08 October 2010

The uprising

It might be a good idea to include more of my thoughts, slowly delving deeper into the crazy. 


So this morning - I'll talk about my morning. I awoke from a zombie dream - really common these days. Zombies are the one true evil I actually have a shot against.* 

So naturally, I woke up semidelirious in a hypnopompic state thinking there were zombies outside my apartment, but they had not realized my presence yet. Also, I didn't hear anything outside (no A/C machines, no pets, etc), so this only reinforced things. 

I slowly reached over to my phone, put it on silent, and checked its connectivity. Boom. 3G. 4 bars. Of course cell towers would still be operational; power plants were miles away. By this time, the music was already playing in my head. 

Hit play, and read the rest of the blog while it's playing.

So I'm slowly waking up out of this delirious state and I'm starting to realize that this is all probably false. So false in fact, that if there were zombies roaming outside my apartment (and in all of Houston), I might as well conjure up something else - an M92F on my desk with a few clips of ammo in the kitchen. You see, I was awake enough to logically conclude that as I was semi-dreaming, I might as well dream up a Beretta, but not awake enough to take me the entire way and snap me out of this delusion.


I also conjured up some serious handgun and melee weapon** skills. I was ready to take on the zombies. Level 1 was supposed to be - wake up, arm yourself, survey your surroundings, realize everything had gone to hell, kick the door open and make my way to my vehicle and run over some zombies on my way to TMC.

Level 2 was to open with a cut scene of my disabled vehicle in the middle of TMC (in utter shambles), and the ground gives way to the anatomy lab underground (which is a formidable opener for a zombie level). Level 2 was to end with me escaping Houston in a MEDEVAC chopper.


Ok! Let's do this! checks Twitter feed for 77030*** - no reports of bitings or the dead coming back to life. Damn it. I must be fully awake.

I then woke up and made some veggie patties from the batter I had made last night. No M92Fs, epic melee battles or hospital levels to fight through on my way to the roof.


*: I think.
**: Working on this IRL.
***: I seriously did this.

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