20 January 2013

Post, D, Post!

Christ, I need to start writing again. My goal for 2012 was to surpass 2011. Yeah right. 5 posts? Are you kidding me? No wonder I've been going crazy.

I was on a flight back to Houston from LA and I was reflecting on myself over the last year, how things had changed, etc. I feel like I've slowed down a little. The me from years ago would easily look down on the me from today. At the same time, I also feel like I've grown less cocky.

I'm almost done with my interviews, got 2 left (to be done within a week) and then I wait for match day, which is a spectacle. Leave me out of it, please. Can't I just wake up on match day, look at my email, and go back to bed? Sleep. That's what I want. Going to med school is like running a series of marathons.

I'm working in Starbucks right now, on my Thinkpad (for writing) and iPad (for reading). It looks ridiculous but it works well since my Thinkpad is outrageously slow for more than one app open. My battery cycle count is 649. Holy shit! This nuclear powered battery still has a lot of life in it. I think I'll clean out my Thinkpad (read: getting rid of old star trek episodes but don't worry, they're somewhere else too..) and use it until it dies. Which will be never, because I got this before the Chinese screwed with Thinkpad design.

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