21 August 2007


I've been watching a bunch of Bond movies. One of the highlights, after the witty sayings* and Q, are the girls.

Most of them are pretty ugly.** I'll list the 5 best looking ones.

1. Kissy Suzuki.
Yeah you saw this coming. Don't complain.

2. Solitaire

There's something mystical and awesome about her prophetic powers, but this is before she started practicing medicine on the frontier and became ugly. Sigh.

3. Corinne Dufour:

You only see her for max.. 4 minutes. Watch carefully. French women yeauz!

4. Kara Milovy

Cellos rock. Also that one part, where they're passing into the Austrian border-

Bond: We have nothing to declare!
Kara: Excceppt Cellooo!!

That part is kickass.

5. Vesper Lynd
There is something about the contrast between the skin tone and the hair/lipstick that is particularly alluring.

Of course, there are really really really ugly ones. Some on purpose (like Mayday), some, I don't know what the hell happened. Virtually everyone in License to Kill is ugly, and I suppose Aki balances Suzuki out somehow.


*: Witty, because I can never see them coming, although its usually after someone dies.
**: Lack of clothes is... a bad thing in my book.

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