15 April 2010


My SLEH story is going to end next week. Heme/Onc at SLEH is awesome.
Next is a month at the VA. That's a picture from my Ob/Gyn days at the VA. 

Who parks like that? 

People like that make me worried for my vehicle.

Speaking of which, I was driving back from Starbucks today and decided to check out House of Pies (it was on the way). The parking lot in the back is ridiculously shady and pretty deserted, yet full of cars. The instant I parked there, someone got out of their beat up Kia and started walking towards the store, about 15ft behind me. Someone was about to get seriously fucked up. And it wasn't me. 

Jamba Juice tomorrow. Coupon in tow. Who's in!?

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