13 July 2008

Genghis Khan sells me a house

I had a weird fucking dream. I was in California, looking at houses and I drove up to this rather exotic house on top of a hill. It looked small, but it was made of marble, so eh.

I walk in, and this huge chinese guy - "Genghis Khan" comes to greet me and shows me around the house. Everything was pretty nice about it, marble everything, passive cooling, helipad, olympic sized pool in the basement, half a dozen guest rooms. Apparently most of it was underground, but light was channeled through mirrored ducts so it still felt natural.

Anyway, he takes me to the master bedroom and he says - "I like to keep things a little exotic around here" and pushes a button and the wall transforms into this huge piece of tempered glass, about a foot thick.

Behind the glass are a ton of exotic animals, LIONS, TIGERS, JAGUARS, each in their own cage. Further along the wall, I see dangerous snakes, poisonous insects, all sorts of dangerous living things. "Collections from my trip through China", he says.

I was like - "Shit... I really like this house, but I can't sleep at night. I'm going to hear fucking footsteps or something."

My friends were like "WTF? Genghis Khan is still alive?" and "OMFGBBQ YOU HAVE FUCKING TIGERS IN YOUR HOUSE" and "LIGERS!!!!"

I guess I did end up buying that house. lol Genghis Khan.

He kind of looked like that, except without the retarded hat.

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