16 August 2007

I'm back.. but not really.

Well after a short hiatus, I will resume. Lots of things happened when I was gone. Tony Blair is no more (PM), Brown takes his place, upgrading himself from Chancellor of the Exchequer to Prime Minister.

That made me think - How come we don't have kickass names like that? What does a 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' even do? Never mind, I don't really care. It sounds cool.

We're in a serious need for cool titles. What the hell is a comptroller? Yes, yes. The UK has comptrollers too, but probably none as ridiculous as this one:


You can't go from comptroller to governor! You should be chancellor of something first.

Maybe we need another Cold War to restore glamor and prestige back to the public office.

If you're wondering, I'm still off the grid. Don't contact me. I won't respond. See you guys when school starts.

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