10 April 2007

Quite a lot has happened recently.

I have just been neglecting to clear my phone cache. Well, here goes.

Jonny sleeping over (witness protection). The extremely bright light is from my flashlight.

One of the many reasons I hate PCL is, in the middle of the 1st floor lobby, my wireless connection says "Very Low". Also, the floor under those chairs is not even, so everytime you move it sounds like a construction drill.

Aditya turns 21, dances with female hu-mahns.

Yesterday I realized that Easter sales for candy were going on, so I went on a hunt for Cadbury Creme Eggs. I was disappointed, so I binged on candy. Yes. You are looking at over $50 of candy.

UT in the night is a very quiet place. 3AM, returning from Patterson.

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viv said...

your phone's camera quality is better than mine.