10 April 2011

K, done.

Man, this book is a beast.

If you'll remember one of my earlier posts - I was supposed to finish one book a month. Well this one was so long I had delegated it to finishing it over two months. Nah. 10 days in to April, and might I add reading furiously over this last weekend, it's done. 

I recommend it although I am heavily biased, even within the medical community, towards oncology. I was lightly displeased at the lack of mention of gliomas. Although traditional visceral cancer has just recently seen targeted therapies, it's not so with neuro-oncology. 

Also, over 1000 pages* and no mention of p53!? 

I had mentioned that I'd get some sort of reading device. I joke that I need my laptop to keep me from playing games on the computer and that I need this device to keep me from watching Star Trek on my laptop, but it's partially true. Speaking of watching stuff / wasting my time, that new series Camelot on Showtime isn't half bad. I'm also intrigued at Gigolos. Haha.

Initially I decided to give Honeycomb a chance and got the wifi version of the Xoom. The screen was nice and multitasking far better developed than the iOS systems but the interface was choppy. I'm a big fan / user of Google's services but I'm not sure what possesses Motorola (or Google for that matter) to come out with a tablet operating system largely inferior to something that came out a year ago - the original iPad. 

Google books is limited and locked from loading your own ePub or PDF files. Flash support exists, but flash kills the device's battery life and brought the webpage of the New Yorker to a crawl. 

Fuck that.

I returned it a few days later and for the same price, got me a 32GB iPad 2. Yes the camera is inferior, but I've taken one picture total, just to see what it was like. Also, incredible battery life. In fact, when I just finished the aforementioned book 10 minutes ago, I was at 8%, having last charged it to 80% Friday afternoon. 

Read that last line again. By comparison, I've had to charge my iPhone >2x a day on average to keep it al

What of the overall goal? Can I focus more? Read better? Probably. We'll see. 

Next up:

I'll let you know how that goes. 

*: iPad pages

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