27 January 2013


First I thought this concept was ridiculous when a friend brought it up. But I've been using them like no tomorrow. I don't need an entire hotel room! Just a bed and a shower. Perfect.

When I was in LA a few days ago I was at a hostel in West LA, which... was okay. My first American hostel experience. The bathrooms were a bit dirty, the bed was "made" and I could feel the springs dig into my side when I slept, and the towels were a bit musty. The internet was fast and it was a convenient location so I rolled with it. People also kept coming in and out of the 8 person dorm room and slamming the door. COME ON.

Last night I stayed in another one in SF, this time, $29 a night, but so much nicer. Much better breakfast, nice beds to sleep in. The downside being, downtown SF is loud at night. I also rediscovered how good toasted bagels are.

In my morning tiredness I also fell off my bunk. This being the result:

Look at those bird-like Frodo Baggins legs. Jesus, I need to moisturize. (and work out) (and nurse my bruises). If I was some old lady, I would have had a vertebral/hip fracture from that fall. But everything turned out okay. I muttered "ow" and moved on to take a shower and get some coffee.

I came back to get my stuff before my bus to LA left and a German guy who was sleeping in the same room accosted me in broken English as I packed my stuff - "UWoau man, was that you who fell off the bed this morning! I saw that man are you okay!"*

Yes, damn it, I'm fine. Feeling a bit worse now that it was witnessed.

Anyway, will let you guys know more about this Santa Monica Hostel I'm heading towards. I'm also fairly certain we (CA shuttle bus) left someone at a Burger King in the middle of no where since he could not be found.

*: Deliberately left out commas for emphasis 

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