13 April 2007

Honors Day & Scholarships....

So begins the long awaited rant about the state of affairs about things.

Today is Honors Day. I didn't go last time and so I got quite a lot of s*** for it, so I have to go this time. Yes, I'm sure you can give me 10 reasons why I should go, but I'll give you 11 explaining why it's a pointless waste of time.

Recognition is done rather incorrectly. This is kind of strange, but think about it. A dinner, a $5 brunch, some pepperjack cheese*, means so little to me and probably many many others. One day means nothing, especially when I'm not getting anything tangible out of it. This is not to say that I actually, really need anything tangible, because I have everything I need, but at least the an offer should be made.

So what's going to happen? I'll "dress up" so I don't look ridiculous, show up, and sit there for 2 hours while they parade people on the stage. I'm not sure if there will be any parading. I do know, for sure, that there will be a speech. Something about 'next leaders of America' and how we're probably going to 'help usher in the next technological (replace with ____logical) revolution' and 'cure cancer, AIDs, ADD all while exemplifying moral fortitude and impeccable ethical reasoning'.

And then? Then the eating begins. I'll pick at the food they may or may not give, only to realize I have to eat all of it and wolf it down 30 seconds after this realization occurs. Then a pat on the back and "good job!" and three pieces of paper, two trinkets, and a partridge in a pear tree.

The paper will definitely be lost in my home somewhere, along with every thing else. So what will come of this? Probably a vague memory of what happened and an uneasy feeling thinking about the pepperjack cheese they made me eat.

I have a better idea. My copy card has run out of money and I need to make copies for a paper I need to write. How about refilling that card with say.. $5? It's not much to ask. I'll forfeit my meal too. We're "honors kids" right? So you can trust us that we won't photocopy our buttocks and place images across campus. Or can you?

My bike's tire is flat. How about a new tube? That'd help. These things should be personalized. I like cookies. How about a box of cookies? A bicycle tube, a box of cookies, and refilling my copy card would probably cost less than $10. Mind you, I'll eat the HEB $0.99 chocolate chip cookies.

Let's move on to other things, assuming the Honors Day convention costs, I think, more than $10 (when lost revenues for other things are accounted for, etc, etc). I would really like an external DVD burner. Not because I need to archive my jdramas or anything (because I do ... :]), but I want one for backup purposes. Piece of paper? What would I do with that?

I could name a million things. OR I could just be handed say.. $50. I'd be good with $50. Refill my copy card, buy an external DVD burner, spend the rest on sugar and bicycle components.**

Being handed money.. sounds a lot like... a scholarship. Which brings me to part 2 of the rant... for another day (tomorrow...).

*: Which tastes horrible, but is the staple of these pretentious events.
**: The brain works on only sugar (and ketone bodies, but that's neither here nor there.)

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Nimisha said...

I agree it's useless. But then, what about football? And everything else our tuition pays for - like gregory, the writing center, squirrel preservation, and sidewalk maintainance?

And you said I was bitter?