09 June 2012

How about some formatting?

I send a lot of emails. I recently wanted to purchase a pair of UFS-20 stands (off ebay/craigslist) because I'm not paying $100 for two pieces of metal (off the Bose/Best Buy website). The guy responded with "yes, where do you want to meet?"

No capitalization, no time-wise greeting, no greeting at all. Are you kidding me? Lots of people add 'thanks' to the bottom of their email and it essentially means nothing. Sort of like:

Like - "Hi, did you have a chance to read that paper I sent you? Thanks!" Just a reminder/formality so you don't sound like an ass. But time-wise greetings? Awesome. No one says "Good morning" and doesn't mean it (especially by email). The same goes for good afternoon / evening / night. You also have to think about when they'll open the email (is when the greeting should be applicable for).

Also, if I write "Have a good weekend", I mean it. If it's Sunday, and your weekend sucked, give me a call and we'll do something about it.

Enjoy this picture of me from years ago:

A fucking lifeguard, that's what.

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