04 October 2010


I've been searching for the right word for literally weeks now, and I haven't been able to find it, so we'll just have to roll with it. This about 'nice' and how I think almost everyone misuses it. Or at least, makes it so broad of a definition* that it becomes meaningless. So let me try to describe three categories of positive people:

Congenial - This is what most people think "nice" is. What do you think of that person? Oh, he's a nice guy. Well, what about the girl that brings cupcakes and brownies? Also nice? Fuck that. He is congenial, as in, won't pick fights, say mean things, is polite but generally remains within his comfort zone and would not dare to leave it / go out of his way for anything. Congenial. Most people are congenial or polite. They may not have your interests at heart, especially if it means deviating out of their comfort zone.**

Nice - This word, I think, has been ascribed such a large variety of meanings that I consider it to be grossly misused. A Nice person goes out of his/her way to do something. Often this has to do with food, but it can also mean foreseeing problems and correcting them from the beginning. Nice people also take risks with intervention, advancing their (non-selfish) opinion on how things should be for your own good. Sometimes they're wrong, but more often than not, right. But the risk is worth it.

Fiduciary - Now this is the word I have been looking for a replacement for, but haven't been able to find. Fiduciary is another level in itself. I thought about other words for a replacement - parental (already widely used and comes with a restricted connotation), watchful (too big brother-ish), patriarchial/matriarchial (also widely used and overbearing), so I've settled on fiduciary. It's a difficult word to describe. A few teachers would fall under this. The good primary care physician would fall under this. Fiduciary is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Wow, that explained nothing, huh.

Whatever, enjoy this fucking awesome song:

There really aren't that many words to this song, and Santana's solo very adequately complements them. Excellent.

*: We shall be talking about broad definitions soon, wrt Nobel prizes.
**: Not particularly a problem.

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