heterochromatism.
  4. tattoos that can be hidden by professional clothing.
  5. blue eyes.
  6. green eyes.
  7. appreciating the insights of star trek.
  8. trails on dresses.
  9. not judging professors daily.
  10. not judging people daily.
  11. not wearing gold.
  12. not playing games.
  13. wearing simple things.
  14. a desire to burn things. thank you, Austin.
  15. losing the flab at a steady rate.
  16. a maternal need to feed anyone and everyone.
  17. mixed chicks.
  18. not recycling clothes.
  19. eternally hopeful.
  20. a Dutch heritage.
  21. an appropriate level of loyalty.
  22. an ability to rattle off weaknesses.
  23. a graduate education
  24. tempered spirituality.
  25. yellow highlights.
  26. being diplomatic.
  27. not wanting to get drunk repeatedly.
  28. starting conversations with hello, rather than interrogatives.
  29. not wielding a bullhorn for a mouth.
  30. modestly perfumed.
  31. listening with eyes.
  32. a classy british accent.
  33. holding on in the throws of maelstroms.
  34. not using your religion as a defining factor for yourself.
  35. uniformly colored toenails.
  36. a few ounces of mystery.

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