16 July 2008


Pronounced "see-whip"

I've started something new. Well, first I started my lame-ass version of the US Navy Seals exercise regiment (http://www.stewsmith.com/linkpages/seal.htm) - mine only consists of pushups and crunches. I'm pretty sure I can do the minimum amount of pullups too. 

In any case, I've come close o the recommended amount and I feel like I've reached a limit on muscle mass. So, enter the Controlled Weight Increase Program (CWIP!). 

The plan is to reach the upper bound of the "normal" BMI level (25) while keeping the weight training going. 

My target weight is 160-165. Currently, I've leveled out at 153, which is annoying since I'm eating a lot more (I was 148 a week or so ago). The point is, not to try anything that's sold in GNC or any of those other stores. 

I'll go the natural way. 

Which... is probably a bad idea.

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