24 August 2007


Ancient Greece once decided to get together and hold the Olympics every 4 years to celebrate achievements of the human body and sportsmanship. The games brought unity to pre-Christian Greece and probably indirectly provided for peace.

It's time to hold a similar one, except now, with weapons. Every year, each nation should send one General to the Pacific with an array of weapons.

Then all the generals get naked and pummel a random pacific island one after another, to show off their might. One big military exercise. The Indians can test their nukes, the Americans - their ballistic missiles, the Chinese - their latest fingertrap, and the Japanese will just sit tight, spending billions on defense but not firing a single useful shot.

Spectacle for the world! I get to watch an island raise a couple of feet and the war hawks soothe their nerves. There's no need for wondering when/if North Korea will launch a missile. Just wait! It'll be June 9th of next year, and the next and next..

So less than a week left before the fun begins. Yeah. Can't wait. What an interesting semester to look forward to. Back to Japanese, Antoniewicz, Thermodynamics.

It is almost dawn. I can hear the early morning battle cries, ready to do war.

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